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Help Alice finish her story in the macabre webseries adventure of MALICE.
Thank you for supporting Alice's story. These webisodes are now a movie on Amazon!
Thank you for supporting Alice's story. These webisodes are now a movie on Amazon!
112 backers pledged $10,170 to help bring this project to life.

Malice: Emergence premieres May 25, 2018


Dear Supporters,

Malice: Emergence, our third Malice movie, premieres tomorrow at Escape Velocity, across the river at National Harbor, Maryland at the Gaylord Hotel tomorrow.

Tonight all the discount codes expire if you'd like to attend. Use this one if you want to attend.


You'll get 15% off.

Come see Malice's superstar, Brittany Martz, in her last Malice appearance.


Michael Sigler -- you have no idea the mischief this character is up too. Be afraid.


Matt Sharpe -- you will love this character! "Come with me if you want to live."


Brian Jones -- Fitch -- what a prick. But interesting.

And of course the usual hangers on -- the creator Phil and his awesome and dutiful co-producer/wife Helen Cook. Survivor so of the Malice Trilogy.

Come see!!!

It will be a blast.

"If you believe in me, I'll believe in you." -- Lewis Carroll

Dear Past Kickstarter Supporter,

Here is an image from a test shoot we did last month that aptly sums up our campaign for our third Malice story, MALICE: Emergence. There are ten days left to cross the finish line and we need over $100 worth of pledges a day to succeed. And as you're probably aware Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" crowdfunder which means that if we don't hit our $5000 goal, all pledges are returned and Malice ends up with zero. If you've enjoyed Malice in the past, please considering pledging you support again. And please tell your friends who might enjoy Malice to check out our Kickstarter. It's with support from friends like you that we can continue to push Alice's story forward.

Phil Cook

PS Plus we've added new awards!

Alice's trippiest adventure yet!

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Dear past Kickstarter supporter,

I'm sure there are many issues vying for your attention this summer -- politics, heat and general world craziness. I just wanted to update you about our third Malice adventure, MALICE: Emergence that we hope to put into production this summer. As most of you know, this is our third story in our Malice trilogy and follows Alice's continued relationship and conflicts concerning "the thing in the earth." Please consider supporting our campaign if you haven't already. Malice is a tiny show that can only be made with help from friends like you.

Phil Cook - creator of Malice

Alice's trippiest adventure yet!
Alice's trippiest adventure yet!


MALICE: EMERGENCE Kickstarter campaign is now live!

Dear Kickstarter Supporter,

This Sunday we just learned that Star Malice Wars won "Best Visual Effects" at the Disney Star Wars Fan Film Competition that just took place in London!

Hopefully this award will drive a little attention to our tiny show.


As far as new Malice news is concerned? Well we just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for our latest Malice adventure called Malice: Emergence. Learn all about it here.

Thank you for your past support. If all goes well, we plan to start shooting next month!

Phil Cook

PS Forgive me if these announcement get repetitive this week to those of you who have contributed to several of our campaigns. I just need to communicate with everyone from our past three campaigns.

Both MALICE movies now on HULU!


Dear Past Kickstarter Supporters!

Thank you for helping bring Malice to life. We wanted to stay in touch and let you know we've compiled Seasons 1 & 2 in a movie called MALICE. And Seasons 3 & 4 into another movie called MALICE: Metamorphosis. Both are now are playing on Hulu! We've recently created a music video celebrating that event. Enjoy!

Phil Cook

PS Now we are pondering the next Malice story. We hope we can count of your support. Stay tuned for more!