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Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece.
Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece.
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Hellenica SURPRISE from our Factory!

Posted by Mr. B. Games (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

So we got an unexpected surprise from our Factory late yesterday. I immediately called Scott to have him meet me for Lunch and this picture says it all...

Apparently before our Factory went on break for Chinese New Year, they sent us the production proofs for the Mythic Creatures (and one Hero!) 


We are both BLOWN AWAY by how they came out and 1000% are saying yes to the approval of these to go into production (when they return from holiday, that is). 

This surprise made both our our days and we wanted to share in the excitement!

Since we only had 1 hero - Scott had to arrange his new toys in a classic Mythology pose.

(Clearly, we both are still children and got a super big lift from these awesome little toys)

I may be the worlds worst photographer but trust me, these look even better in person than the pictures show.

Scott and I were both blown away by the detail and scale of which these came out.

If you couldn't tell already, we are both GUSHING with excitement over the first batch of minis. I was expecting these after Chinese New Year for our next update but wanted to share in the excitement now because there is no way I could keep my big mouth shut for 3 weeks. :)

I am sure we will have more stuff to share in a month or so when the factory is back up and running - and maybe Scott and I won't be as childishly excited about it. Maybe. 

What's Next for Hellenica?

Scott is finalizing the Themed AI Decks and we are looking to share a draft of the rules with backers very soon. More eyes = more questions and more chance to catch typos he, I or our editor may have missed. 

Speaking of the AI - Check out this post he did on BGG yesterday - its a nice glimpse into the passion and detail Scott puts into every part of Hellenica.

Sean is working on making sure our PM tools are set up better in the future, and ensuring our fulfillment Hubs are optimized for delivery later this year (We have a USA, China, EU and AUS fulfillment house to make dispatching rewards as easy as possible for everyone). Logistics never sleep and are always evolving!

Production file layouts are in pretty good shape, and we appear to be ahead of schedule so far. Scott and I have had this mantra of "when it's ready" this whole campaign - and we both pledge to continue to do just that - work on it until its right, no matter what the issue may be with the game, we will try our best to do it right. This may take more time, but so far we are staying on our schedule.

We encourage comments and questions at anytime in this creative process and thank you all for supporting us and our crazy little game called Hellenica!

Sean and Scott

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    1. Scott DeMers

      @David Soderquist (note: David is the sculptor of all of the unit and creature minis in Hellenica) - You are a stud! This is YOUR handiwork and Sean and I are so excited to bring them to life in mass quantities. Our backers are going to love them!

    2. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      Thanks folks!!

    3. CountryYokel

      @Scott - that must have been some pizza! :-)

      @Mr. B - Wow those minis look neat, and I'm totally not a mini person. This will be the first game I've backed with a decent amount of minis, and although I won't paint any of them (I am tremendously unskilled), I am still excited by these photos. Thanks for the great update!

    4. SlaveOne on

      Way to go guys! I love it when project developers are just as giddy as their backers!

    5. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @scott - cameras don't lie or hide your excited face my friend...hahahaha. Thanks for meeting up and enjoy your weekend and your new toys :)

    6. David Soderquist on

      Scott, I was concerned when I sculpt these on how well they would turn out but WOW!!!! They turned out great!!!

      Thanks again for the opportunity to do this for you!!!

    7. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @krakehz - we have not finalized yet but have used 3 different ones in the past. Alot will depend on when the game is ready, and what happens with Brexit if we go to the UK, Germany, or France or maybe Italy.

    8. Scott DeMers

      Could you have used a photo where I don't look like I am near death???? LOL

    9. Krakehz on

      What Eu fullfillment hub are you using ?