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    1. Dwsprofile.small

      Creator Donald Spicer on August 26, 2010

      Hello -
      I have sent a couple of messages via the message button at the bottom of the page... I have just contributed to the project and the project has now achieved its target goal... Please see the messages I sent in for some further thoughts / questions regarding maximizing the impact (in your town and mine) of our day on the bike!
      Hope to hear from you soon -
      Donald - motiveART

    2. Missing_small

      Creator kristie on August 10, 2010

      I feel fortunate that we have a compost plan here in San Francisco. I think it is very important that we do all we can to give back to our planet.

    3. Img_6601.small

      Creator Western Queens Compost Initiative on August 5, 2010

      Great work guys. My project, the Western Queens Compost Initiative, got its seed money through Kickstarter to do just this. We collect at 4 CSA's and 2 Greenmarkets. Our absorption sites include three community gardens, two private gardens, and an urban farm. The compost that's processed is used here in the city to improve the soil in public green spaces, and to grow more food in urban gardens & on urban farms.

      Looking forward to your campaign being funded successfully.

    4. Missing_small

      Creator pamela on July 26, 2010

      AMAZING! Great idea!

    5. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ben Rosenthal on July 24, 2010

      I second Bikes at Work. And if you're really set on electricity, go electric-assist with a Stokemonkey on an Xtracycle.

    6. Missing_small

      Creator David White on July 21, 2010

      awesome awesome awesome! but are you sure you guys need an electric bike? seems a shame to use electricity to move the stuff around when pedal power might do it. my first guess is that the energy use is acceptably low, but it all depends on context - compared to what? one could start with a calculation. in any case, have you seen Bikes at Work? their trailers are best for large hauls, although they may be less maneuverable in NYC than you prefer. on the other hand, if you are moving a lot of product, then there may not be a 3-wheeler large enough for your needs.

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    We will pick up a bucket of compostables from your home. At the moment, pick-ups are one-time and limited to certain neighborhoods. However, we will do our best to accommodate your residence.

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    You will receive a free item from one of our composting restaurants. As our campaign progresses, we are recruiting more restaurants; so, you'll be able to take your pick!

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    We will take you on a tour of one of our participating Urban Farms. You will see how farming and composting can actually happen in New York City!

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    We will take you to one of our upstate composting farms to see the foodcycle at work.

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    If you're this passionate about hauling food scraps with bikes, we'll let you haul the scraps yourself. We'll give you the bike for the day and you can connect the city to the soil!

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