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Help Alice finish her story in the macabre webseries adventure of MALICE.
Help Alice finish her story in the macabre webseries adventure of MALICE.
112 backers pledged $10,170 to help bring this project to life.

MALICE WARS stretch goal!

Thank you everyone for your past support of Malice. Our Malice STAR WARS special campaign is still active and we've added a new reward.

REBEL PILOT – You get a special limited edition DVD containing both MALICE Wars and MALICE: 1999 which includes behind the scenes before and after “Making of” footage. PLUS a private link to our MALICE: Wars special a full month before its public release. PLUS a hi-res digital version of our IMPERIAL WANTED POSTER of the smuggling Turner family. PLUS your name in the "Thank You" column of our closing credit scroll. Welcome to the subversive side!

Please tell your friends if you think they might be interested. If you haven't already, check out the campaign here:

Malice STAR WARS Special campaign is GO!

Dear Supporters of Malice,

As many of you are aware, we've completed Malice Season Four this past March. That is twenty-four episodes created that wouldn't have been possible without your support. So what's next for Malice? We'll ... we are in development of Season Five. But it's going to take a little while to craft the story and figure out how to make it all work.

In the meantime we are planning to make another "Malice in Space Special" but this one is set in a Star Wars universe!

Please support your hard working "makers of Malice" and learn all about it here:

Phil Cook

MALICE wInS “Best Visual Effects” at Hollywebfest!


Dear Supporters,

Just a quick update: MALICE won “Best Visual Effects” at Hollywebfest in Los Angeles!

It’s amazing to how far we’ve come since we posted this Kickstarter video a year and half ago.

Frankly even I’m surprise we made it. We absolutely could not have done it with out all of your support.

The last of our Kickstarter awards – The MALICE: Metamorphosis movie -- has been authored and will be shipping soon.

And as to the future?

Malice continues to move forward. Standby soon for an announcement concerning a new Malice special episode soon!

Phil Cook

Malice winner "BEST VISUAL EFFECTS!"
Malice winner "BEST VISUAL EFFECTS!"

MALICE: Metamorphosis Season Four finale is finally here!


Dear Supporter,

At long last, here is the season finale of MALICE: Metamorphosis. Thank all so much for your support. We couldn't have gotten this far without your generous help!

I hope you enjoy it. This project has been quite a journey for all of us.

Thank you, Phil Cook

PS We look forward to your comments.

Oh, and for those who would like to see all 12 episodes sequentially, here's a link to the playlist.

MALICE: Metamorphosis Episode 11 now online!

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Dear Kickstarter Supporters,

The penultimate MALICE: Metamorphosis episode 11 is up! Alice's epic journey is coming to an end. Please watch, like, comment and share if you are so inclined. We've worked really hard to get this far. Some scenes were shot well over a year ago. There 113 visual effects in this segment but they are always in the service of story. This has been a tough journey for Alice.

In other news, it's been quite a month.

Malice has received 7 nominations at the LAWebfest: Best Series Best Director – Phil Cook Best; Lead Actress – Brittany Martz; Best Supporting Actor – Michael Mack; Best Editing – Phil Cook; Best Cinematography – Phil Cook Best; Visual Effects – Phil Cook

Also this month we have received another nomination from the Indies Series Awards for “Best Visual Effects.”

And if that isn't cool enough I just heard that we've been “Officially Selected” to be part of the HollyWeb Festival! All are taking place in L.A, in April. It is certainly nice to be appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support! Our little show couldn't have made it this far without help and support from fans like.

Phil Cook