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Play generations of kobolds defending their village from hordes of low level murder hobo adventurers in this Dungeon World hack!
Play generations of kobolds defending their village from hordes of low level murder hobo adventurers in this Dungeon World hack!
Play generations of kobolds defending their village from hordes of low level murder hobo adventurers in this Dungeon World hack!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Don_Dave on

      Thank you!
      Well received

    2. Steve Wallace Creator on

      Don_Dave no problem, I will send one now

    3. Missing avatar

      Don_Dave on

      Hi Steve,
      I know I have received the pdf once it was available.
      Unfortunately I cannot find the file anymore. Also I don't have the link to dowoad it anymore.
      I don't have it in my drivethroughrpg library either.

      I would appreciate if you could help me with that.

    4. Steve Wallace Creator on

      Shadi, no problem sending now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Shadi Alhusary on

      I never got a DrivethroughRPG link. If I could get that, it would be sweet. Im running tonight

    6. Cameron Blackwood on

      arrived in australia. looks spiffy. ;-)

    7. Laurence J Sinclair on

      The book arrived today - neat! It smells real nice!

    8. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      Just got my book last night. And then I found the pdf, I guess I downloaded it and forget where i had put the file so I got it again off DTRPG - You should consider distributing the playsheets with the pdf of the book so they're all in one place.
      Looking forward to playing this with my group!

    9. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @richard hah! Well I suppose that'll work!

    10. Richard Gant

      Well, I still don't have an email with shipping information. But I found the actual book in my mailbox this afternoon, so I'm totally cool with that!

      And it looks great!

    11. Richard Gant

      Cool, thanks!

      I'm just really looking forward to this, you know?

    12. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @richard nah, they probably just haven't gotten your order picked and shipped. More notices will go out each day for the next few work days.

    13. Richard Gant

      I haven't received any shipping confirmation yet. Should I be concerned?

    14. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @John Yup that's your book! I will get you a new link for

    15. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      Well, I just got shipping confirmation from Magpie. I can only assume it's this book as I've never ordered from them before outside of GenCon and DTRPG.

      Speaking of DTRPG, I don't think I ever got the final PDF of the book, I have some of the betas, but not the final version, has that been sent out yet?

    16. Steve Wallace Creator on

      Yup, I will post an update today. I am just waiting on the printer to send me tracking information so I will have more concrete details.

    17. Richard Gant

      Any word on the shipping?

    18. Steve Wallace Creator on

      Books are currently sorted and in Chicago as of a fee days ago. They have one more leg of shipping to make it to Magpie Games, my fulfillment service, and I believe that will happen this week. They will start shipping to backers shortly thereafter.

    19. Emanuel James Miller

      Are books shipping soon? Are they out west somewhere? Some place far? You know...far...or west...

    20. Emanuel James Miller

      Are books shipping soon? Are they out west somewhere? Some place far? You know...far...or west...

    21. Emanuel James Miller

      Are books shipping soon? Are they out west somewhere? Some place far? You know...far...or west...

    22. Shane Phillips on

      Any news about the physical books?

    23. Tom Ryan on

      any update on the books shipping?

    24. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      Have all the add on items shipped yet?

    25. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @Rowdy Yup! I just paid the invoice for them so they're in Chicago right now waiting for shipping to start!

    26. Rowdy Scarlett on

      @Steve Any update on the book? Super excited!

    27. Rowdy Scarlett on

      Hey, Steve. I am Delighted that this book is coming my way. Am I happy about it being late? No, but I think it will turn out to be a better book because of it. I get the vibe from you that you care, you want it to be good and you've done your best. If you ever do another KS, I know you'll have learned from this one and it'll be better. If it something that interests me, I'll check it out.
      All the above is the complete opposite of how I feel about Far West. Oh, and let's focus on this fine game and I apologize for having brought it up....

    28. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @Rowdy I just found out about Far West yesterday. I mean I know I managed kobolds poorly but man that guy is super aggressive about his screw ups

    29. Rowdy Scarlett on

      Well, atleast this hasn't become another "Far West". Looking forward to checking out the book...

