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A book about mastering the art of change — how to change habits & deal with life changes, frustrations with others, and more.
A book about mastering the art of change — how to change habits & deal with life changes, frustrations with others, and more. **Update: Book is no longer for sale, but wider release planned for end of 2015.
A book about mastering the art of change — how to change habits & deal with life changes, frustrations with others, and more. **Update: Book is no longer for sale, but wider release planned for end of 2015.
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    1. Kevin Mendoza
      on August 24, 2017

      Hi, I just went through all the kickstarter campaigns I've supported over the years and realized I never received my book either!

    2. Andrey Klimov on February 23, 2017

      Same - backed and never received.

    3. Hubert Chan
      on January 23, 2016

      I have not received the book at all.... Please follow up and check the message box.

    4. Missing avatar

      Krystal Brown on January 16, 2016

      I actually never got the book and I ordered more than just one copy of it. It has been a while since I donated money to this project. I guess, I just never get a copy ): but hopefully others got the copy (:

    5. Simon Gray
      on January 2, 2016

      Still haven't received the digital copy

    6. Simon Gray
      on December 3, 2015

      Still haven't received the digital copy

    7. Missing avatar

      Sarah & Kevin Armstrong on November 22, 2015

      I never received my digital book edition - how can I get this rectified?

    8. Shai Snir on October 26, 2015

      Hey there, Still haven't received my physical and digital editions... What can be done?

    9. Missing avatar

      Winston on October 12, 2015

      I never received the digital edition. I have looked through my email and can't find anything. Is there a way I can get it.


    10. Missing avatar

      Gary Lui on September 1, 2015

      Hi Leo, I have still not received my physical copy yet, as the email is bouncing back emails. What is the status of my delivery?

    11. Syed Asad Zahoor on August 16, 2015

      Hi Leo, I still haven't received the physical copy of the book. And I'm very disappointed to be honest, I sent two emails to Brian on 25/06 and 03/07 with no response. Finally got a reply on 25/07 from Maia Cruz confirming book would be dispatched soon. And here we are again, nothing yet :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Gustaf Elbander on August 13, 2015

      My mother in law found this book and got completely soaked :). Unfortunately she cant get the book but I can give her the good news about the new one.


    13. Eric Root on August 8, 2015

      I never received the digital edition. I have looked through my email and can't find anything. Is there a way I can get it.


    14. Missing avatar

      Ng Bao Wen on August 2, 2015

      Finally received the digital version of the Zen Habits, thanks you @Nancy Zan. Folks, just follows the instruction of Nancy and you may get your one.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marek Hlavac on August 2, 2015

      Hi Leo, I still havent received the physical book (Europe, Slovakia). Could you provide us with some more info?

    16. Nancy Zan on July 27, 2015

      I find it very strange that so many of you are missing the digital version of the book, I received mine back on February 6th, under the email subject: "Zen Habits Digital Editions!", sent by

      I'm really just curious, and I apologize if this isn't the place to ask this question, but did you guys fill out the survey responding where your e-book should be delivered to shortly after you received it in your inbox? Just trying to figure out how things got shifted along the way.

    17. Missing avatar

      Linda True on July 24, 2015

      Any word on the digital version?

    18. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Muratore on July 22, 2015

      I've sent 3 emails over time to the support address and not had any acknowledgement, questions, update or books copies (3) returned in response. What's happening Leo Babauta or

    19. Missing avatar

      Vibeke Pedersen on July 21, 2015

      I have not received the physical book still - in Canada. Has anyone in Canada received it? Not sure if I ever received a link either.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sharon Cavanagh on July 12, 2015

      Hello again, I'm still waiting to hear from someone regarding a book and a digital copy that has not made its way to my home. I am at the point of being frustrated unfortunately. Could someone reply to an email that was sent to Brian today? I'm sure I'm not the only one but this is my third posting here and I backed the project in good faith back in December. Please make an effort to clear this up. Thank you!

    21. Josh on July 11, 2015

      I don't think I have received a link for the digital copy, went through my emails. Have the digital copies been sent?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy Ho on July 9, 2015

      Hi Leo, I am unfortunately in the same camp as several of the below commenters (no hard copy, no response from Brian despite multiple emails). I had originally requested my copy to be shipped to my home address in Hong Kong, but if the overseas address is the problem, I can provide a US shipment address. Hope all is well! -Andy

    23. Missing avatar

      Constantine Liapkin on July 3, 2015

      Hello , can we have a feedback for the hardcopy books here in Greece? I am looking forward to get it on my hands. Also I ve sent 2 mails and still not reply. I hope everything is ok.


    24. Missing avatar

      louis-philippe on July 3, 2015

      Leo, I hope things are good with Eva and the kids. life does happens, hopefully for the best.

    25. Missing avatar

      louis-philippe on July 3, 2015

      Hi Leo, great lesson,.. okay, so I have mastered the art of not getting the book and now, want to master the art of having the book. will gladly help out with international airfreight charges to South Africa. Thanks LP

    26. Marko Petkovic on July 3, 2015

      Hi, I'm still missing the printed book. Haven't got ebook either.

