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"Read Me a Story" is an educational video series for children, where book readings come to life with animated illustrations & music.

Read Me a Story with Brad Mendelson

A Web Series for Children

UPDATE 2/3/2013: Although we didn't reach our funding goal, if you'd like to make a direct contribution, you may do so by going to and clicking on the PayPal "Donate" button.  Thank you.

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As most parents and educators know, reading aloud to children is beneficial to their development. When children are listening to a story, it engages their imagination, creativity and other important cognitive skills, such as attention and memory.

In our new web series, Read Me a Story, I perform dramatic readings of children’s books, while the colorful illustrations fill the screen with animation, music and sound effects. The story experience comes alive and thoroughly engages the children.

Episode #3, "Otto's Rainy Day"
Episode #3, "Otto's Rainy Day"

The first three videos in the series have already been completed:

Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?
written and illustrated by Braddon Mendelson (that's me!);

The Goodnight Train
written by June Sobel and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith;

Otto’s Rainy Day
written by Natasha Yim and illustrated by Pamela R. Levy.

They are currently available online at

It is our mission to make these reading experiences available to parents and educators as a free web-based resource -- perfect for grade school teachers, homeschoolers, libraries, storytime or any time your kids want to hear a great story read to them..

The authors and illustrators have been very gracious in allowing us to include their works in the video series, which will always be available free of charge to educators, parents and children.

We have brought on a Panel of Advisers to the project, which includes a school psychologist, speech therapist and kindergarten teacher.

The money raised through this Kickstarter campaign will fund the series through episode ten, allowing us to continue improving the quality and production value of the videos. If our funding goal is exceeded, we will be able to create even more episodes.

The series will be promoted to parents and schools around the country to bring a love of reading to children everywhere.

With your help, we can produce a wide variety of subject matters to enhance instructional time and promote this resource to schools around our nation.

Your generous donation to this Kickstarter campaign will bring Read Me a Story to life -- and encourage a lifetime of reading and learning.

Please help us continue making reading fun and entertaining for kids by supporting this important educational project.

Thank you,

Braddon Mendelson

Contribute $5 or more and receive this promotional sticker for my book “Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?”
Contribute $5 or more and receive this promotional sticker for my book “Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?”

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With over twenty years experience as a producer and director, I feel comfortable responding to any potential production gremlins that may sneak up on us, as may happen from time to time with any film or video shoot.

Preparation is key, and I do a lot of legwork and planning before turning on the camera.

That said, the main challenge we face in producing these videos is getting clearance to use copyrighted materials – that is, tracking down the authors and illustrators and getting permission to use their works in the videos.

The response has been positive, but occasionally a book is not available, or we are told that we must contact the publisher for permission. Sometimes we locate an author, but not the illustrator – or vice versa.

We will not use a book unless we have written permission from the copyright owner or their representative – publisher, agent, etc.

Having already produced the first three episodes, we are developing lists of children’s authors and illustrators; with the help of my wife, we have begun the process of calling as many as we can.

Fortunately, there is an enormous pool of quality material out there. If we ever get stuck without a book for an upcoming video, we will go down the list, calling additional authors and illustrators until we eventually connect with those who will permit us to feature their works and fulfill our commitment for this Kickstarter campaign.


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