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Hurricane Sandy may have shut us down, but now we're ready to go forward and re-open stronger than ever!

Hi friends. Over the years, many of you have made the journey
from near and far to be with us. You've shared with us your
creativity, talent, stories and spirit. In return, we've done what we
can to make a place for you. Many of you are artists, writers and
musicians who have helped to make Sunny’s a creative hub and meeting
place for talents of all kinds. As Sunny would be the first to tell
you, "This is not My place, this is Ours!"

During the hurricane, water filled the entire basement that houses all
of the mechanical systems for the building. We will need to replace
the boiler, water heater, compressor, refrigerator and ice machine.
We will need all new electrical panels and wiring. We will need to
replace a large percentage of our existing stock. Water also came
into the 1st floor of the bar and rose 2 feet, causing buckled floors
and ruining many musical instruments and a lot of our sound equipment.
These are the big ticket items, but there are a huge number of other
things that need to be repaired or replaced that are too numerous to
list. We are only now, weeks after the hurricane, finally at the
point where we can realistically tally up all of the damage. We only
have part of the power back as of Friday, November 16th.

We truly believe that Sunny’s belongs to all of us, and we will
re-open. By pledging to rebuild Sunny's, you'll not only be investing in
our future, but also investing in the future of more wonderful, magical
nights. Nights of music and art, laughter and kindness.

As we take on our latest project and rebuild what really is ours, we
invite you come along on this journey. When we reach our goal
we'll all be better for it and ready for another hundred years!

Our fundraising goal represents our best estimate of what it will take
to repair the damage and replace only the essential things that were
lost. If you can open your wallets, we can open our doors, and Sunny
will finally be able to say, "Welcome Home, Kid".

The weeks since the hurricane have been difficult and chaotic for us
but have also been truly humbling and inspiring. We are so thankful
once again for all of the volunteers, and old and new friends who have
been so generous with their time and energy.

With much love and gratitude,
Sunny, Tone, Francis, Izzy, Chris T. and Chris P.

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Sunny’s Bar has faced many challenges over the years. These hurdles have only been overcome with the help and friendship of the incredible community of Red Hook. It's amazing how many highly-skilled craftsman call this neighborhood home! We are so lucky to have the love and support of so many wonderful friends and neighbors here in Brooklyn and beyond.

Restoring an historic bar is no easy task. Preserving the character, patina and feel is of great importance. At the same time it is exciting to move forward with much-needed improvements and upgrades in the bar. Over the years, we've done amazing things with little resources, and now we want to do so much more. It will take time to make the bar whole again, but if we can get the doors open for now and welcome folks home, we are confident the rest of the pieces will fall into place.


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    Good for a warm embrace and kiss on the cheek from the man himself, Sunny!

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    65 backers

    You'll get your hug, and a Sunny's Bar Tote Bag! (you know, for books and stuff!) The bag will feature our iconic dolphin and anchor neon sign!

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    You'll recieve a first-generation, original membership card to "The Red Hook Yacht and Kayak Club". (before Sunny's was called Sunny's, the bar operated under the radar as a private club.) Only 80 membership cards from the early days remain. We'll laminate your photo to the card like we did in the old days, and it'll get you a party in the back room on a Wednesday or Friday night for your birthday! We'll even get you a cake!

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    You'll get a signed print of artist Anthony Fatato's painting of Sunny's Bar and the green '53 Willys Truck that's always parked outside! Edition of 50. Check out the painting at

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    You'll be invited to have dinner with Sunny himself, most likely at the Good Fork or Fort Defiance here in Red Hook. He won't even run to the bathroom when the check comes!

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    You'll get your own Sunny's neon sign! Lite Brite Neon will produce only 5 half-scale replicas of our sign, mounted and ready to hang!

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    Ships within the US only
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    A Private Party at Sunny's for you and your friends! We'll provide a one of our house bands, food from a local business, and a special night for you and 50 of your friends.

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