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Vintage Racers is a micro game for 2-4 players (but up to 8 with 2 sets!) that relives the early days of racing in 15 minutes!
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Thanks for checking out Vintage Racers - the new 15 minute micro card game from Mr. B. Games!

In Vintage Racers, you will take on the role of a Racecar Driver at the turn of the century - reliving the early days of racing!

Players take turns drafting car parts to cobble together the best car they can, and then take their creations to the track! The first player to get their car across the finish line first, wins!

The game features a buildable track and buildable cars that calls back to the old racing game classics like Formula De, Speed Circuit, Detroit/Cleveland and Daytona 500 and newer classics like Thunder Alley but with a modern twist and in a fraction of the time. 

All the excitement of a race in 15 minutes... and half the table space!

                 Vintage Racers comes with everything you need for 2-4 players to race. 

                                        Combine TWO sets for up to 8 players of fun!

 Lots of different combinations of cars and track ensures a different game every time!

The limited Edition of Vintage Racers will be available here on Kickstarter for only a short time, with no late pledge after. Remaining copies will be sold directly from Mr. B. Games and via our website as supplies and demand last. 

Currently, 1 copy of Vintage Races comes with:

16 Track Cards, 15 Car Parts, 4 Wood Cars 

Items added via Stretch Goals/Upgades:

32 wood cubes, 3 new track cards, 3 new car parts, double sided track 

For The Vintage Racers Kickstarter we wanted to go back to our roots - card games! Our first card game, called Teraforming was released in 2006!

One copy of Vintage Racers Limited Edition. Be a part of the game, adopt early (and get the best price as well as secure a copy before they are all gone!)

TWO copies of Vintage Racers Limited Edition. Be a part of the game, adopt early (and get the best price as well as secure two copies before they are all gone!)

For Retail Shops Only - By supporting the game now you will lock in the limited edition copies and best prices as well as retail perks (like a demo copy, prize support and the ability to buy direct while supplies last). Be a part of the game, adopt early (and get the best price as well as secure a copy before they are all gone!) 

When we first put this idea together we did not really plan on any stretch goals - but thanks to some friends of ours and their excitement for the design, we put together a few cool ideas we could do should this crazy little idea go beyond our plans...which is literally to just fund so we can have a small race game in our pockets at cons (some call this a passion project :)

1K - FUNDED! - Status - UNLOCKED

Thanks to your support, Vintage Racers will be a reality!

***** Here are the Ideas for future goals *****


Thanks to your support, we can upgrade all the tokens to wood cubes!


Thanks   your support, we will add 3 new cards that will give the ability for longer tracks!


Thanks to your support, we will double side the track cards, giving even more building possibilities!

10k - A New Car - Status - UNLOCKED

Thanks to your support, we will add 3 new car part cards, giving even more building possibilities!

Boardgame Corner - Mark was kind enough to have us in studio for a test run! We had a blast and hope you enjoy the video.

Undead Viking - Our old buddy Lance takes the game for a few spins!

GTM - Rick and the crew were kind enough to have us on their show at Gama a few weeks ago, and before we knew it, we were done with a full race! - Thanks Rick, was a blast!

Caffeine TV Replay - This was a fun little day of racing with Sean, Mark and Daniel.

 BGG from GAMA - Chaz and I talk about Vintage Racers in Reno!

Shipping will be collected during the campaign and include a subsidy from Mr. B. Games to help keep your costs low.

Since this is a card game, the value will be declared very low and should be "Customs Friendly" everywhere regardless of where we ship from. 

Countries Excluded: We are no longer able to ship to Brazil, Russia, Mexico, South America, South Africa or the Middle East due to high postage prices, and lost parcels. If you live in one of these areas, we recommend you use a USA address and have the game forwarded to you via a relative/friend or postage forwarding company. 

We continue to work with different fulfillment centers all over the world to ensure better and more affordable delivery each campaign but none will guarantee delivery to these countries. We use 3rd party fulfillment houses and cannot control the speed of delivery to some areas but will always use the best options available. Damages may occur during transit - you should always try to work with your local carrier if possible and contact our customer service if you have any issues (mrbgames.cs(atsymbol)gmail) 

We plan to ship in 3 waves. The first will be to those who fill out their survey by our announced cut off date (which will be in an update). Wave 2 will follow shortly after, with a final Wave after that. Those who do not fill in their surveys by the wave 1 cutoff may be subject to vat and shipping fees outside the usa. 

