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You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?
You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?
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Posthuman - Companion App Update #2 (IOS and Android info).

Posted by Mr. B. Games (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We have some news on the App. Thanks for your patience with us during the roll out!


IOS is up and running now in all countries but only for tablets (still looking into for phones - more info to follow when we know more). Regardless of where you live, you can visit your countries app store and search for Posthuman Companion for a free download for the next 30 days. The link we sent in the first update was only working in the USA. Searching will find it no matter where you live now.

Regarding Android:

1. Android App will now work on phones!!! (though we still recommend a tablet or phablet due to screen size needed). Exact models will vary, but it seems to work on larger samsung devices.

2. Android app link will take up to 72hrs to deliver to you from when we submit the emails on the list (which the team will do once a day) so you may not see the download link until monday (but keep an eye out for it sooner).

3. You will need to set your device settings to allow the installation of apps outside of Google Play (instructions will be in the email you get with the link).

4. You will need to be connected to the internet when you download it and use the email address you got the link from.

If you have any issues with the app installation you can email support(at)mightybox(dot)com

For those who will be using the app, thank you for your support, patience and understanding as we load everything in and get it optimized. For those of you without devices, thank you for the kind words and support during the entire campaign.

The Team

Lucas Caruana, Steve Hiner, and 21 more people like this update.


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    1. spmarcil

      Issue was resolved. Apparently a different email than expected was registered as I learned from Mr. B Games' support who was quick in response. Thanks!!

    2. spmarcil

      My Android app downloaded and installed without issue using the link sent to me. However, it won't accept my email address. I tried to email the support(at)mightybox(dot)com address (of course replacing the () words with the symbols) but it bounced back as undeliverable.

    3. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @mistah - yes - click on the link again perhaps it did not work the first time.

    4. mistahTee on

      Hi Mr.B =) I see the companion app when I go to the Play store, but it's already listed as a paid app. I didn't receive an email with instructions/link the the free app for backers (I did fill in the form linked in one of the previous updates). Is there any chance that I can still claim my free copy? Thanks =)

    5. Anthony Jestin on

      I'm in Canada and also unable to find it in the Canadian App Store

    6. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @richard and Eric - You need to go to your local (countries) app store and search for it that way, the link we sent will only work in the USA store. sorry for not clarifying earlier

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Saumier on

      still not showing in itunes canadian store..

    8. Missing avatar

      Cory Westerlund on

      I like TJ's idea. Another idea would be to have a sale on the app down to 10 cents. I'm sure most of us would rather pay 10 cents than side loading the app.

    9. Missing avatar


      Just got the notice concerning the companion app. Gonna give it a go when I get free time.
      Hope it is successful.

    10. Justin Olson

      Would we be able to DL onto a MacBook?

    11. Ric Tomsett

      Anyone else in the UK having problems finding the iOS app in the iTunes store?

    12. Missing avatar

      CidRex999 on

      Yes i'm on android and have filled out the form thanks

    13. Stephane Bassiaux

      Thank you for making it work on Android phones too !
      It's a bit small on my Galaxy S4, but I'd rather have that than nothing at all =)

    14. Bradley Phillips

      I want to say thank you to mrb here, they are doing a great job responding to this and are handling it as good as they can.

    15. Sir Wilhelm on

      @Mr. B. - TJ brings up a great compromise. Make it happen.

    16. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      TJ - I will pass the idea down to the team. Not my arena at all, so I have no idea the details there, but will post via updates the official plan as it unfolds after the team weighs out all factors and what is best for everything.
      @matt - I hear ya - not sure how that was ever going to work, as the stretch goal never said a free app for everyone it just said for the backer - but the gamer in me wants to help, just not sure how to do that as the technical app side is out of my wheelhouse. The team is doing the best they can to try and keep 5400 people happy, while using two different 3rd party shops so we are already trying to game the system for you all :)

    17. Mr Anderson

      I just received the e-mail and you actually download the apk file. As stated, your gmail account (email) is the activation when asked to login. Unfortunately, when I tried to install it on another device, it stated that it was already in use.

      You get ONE device! Choose wisely

      And it did not show up in the Play store as owned either.

    18. Sir Wilhelm on

      Hard pass on having to sideload this app.

    19. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @cidrex - are you android or IOS? If your android, the link you have should work. If your IOS you search for it in the apple store manually right now (if you like) and its ready. As per the update though, IOS phones are not working due to resolution issues but we are looking into it

    20. Matthew Dimalanta

      Just looked it up. $1.79 is not terrible, it's irritating that I have to pay for a bunch of copies of it, but it won't break me or anything.

    21. TJ Wasik on

      the play store doesn't have a 100 code max, although it likely won't help as it's still not enough, the limit is 500 codes per app per quarter.

      Perhaps distribute via apk initially, and issue codes to the first 500 who requested it, then issue the rest next quarter so that eventually everyone will have a licenced copy from the play store that will update and carryover to new phones.

    22. Matthew Dimalanta

      How much is it to buy the app?

    23. Matthew Dimalanta

      I was unaware of the 100 minimum on codes. That sucks. I see why you are doing it the way you are.

      I just don't know how to do this sine we regularly play 4-6 player games and I am the only one on iOS. Everyone else that I regularly play Posthuman with is on Android.

    24. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @steve - Happy to help. as for the technical side I have no idea how that part works, I am sorry to say. I only know they tell me the free link part is capped at 100. No issues on the Apple Store side, just on android, hence the sign up list, and emailing of codes.

    25. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @TJ - The Google system to give away free apps is limited to 100 codes. We have over 900 who want android right now. This is the only way the developers said we could do it on android, as the google play store will not let you list it free then switch is what I am told.

    26. Missing avatar

      CidRex999 on

      Thank you guys so much for getting the app to work on the phones. My question is now. As i think i might be missunderstaning this last update. Do i use the old link that you guys sent out originally. Or will you be resending the links again, and i am to use the new link that gets sent out?

    27. Steve Hiner on

      Excellent, thank you for keeping on top of the issue. I guess I need to actually play the game now huh?

      If you are having us load it outside the Play store then doesn't that mean in the future our account won't own the app so if we ever want to install it on a different device or get updates to it we're going to have to pay?

      I suppose if you make sure our original link always works and you provide updates that way then at least we'll be kept up to date and we can load it on any future devices using that same link.

    28. TJ Wasik on

      Just a quick question, for android, the app needs to be sideloaded? (installed outside of the google play store?) does this mean that the app won't like to the play store version? this has serious negative ramifications and issues that need to be addressed. Without a playstore link how will we recieve updates to the ap in the future? If we upgrade to a new device how will we get the app installed on the new device? What about people who don't have the ability to sideload apps b/c the carrier, manufacturer, or they're employer have locked that feature out of android? Google does have a system to give away free copies of apps through the play store, why not use that system?