Hellenica: Story of Greece

by Mr. B. Games

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      Ulthor on

      Congrats on the honesty and quickness Sean.

    2. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      Thanks Ulthor.

    3. SlaveOne on

      Not from the EU, but have to say that is by far the most exceptional way to handle that. Better than most projects ive seen. Thanks MR. B. Hope everyone ends up being happy.

    4. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      I'll definitely keep my pledge!

    5. SlaveOne on

      Not from the EU, but have to say that is by far the most exceptional way to handle that. Better than most projects ive seen. Thanks MR. B. Hope everyone ends up being happy.

    6. Thupamart

      Dear Mr. President

      I really must say how you solve such a problem is absolutely generous and honorable. I myself am not from the EU, but from Switzerland. That's why I have the delivery sent to Germany, because the taxes for the import into Switzerland are even higher. I can't understand people from the EU who complain about VAT. If the delivery is EU friendly, then the VAT will be paid by you immediately, otherwise the VAT must be paid simply with the import, which is the more cumbersome way.

      I am not complaining about VAT, you should know that it has to be paid somewhere. Well, in any case you people are great.

      Thank you very much

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      michael kazakov on

      CMON should get you as the instance. They are deliver in some places in EU for 150-200$. When backers started to complain whey answered nothing.

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      .GoetZ on

      I am from germany. Is stick with you, cause it isnt your fault. Looking forward ro your game!

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      Gonzalo Herreros on

      I have to say I was also shocked and considered asking for a refund.
      I don't think you have been dishonest at all but that you found out late that now things are trickier. Don't know how they do it for other projects but I've backed dozens of them and this is the first one I get charged VAT (I guess they bring the components as paper from china and assemble them within the EU).
      I have only seen one project where they said they would charge VAT and I didn't back it because In the end with vat and shipping you can find it cheaper on retail

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      Linda Polik

      Nobody else charges VAT extra but you. I have backed over one hundred games on KS but have never come across this situation.

      What pissed me off even more was that you worldwide delivery now excluded the Middle East. Had I known that from the beginning, I would never have backed this game. I live and work in Saudi Arabia, but now I have to go to the UK to collect my game and lug it back to Saudi with me. And pay VAT on top of it. This just sucks.

    11. Thupamart

      Guys if a project is declared as EU friendly the VAT is always included. There are other campaigns where shipping fees are thus high to EU

    12. Helen

      @Thupamart I think some EU backers (myself included) are disappointed that the shipping cost is $56.80 (at least for my pledge level) which is considerably more than the estimated shipping cost stated during the campaign: "$20-$28 in the EU/UK".

    13. Helen

      Mr B Games: thank you for addressing this matter so promptly.

    14. Paul Rolfe-Tarrant

      I've not come across the VAT issue before so will be more aware in the future
      Thank you for explaining in detail what has happened
      Looking forward to receiving the game as soon as it is ready

    15. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @thupamart - thank you for the kind words

    16. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @gonzalo - please contact our CS and Sean has said (in the update) he will personally help you

    17. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @linda - please contact CS and Sean has said (in the update) he will personally help you.
      As for shipping to the middle east, we did indicate this on the campaign page. It stems from many misdeliveries, lost parcels, and damage claims. After many tries and fulfillment houses we determined we simply are not able to deliver to this part of the world effectively as a small usa based company.

    18. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @helen - our error was in not being clear or breaking it out better. That is my fault. A single game we do hit within the estimate, but by breaking out costs and folks adding additional items it made for confusion and that is my fault for not making sure the system was clean and clear.

    19. Krakehz on

      45 Dollar for Vat and shipping combined for a mythic pledge isen't to bad.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mathis Baumert

      Something that you probably should have read a year ago:


      No hidden fees, no nasty surprises. You can say what you want but this campaign was NOT EU friendly. And THAT is what you should apologise for. Pledge levels didn't include tax while the definition of EU-friendly (or for that matter anywhere-friendly) means that they do.

      You wrongly used the EU-friendly badge to attract backers which is shameful for a so called 18-time creator.

      The correct action would have been to increase the cost of the pledge levels to include tax which would have obviously cost you backers but to pass the tax on to the backers as hidden shipping fee is costing you indeed way more by having giving your credibility and reputation a massive hit.

      I feel really sorry for Scott DeMers as he obviously thought that you knew what you were doing. You have properly ruined this for him.

    21. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @mathis - In our Update we did offer solutions for my error as well as letting folks know we will honor what was on the page - I believe I have also personally refunded you the overage that occured in the PM tool.

      To be clear, we did NOT use an EU badge, we simply said EU friendly, which I still stand behind means your reward will ship to you from our EU fulfillment center.

    22. Steven Crane

      This whole thing has stressed me out for several days now. I felt physically sick when I saw $57 for shipping. It really is by far the most I've ever seen for a KS. The fact that the campaign page says "in the EU/UK, Canada is looking around $20-$28" so $57 is well, well off. It's over double in fact

      I pledged for the AI Add-on deck during the campaign and even with that extra $39 in the PM I still owed money even if I didn't add it? Oh Lord.

      I will email support to see what they can do. At least Update 13 gave me a feeling that Mr B isn't just fobbing EU customers off

    23. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @steven - I am sorry for the confusion over the PM. I hoped Update 13 would cover the error I made and show my dedication to help correct it. Please do email our CS so I can address this for you

    24. Anders Pedersen

      Thanks Sean...
      I am now keeping my EU pledge.-


    25. Mr. B. Games 19-time creator on

      @anders - thank you for the support, and sorry again for the error I introduced into the PM tool causing the confusion and errors!