No project could be possible without a team of folks to help us. Vintage Racers is no exception. Below are just some of the folks who are making this project possible:

Project Lead - Scott DeMers - Scott has designed Realm of Heroes and Hellenica, and is helping Mr. B Games with this new project with Art Direction, and campaign questions.

Designer and Developer - Sean Brown - Sean has worked in the game industry for almost 12 years, many of them for Eagle Games and Mr. B. Games as a salesmen, co-designer, graphic artist, marketing director, developer, and warehouse manager (many at the same time) since 2006. He has worked on Alien Uprising, Spurs, Realm of Heroes, Zothren Invasion, Posthuman, Days of Ire, Madness at Midnight, WarQuest, Liars Dice, Prospectus, Helionox, and Clockwork Kingdom as a designer, developer and/or graphic artist for Mr. B. Games as well as the following titles via graphic art, development or co-design work while at Eagle Games: Age of Steam, Age of Empires III, Attack Deluxe, Baltimore and Ohio, Brass, Defenders of the Realm and all of its expansions, Defenders Battlefields, Empires Builder Expansion, I'm the Boss TCG, Incan Gold, New England Railways, Pirate Dice, Railways of the World and all of its expansions, Roll through the Ages, Through the Ages, Tumblin Dice, and Wizards Brew.

Sales and Production - Mr. B. Games - Mr. B is a small publishing company started by Sean Brown in 2005 to publish his own game designs, that has grown to include 6 studios and worldwide distribution.


By pledging to this campaign you agree to the following terms and conditions:

If for any reason, you find that after the Kickstarter has ended, you need to cancel, we will work with you to best make that happen. Email our CS for help (mrbgames.cs(at symbol)gmail). If you cancel within 30 days of the end of the Kickstarter, we are able to do a complete refund via the Kickstarter payments system (including KS fees!) After 30 days and up until the month before we ship the rewards, we are able to do a 90% refund (less Kickstarter and CC processing fees) via paypal. For a refund request after shipping addresses have locked (aprox. 2-3 weeks before shipping), we ask you email us at mrbgames.cs (at) and we will try to work with you for a partial refund if possible, but you will be responsible for return shipping. If for any reason you feel you have a missing item or damaged item, please email us at mrbgames.cs (at) with photos of damage, your backer number, backer name, and complete address and we will work to replace the missing or damaged items ASAP. Do not post in the comments, or other forums as we may miss them or be delayed in replying.  

The following Terms are accepted by you, the backer when you pledge, so we can ensure smooth delivery for all. Pledging to one of our Kickstarter projects is NOT a pre-order. Your data is always safe as we use a 3rd party service to secure it and contact you about projects. Surveys not filled in after 2 months of final delivery (from the "we are shipping" update) or missing reward requests after 2 months of your game shipment will be treated as a no reward pledge. Please help us get you your rewards by emailing our CS with any issues you may have in a timely manner and filling in your survey in a timely manner. Watch for updates on all shipping statuses. All our major communications will be via Updates. Our Privacy Policy is posted on our website and by pledging to one of our campaigns you agree to its terms and conditions which are compliant around the world for a USA based company mailing pledge rewards to its backers.

If your reward goes missing due to a bad address or failure to pick up on your end, contact our CS and we can arrange a replacement but will need to collect shipping again. If this is an error on our end we will reship at no cost to you.

Missing reward requests should be sent to our CS no larter than 30 days after your shipping wave update, as tracking numbers become difficult to track after 30 days. Help us help deliver for you :) Please provide pictures of damages if your reward arrives damaged and try your local carrier first - then our CS to help if you cannot get a resolution from the carrier re: damage.

By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look and materials of the project and hence the rewards, are subject to change and may differ from what is presented while the Kickstarter campaign was active. If you do not accept these terms, please do not pledge on this project but instead wait for the possibility of a general release copy. We will always do our best to provide exactly what was pictured, but sometimes small details change or a card is removed and replaced with another, ect. The above campaign depicts our plan, but all plans can change at a factory level. Pledge with confidence, as we rarely alter our contents, and to date have only updated or added from development.

Risks and challenges

With every project there are risks, but we hope that our past track record in publishing, as well as Sean's design and development work at his previous publishing jobs will put everyone's minds at ease. Mr. B. Games has delivered on 23 of its 26 Kickstarter projects on time or early with only 2 being late (none more than 2 months). We are not new to the industry and have been making games in some capacity since 2001. With our previous experiences we can pool from the 15+ years of lessons (both good and bad) to ensure a smooth, and accurate production and delivery. We hope that you will help support us in our publishing efforts, and thank you in advance for your confidence in Mr. B. Games!

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