    30. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @Ian Williams currently in transit to my fulfillment provider. Should be there first part of March and orders will fill then.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ian Williams on

      Yo, what's the physical book shipping status?

    32. Steve Wallace Creator on

      Currently at the printer. Should be stateside and shipping in the next few weeks.

    33. Rowdy Scarlett on

      Books?? A pdf is fine, but I pledged for a book. Update??

    34. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      It's been nearly two months since your last update, what's going on with this project?

    35. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      @Steve Wallace - Good to hear, I look forward to your next updates!

    36. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @John Kramer Yes it is! We're actually nearly done. I think we have the layout of the interior pretty much locked. I am working on completing the starter module this weekend so we can include it in the main book and I'm also working on completing the index. Hal is about to start the last bit of design on the front/back covers . I'll do a longer post tonight or tomorrow to show the mostly final layouts and give updated timelines.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      Is layout going as planned? Can we expect some news this month?

    38. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @Andrew John Smith I apologize for the delays and understand how you feel. I'll take care of the refund for you and email you separately.

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew John Smith on

      Can I get my money back as well totally fed up of waiting and being drip fed information

    40. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @Jared yup I have a real good feeling about April 2017 :) Honestly if layout goes as planned I would expect something this month.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jared Lewis on

      April 2015...logged back in to make sure I wasn't crazy. We at least have a good feeling about April 2017, right?

    42. Steve Wallace Creator on

      Yup gonna post an update tonight or tomorrow. Short version is layout is actively happening and I won't be at GenCon.

    43. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      @Steve THanks for your quick and thorough response. I'll be very happy indeed if I have this in my hands by GenCon. Thanks.

    44. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @John Kramer yup I'll be updating in the next couple of days with all that info. But a quick list.

      Beastiary is still being worked on, I'm in the process of completing it. I may actually hold it out and release it to backers as a separate PDF set because I think I want to do more on it than the time between now and going to press will allow (we go to press this month I think, barring a major hiccup in layout and I think I want to do an illustration for every creature instead of just the 1 or 2 every few pages. Mostly because the creatures I used aren't available in standard DnD etc so it becomes really fun to interpret them in art.)

      The actual length of the book will be greater than 50, yes. That's just the length when formatted on 8.5x11 from word. The actual layout of the book will end up being about 100 and some change I believe.

      The stretch goals by other folks are not complete yet, they have been waiting on me to provide all the needed documentation which I'm doing now. They should be out shortly after the book releases. (I plan to have the book shipped to everyone before GenCon)

      All the other items are either complete or near complete. I want to do one more redesign on the cards before I send those off to be printed though. I want add a couple of quick references to the cards to make them easier to use.

      The 3d models should be uploaded to shapeways soon as well! I've seen most of the designs already and they're really rad. I actually have one sitting on my shelf at home that I had printed ! Plus shapeways has much better printing products now then they did 6 months ago that give much better detail.

      Anyway, in the next month or so everything but the stretch goals by other authors and maybe the beastiary should be done.

    45. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      Any chance for an update? Weren't you using some of the time the book was delayed writing and illustrating a complete unit bestiary? Where is it? The pdf you shared doesn't seem to have it.Is the finished book more than the 50 pages or so in the pdf, I backed for a hardcover and I can't imagine a 50 page hardcover will be easy to read or use at the table.
      What I've seen so far I like and I'm still looking forward to getting and running this game, but I'd really appreciate it if you could be more forthcoming with information. What about the unit cards, are they ready, what about the stretch goals written by other authors, are they ready and if not, when can we look forward to fulfillment of those and anything else covered by this campaign?

    46. Jasper Meer

      Yeah, I know how Kickstarter works. And yes, refund me.

    47. Steve Wallace Creator on

      @Jasper Meer I understand your frustration with the delays. That's not really how kickstarter works though, but after the processing finishes (this month) I'll stop your shipment and refund you.

    48. Jasper Meer

      At this point, I'd like my $50 returned.

    49. Rowdy Scarlett on

      @Jasper Meer HA! I'm approaching my 5th anniversary with the Far West Kickstarter. I'll see this KS finish up (and many others) before I ever see that one.

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