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Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece.
Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece.
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Hellenica Production Update 2

Posted by Mr. B. Games (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We are still plugging away on pre-production and things are going really well! This update is focused on giving you all some highlights from our efforts.


We are nearing finalization of the minis for the city upgrades (the buildings). We LOVE the way they are looking and are happy that modifications for the injection molding process have been minimal. Have a look at some 3D renders below.

We are waiting on approvals of the last 3 buildings before our test shots will happen in plastic.  

The Mythic minis are also moving along quite nicely. We are almost ready to do test shots on those as well and then we can move into proofs for the map and cards!

Faction Colors and Elite Units 

Some of you were asking about how one player would tell their units from other players' units when using the miniatures. Originally we planned on using the flags from the Core Game (and colorblind folks may still want to do this). We also really wanted to do something special for our Hellenica backers and will now be providing colored rings for the unit minis! Every unit for each city-state will be distinguishable from other players' units with or without using the faction flag tokens. This was a lot of work to figure out and, frankly, increased our costs quite a bit. All totaled, we will be providing in the neighborhood of 400,000 rings that we did not anticipate when the campaign ended - that is a lot of plastic! (but you folks are worth it!)

In addition, (and this one is a HUGE development, in our opinion) each of the hoplites, cavalry, and triremes will have a place to attach a lightning bolt to signify if it is an elite unit. We are very happy with the combination of faction identification and elite markers for the game. 

If you were on the fence about the Mythic Minis before, we hope these two new editions of cool will swing you on the other side during the pledge manager!

Artwork and Rules Update 

Scott has been nose to the grindstone on two primary things of late. 

The first items are the map board and tiles, which are now near final. The entire map board was redrawn to ensure play balance and ease of understanding. Frankly, our play test copies were, in a word, "busy". We muted the forests and reduced the size of the mountains to allow for more space on the map for minis and units. We spaced out the settlements a bit more to give them some breathing room. In addition, the tiles used with the "player-built map" needed to be redone to match the edited art work on the map. Lots of work went in here and we think it looks great. 

The second item is the AI. Scott has already designed what we feel is groundbreaking AI for the game. And for players who purchased the themed AI decks, there will now be tendencies for each city-state. 

For example, Athens will have an emphasis on naval power and science. However, that will come at a cost in other aspects such as favor with the gods and, to a lesser extent, land units. Thebes will highlight cavalry over hoplites and favor with the gods over science. Will these city-states always play that way? Absolutely not! Instead, in any given game the card flips can cause Sparta to become a sea power, Athens a land power, and Thebes as a bastion of science, but over the course of many games, tendencies will arise. We think that is exciting! 

Note that all games, whether you bought the themed decks or not, will still ship with the basic AI deck that ensures a challenging experience anytime you play with an AI player. 

 Each of the Themed AI decks will have unique backs to make setup nice and easy. 

Pledge Manager Update 

We are still in a holding pattern on the PM - two big reasons. One is that shipping rates worldwide are changing significantly Jan. 2nd. This is something we cannot avoid but will be working with all the carriers to ensure the best and most reliable service we can offer. 

The other reason is that we need to finalize the minis (and additional features, like rings and bolts) to get an accurate weight for the game. We are nearly done with that process and hope to have a PM soon. Thank you for your patience here.

Happy Holidays from Sean and Scott - we look forward to an awesome 2019 and can't wait for Hellenica to be a reality!

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    1. Mr. B. Games 18-time creator on

      Hi Petr - we recognize that our tastes may differ and that the photos don't do the minis justice. We absolutely plan to continue sending pictures as our samples come in but this process is going to take several months and we have already pushed the PM off for a few months. I suggest following along in updates and adding in the minis if any remain when you have seen enough to sway you one way or another

    2. Petr K.

      Meanwhile, PM is time, yet we do not have enough information about the quality of the product. I need more photos of finished mines and more information about the AI add-on.
      Minis shown so far look very rough. Monster is rather ridiculous as a bereft of a small child of matter.
      Before PM, please update the final minisite photos. So far, I only have Core Box, but if the quality is good, I'd like to have a full game.

    3. CountryYokel

      @Scott - Yes, it was Bubo from Clash of the Titans (the original, so I'm showing my age) that picture on the Athens AI deck made me think of. Thanks for the link, and now I want an Athenian Drachma!

      Even though I'm impressed you are selecting art from 480-420 BC, I would've remained impressed if you'd have swiped it from "Clash" as well! :-)

      Something tells me I'm going to really enjoy this game!

    4. Scott DeMers

      @CountryYokel - If you mean Bubo from Clash of the Titans they stole that off of ancient Greek art. Interesting read about it here:

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Excited about this game

    6. CountryYokel

      Thanks for the update! That looks like Bubo the Owl on the AI deck, is it? I am super-excited to see more of everything about this game! Happy 2019 a few days early!