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Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece.
Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece.
1,601 backers pledged $166,425 to help bring this project to life.

Hellenica Pledge Manager is LIVE - and some production update notes

Posted by Mr. B. Games (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Great news. We have finally opened the Pledge Manager for Hellenica!

You will be getting an invite soon (check your spam) or you can click visit our pledge manager page directly (see steps below under the Info from Pledge Manager header).

You will all now have the option to add, or upgrade your pledge and finalize your shipping.

The AI decks will be made available to all backers in the PM as will the ability to "upgrade" from any pledge level to the $90 or $145 level.

We were unable to procure neoprene mats for Hellenica, but may be able to offer this sometime in the future.

PLEASE NOTE - EU customers will have VAT and Shipping on their Pledge Manager (aka PM) so we can ship your reward EU friendly (which means we pre-pay your VAT for you). The PM adds both together at the end and if you are not aware beforehand it can look odd or cause questions (hopefully this clears those up) - Remember, Hellenica is a large, and heavy so keep that in mind too! :)

Info from Pledge Manager:

What if I don't see the email yet?

Check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your "Promotions" tab.
If you still can't find it, search your inbox for "PledgeManager"

If that doesn't work:

  1. Click - 
  2. Click "Request New Invite" 
  3. Enter your email address (the one you pledged with)
  4.  Wait at least 10 minutes - then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to confirm all your goodies

And if that doesn't work, check the FAQ page @ and submit a support request.

There's something wrong with my pledge!

That's not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can submit a support request at or send us a message directly to and we'll look at it for you.

What if I need to change my address?

As long as your items have not been shipped, you can always change your address. Just simply log back in to PledgeManager and make the appropriate change. However, if you change your country, additional shipping costs may apply.

If I have a friend who missed the project, can they still join?

You can share this link to your friends and they can pre-order too:

Production Update

Our miniatures have finally been finalized and are ready to be made into molds for mass production. We are very pleased how things came out and can't wait for the test shots (we will share pics as soon as we have them).

File layout is going well. Tokens and cards are almost all done, (though Scott is still balancing the AI and some of the extra scenarios/rules).

Our biggest challenge now is CNY - Chinese New Year. Our facility is shut down for the next 3 Weeks Starting today - so we will continue building files while they are gone, but likely will not have much to report for a few weeks.

That said, our next Update likely will not be until mid - March. As always, feel free to ask questions along the way in the comments though :)

Sean and Scott

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    1. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @walter - we are working on an update for EU folks about this - as a few folks have expressed their frustration with VAT.

    2. Walter Cavalcante on

      The VAT additional payment is a shame....

    3. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      Hi Michel - We are not offering a playmat, it was not something we could make happen. The AI decks remain the same and the shipping quote on the project page is also the same. Each item you add to the order though does increase weight, which will increase shipping outside of the estimates (estimates were for a single game).

    4. Missing avatar

      Michel on

      How much were the mat, the AI deck, and the shipping to the US for the $145 pledge level originally at the time of the campaign? I am trying to make sense of what I see in the pledge manager.

    5. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      Hi Dan,

      It sounds like you may have added on some items that are incurring additional shipping due to the weight increase. Hellenica is a big heavy game. The shipping estimate is for a core game but there is more cost if you upgrade or add more items

    6. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      Our intent is not deceit. We are looking into options for our EU backers and VAT and will send an update in the next day or two

    7. Missing avatar

      Dan P on

      I live in Canada and the shipping is $37 USD for this?!! That's the highest shipping cost for any project I have backed thus far. Are you making a profit off the shipping costs? That's not very ethical if you are.

    8. Missing avatar on

      Caveat Emptor-They charged an additional $16 in "S& H"

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian Miller

      Pavel makes a good point; why are those of us filling out the wave 1 survey subject to vat and shipping fees outside the USA when the campaign indicates otherwise?

    10. Missing avatar

      Pavel Rabek on

      I went through your campaign page. You must be joking - you lied with all these sentences:

      "Shipping will be collected after the campaign via our Pledge Manager and include a sizable subsidy from Mr. B. Games to help keep your costs lower than they would be otherwise"


      "The first will be to those who fill out their pledge managers by our announced cut off date... Those who do not fill in their surveys by the wave 1 cutoff are subject to vat and shipping fees outside the usa"

    11. Missing avatar

      David Fitzgerald on

      @jonathan challis

    12. Jonathan Challis

      Charging an extra VAT unnanounced at the end is NOT EU friendly. Sure, VAT must be paid, but on every campaign I've backed (I'm a Superbacker) VAT has come from the publishers amount, and is already figured into the cost. We naturally presumed that was the case here on an already expensive game.

      I will certainly never back another Mr B game, and I'm strongly considering a refund on this one - it's nothing more than deliberate deceit.

    13. CountryYokel

      This is one step closer to fulfillment/delivery! I get excited all over again each time you guys post an update!

    14. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      @jason - Probably a few months, since this is not expected to deliver until August. As always though, please watch for updates (we will do one when we are ready to lock it down for wave 1)

    15. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      Your welcome Scott!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Donoghue on

      Any idea on how long PM will be open?

    17. Karl Fenner on

      Thanks Sean and Scott!