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Collection of short comics by Red Eye, Black Eye creator K. Thor Jensen about clouds and cloud phenomena.
Collection of short comics by Red Eye, Black Eye creator K. Thor Jensen about clouds and cloud phenomena.
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Almost Every Book Is Mailed


Well that took a while! Every single domestic backer who responded to the survey has been sent their book. I still have like four international ones to finish up next week. It costs $22 to ship a book to Australia, did you know that? I didn't! Maybe I should have known that before only charging $5 more for shipping.

The book is out there! It's doing pretty well!

Here's a nice interview at The Comics Reporter about it.

New York Magazine picked it as one of the best comics of April!

My kids are very excited about the boxes that the books came in so they made a commercial for those.


The book has been on sale at Amazon for a little bit and people who are mad at me on Twitter are doing the thing where they write negative reviews without reading it which is fun, but what can you do?

It's also being solicited through Diamond and should hit comic book stores in July. Thanks again for your infinite patience and I hope you are enjoying the book.

Books are finally here.


 Mailing starts tomorrow. I'll write a larger update next week on why the delay but guess what? It was annoying!

We Are Go


The book is at the printer in the lovely People's Republic of China. They say when it's done it'll take 6-8 weeks to get here by boat. I'd bet on 8 because I live in a rural-ass location.

Things got delayed a bit when I realized I needed to open a PO box because I didn't want to print my home address in the book. I love you people but I value my dwindling privacy.

I've ordered a huge box of envelopes from Uline and am going to start addressing them so when the books arrive I can ship ASAP.

Original art rewards have already started to ship.

Thank you so much for your incredible patience throughout this process. This was the first time I've ever done a project of this magnitude and I think it's fair to say I Fucked Up A Lot.

The book was originally going to be 120 pages. It's 208 pages. There are at least four stories that I started and abandoned. I drew two of the stories in it completely over twice.

And now it's done, and soon it'll be in my sweaty little hands (they are regular size actually) and then I can do something else.

I wonder what it'll be?



Hey all - backer surveys were sent last month. We have a bunch of replies but there are still some missing. The book is going to the printer extremely soon (probably next week) and if you're in any of the Special Thanks tiers I won't be able to include your names if you don't complete your surveys!

Final Pre-Press Update


The book is now 200 pages long. AND THAT'S WHERE IT'S GOING TO STAY. I drew a new story (first page below) and started another new one before I was able to knock some sense into myself and stop.

I've sent a deposit to the printer to reserve my spot and need to have the final files to them within 30 days or I'll lose it, so if there's anything that'll make sure I finish this puppy that'll do it. On Monday I'm printing out all the pages and going through them to make sure there aren't any typos or scanning artifacts or stray hairs or all the other crap that makes my life miserable, then I'll fix anything, package up the PDF for original art level backers & the printer, and send everything off.

God dammit there are unerased pencil lines on that page.

As in previous updates: if you believe it has been too long for this project to be fulfilled, or for any other reason, you may request a refund no questions asked. So far only one backer has done so, but I won't feel bad if you do.