by Mr. B. Games

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    1. Padraig Skelly on

      I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet for two reasons. Anyone I show it to gets freaked out by how much bits there is and won't play, and I'm not one hundred per cent on the rules so I can't explain it properly anyway.

    2. Rainer Åhlfors

      @Padraig: I would encourage you to play through a few rounds by yourself first. The rules are not too difficult to learn, but there are some nuances that don't make sense until you play it once.

      If we lived closer together, I would've been happy to play it with you.

    3. Jan Kador

      yes, just start a round, things are a little bit complicated at first but become familiar with the time.
      It's a very deep game and offers some options during the game.
      I just played two games yet but will play it any time again :-)