    27. Frank Marx on June 30, 2015


      similar to David Hooper, I mised the printed book. Also have mailed your support person, but without any response. Not so happy with that.

    28. Simon Gray
      on June 30, 2015

      I must have missed the digital link also

    29. David Hooper on June 29, 2015

      Still have not received the digital version of the book. Have emailed your support person, but haven't heard anything back. Please send. Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrea from Germany on June 27, 2015

      Hi Leo,
      I am also missing the digital version of the book! Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      George on June 23, 2015

      Hi Leo, I am looking forward to reading your book, however have still not received the digital download. I regularly check my junk mail but must have missed it. Thanks.

    32. Estelle Ihász on June 20, 2015

      Hello Leo, hope all is well. I'm also waiting for the digital copy of the book. Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sander Markiet on June 16, 2015

      Hello Leo,

      Unfortunately, I have not received the email for the digital copy of the book. Would you mind sending that one. All the best.

    34. Missing avatar

      Meike on June 13, 2015

      I did not receive or missed the email for the digital copy of the book. Where can I get it?
      Thank you

    35. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Bernardes on June 10, 2015


      I haven't yet received my digital copy. Where can I get it?

      Thank you

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter Pellenaars on June 7, 2015

      Hello Leo,
      thanks for the fabulous book. I received it in good condition at my hometown Arnhem, The Netherlands.
      I'm planning to blog regurlarly on my progress with the first small habit change and hope that some followers will support me and maybe even better that they also take up a challenge to change something.
      Of course I will in every blogpost refer to your book and website.
      Thanks again and all the best for you and your family.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sharon Cavanagh on June 4, 2015

      Hello Leo,

      I see below you've addressed the delay for the international orders but I am in Los Angeles and I still have NOT received my book. It's now June. Could you check on this please? I'm waiting and hoping to see it in my mailbox each day but it hasn't arrived. I'm glad the international people are now acknowledging receipt of the book but I would like to receive my copy as well.


    38. Missing avatar

      Andrej Lisicyn on June 4, 2015

      Hello, guys, slightly off topic, but wanted to ask. For those of you who filled in the survey, which rewards did you get? I've filled it in my name etc...but didn't get any rewards or my be the reward was brief guide to mindfulness?:) I've backed the digital btw. Didn't have my name on it either. Thanks for all the answers. Peace.

    39. René Andritsch on June 3, 2015

      Dear Leo, the book arrived in my post box in Vienna/Austria in an immaculate condition. Beautifully made! Looking forward to reading it. All the best to you and your family!

    40. Rodrigo Benenson on June 1, 2015

      Just received my book by mail. It looks fantastic, looking forward for the read !

      Thanks for creating and sharing such a beautiful piece.

    41. Nico Vlaming on June 1, 2015

      Thanks for the beautiful book! It arrived last week here in the Netherlands. It looks really good and I'm looking forward to the reading. Thanks a lot. Your blog has had a huge positive influence on me. I learned valuable lessons on discipline and habit change. I wish u all the best!

    42. Missing avatar

      Gareth Kennett (deleted) on May 31, 2015

      Such a lovely book. Makes me realise I shouldn't always stick to my kindle. UK order arrived within the last few days. Thank you Leo.

    43. Kristen Dyrr
      on May 30, 2015

      @Melanie: I got my digital editions on Feb 6, and it came from Leo Babauta ( You may want to try sending an email to that address to get yours.

    44. Melanie Kramme on May 29, 2015

      Hi there I have not received mine yet in the US. or if I did I misplaced it, how can I re download. Did I miss a link to download it. Looking so forward to reading it!

    45. Missing avatar

      Joseph Peate on May 27, 2015

      Thank you Leo, your beautiful gem of a book arrived today. Looking forward to spending some quiet time reading it, and to sharing your insights with others.

    46. Garmisch Riley on May 27, 2015

      Yay! Your book I'm in Australia and I received it in the mail today. I opened up the envelope and couldn't stop smiling! It's looks and feels elegantly beautiful, I'm so excited to read it :) Thank you Leo for sharing your thoughts with us!

    47. Anita Lim on May 27, 2015

      Thank you, Leo, I received my book yesterday in the UK. Like others have commented, it is a beautiful book & I am looking forward to reading. Thank you also for the lovely bookmark :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Ananya Muddukrishna on May 26, 2015

      I got my copy two days ago (Sweden). Its a beautiful book, not just in content but also in presentation. Thank you and wish you all the best, Leo Babauta.

    49. Missing avatar

      Dan on May 26, 2015

      Received my copy today, looks truly fantastic! Look forward to reading this one, cheers Leo.

    50. Wikzo on May 26, 2015

      Got my book today (Denmark). I think my address was one of those with "weird characters", since it contains an "æ". Kickstarter really should advice creators about this potential problem.

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