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You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?
You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?
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Posthuman: The Next Chapter

Posted by Mighty Boards (Collaborator)

Dear Lovers of All Things Mutant, Greetings from us here at Mighty Boards and Mr B Games from beyond the Fortress. We're super excited to announce our brand new stand-alone game: Posthuman Saga, and yes, we do have a little tendril of mutant love for returning backers. 

Posthuman Saga is a tactical-survival adventure, rich in story set in the post-apocalyptic world of Posthuman. In the first game, you journeyed to the last bastion of organized human society in the area: The Fortress. A year down the line, you have become an active part of that society and honed the skills you need to fulfil your role there. But the mutants are gaining ground... 

In Posthuman Saga you play an experienced member of the Fortress' militia, sent out beyond the defensive perimeter to explore and hopefully reconnect with outposts the Fortress has lost touch with. Some of the characters from the first game have turned mutant and scurried off into the Wilds, while others are back in Posthuman Saga hardened by their year of duty and training. 

The Messenger, a year down the line is now the grizzled Scavenger.
The Messenger, a year down the line is now the grizzled Scavenger.

Players win by gathering Reputation points earned from completing story-based Mission objectives made up of sequences of terrain tiles and exploring sets of Scavenge sites. Posthuman Saga is a more tactical affair than its predecessor, featuring streamlined mechanics that force tough choices on every level: from the puzzle of the modular terrain tiles and scavenge sites at the map level to the attrition management involved in keeping characters alive. 

The combat encounters have been streamlined to be fast, card-based engagements involving tough choices with future consequences. Posthuman Saga also boasts over one hundred new, evocative story-scenes with a simple, push-your-luck mechanic that supplements the emergent narrative reminiscent of Posthuman. 

Each character has a unique set of development cards, a different combat deck and their own starting weapons. Players develop their characters by earning experience points for a variety of events ranging from defeating combat enemies, solving story scenarios and completing objectives. The Fortress has bolstered their system against rampant mutation, to ensure characters will not switch sides, but mutations suffered become more unstable over time, and can have nasty consequences if one strays too far away from the path of the Pure One…  

We are releasing more information about the game design, art and the development process through a Facebook community. Join the conversation here: 

A Tendril Of Mutant Love

And finally, to thank you for the support you showed us with Posthuman we're excited to give a little something to you guys that ties in with the first Posthuman game. We're working on it as we speak and will announce more details on our Facebook community. 

The Team


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    1. Mighty Boards Collaborator on

      @Josh - Thanks! Yes there will be an incentive for backers. Let me clarify something up front: Posthuman Saga is not a fixed version of Posthuman. It's a completely different game. There are some vague similarities in that there are modular tiles and there are encounters but how these relate to the overall system has nothing to do with the first game. It's just a different system.

      I also disagree with your sentiment of the first game placing you in the position of a playtester. While everyone has their subjective opinion on games, you are implying the game wasn't tested, finished or indeed broken. If this were the case I'm pretty sure reviewers that were positive (or very positive) about the game such as the Board Game Corner on Dice Tower, Boardgamequest (recent review in fact) etc would have flagged that the game is broken or unfinished. Sure you found some things clunky. Not the same as it being unfinished or broken.

    2. Mighty Boards Collaborator on

      @Marwan - We started putting updates on BGG as well. At least for the major news on it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Schroeder on

      "And finally, to thank you for the support you showed us with Posthuman we're excited to give a little something to you guys that ties in with the first Posthuman game. We're working on it as we speak and will announce more details on our Facebook community."

      I'm hoping this means some sort of incentive for backers. I know there's a decent portion of backers who would have appreciated some form of rules errata after the game released, to improve the general flow and overall clunkiness (not just an errata to fix typos). I probably won't be buying the new one regardless but some sort of incentive would at least make me think twice. My current feeling is that of "why did I pay to be a playtester of a clunky beta version of a game just to get asked to pay again for the fixed version?"

      Regardless, good luck with the new campaign, I'll be at least paying some attention to it.

    4. ionas on

      Won't join Facebook.
      Anyway... I will want to test the game out in Essen 18 or so before pleding/buying.

    5. Marwan Marwan on

      Thanks for the update. It would be nice to also post updates on BGG instead of restricting everything to FB.

      There are many weirdos like myself that do not use FB, and we get left out of the loop of what is going on. Consider adding BGG to your promotion and communication platforms about the game.

    6. Mighty Boards Collaborator on

      @Camarid: Great idea in principle - insanely difficult to do in practice. Especially since each character now has their own deck of 6-8 combat cards and 10 development cards and weapon which need to be well balanced not to skew the game completely.

    7. Patrick Grogan

      I am very disappointed that we have to follow something on facebook.

    8. Nic Matlage

      Very cool. Looking forward to hearing more.

      @tyger - I know, right? I do not have a bgg account, but I do not complain when companies use it as it is something a lot of people use and I understand.

    9. Missing avatar

      Camarid on

      The teaser that was recently shared on the Kickstarter message board has me pondering some pretty amazing possibilities for this chapter of the series. What if characters (as developed in the base game) were transferable to the NEW version? I see an opportunity for the designers to keep the gamers playing the original game just to be able to further story of the "home grown" characters with which they so readily identify. What could be better for holding my loyalty and driving me to snatch the next chapter? This would be amazing, and verging on genius foresight.

    10. TigerNineThree

      Lol.. the hurt over fb is hilarious! Good job Mighty Boards for at least attempting to cater to them.Even that was met by spitefulness. *smh*

    11. Missing avatar

      Hugh G Rection

      @Mighty Boards

      What you should have said:

      "Hey people who don't want to join Facebook to have every aspect of their personal lives turned into data points and monetized for advertising purposes..."

    12. Mighty Boards Collaborator on

      Hey people who hate Facebook. If you want to follow development there is also a design diary we've started with notes on the design process, art and writing along with other goodies we'll drop there.

    13. Jason on

      I'm very excited for this and can't wait for it to happen, but don't want it to be rushed.
      ...soooo, hurry up! (but not to much)

    14. Missing avatar

      Didier whiterabbit on

      Great news. Very curious to see how you improve the game and the gameplay

    15. Julio Luna

      Posthuman was extremely clunky with errata and the encounters slowed to a crawl if you didn't have enough dice. It was great components with a game that just didn't work. There were so many variants on BGG attempting to fix the game but no support from the publisher. Almost the exact same thing can be said about Warquest another game you published on kickstarter. Terrible rules and just awful gameplay that had to be fixed after backers realized how broken the system was. I have given Mr. B games way too much of my money and been rewarded with subpar games. I've taken a huge loss merely trying to get rid of those games. I will never back another game from this company.

    16. Azweepei on

      Lost me at 'Facebook'.

    17. Vryl

      I won't be joining facebook either, but I do hope this goes well for you.

    18. Greg Sawchyn

      I wish companies wouldn't use FB. WWW is a great/better way to convey information.

    19. Larkin on

      Facebook is not a platform I want to join. Wish you good success.

    20. Vernon Piper on

      Looking forward to seeing this game

    21. Eric Williams