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Kimono artisans and stylist bring real Kimono on runway to New York Fashion Week for saving artisans and the art of Kimono creation
Kimono artisans and stylist bring real Kimono on runway to New York Fashion Week for saving artisans and the art of Kimono creation
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Invitation emails of our show are sent out. / ファッションショーへの招待状をお送りしました

Posted by Hiromi Asai (Creator)


Hello Everybody,

Today we sent out the Invitation Emails of our show to the backers' email addresses which the backers provided to us on the survey.

Because we use the standard invitation system of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), called Fashion GPS, it is a little confusing for the first visit to NYFW. Please read this instruction and answer whether you will attend or not as soon as possible.

This invitation needs your RSVP response. Below our Invitation Card Image, you can find the following button "Click to RSVP". Please click this button.

After you click this button, please select "YES" or "NO" on the next page. After your choice, you will receive a confirmation mail with your confirmation number and bar codes. Please keep this confirmation mail.

Only this invitation mail cannot be used for your entry to the venue of our show. Please make sure to click to RSVP.

The seating configuration will be emailed to the guest who select "YES", one day before our show (probably on February 15). You may print out either the confirmation email with bar codes, or the final email with seating configuration and bar codes, OR you may show the bar codes on your cell phone at the front desk (or kiosk) of the venue.

I need tell you one more important notice. We will independently send you invitation emails of the party to the backers who select the rewards with the party invitation in a couple of days. This is also an RSVP mail, but we don't use the system in NYFW for this invitation. So, please just RSVP to the email address that you can see on the mail.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
If you selected the reward of invitation but not receive the invitation email, please contact me as soon as possible. Please make sure if our invitation email is not classified into a spam mail on your email server.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hiromi Asai





招待状には出欠の確認させていただく必要がございます。茶色の招待状カードのイメージの下の部分に "Click to RSVP" というボタンがございます。こちらのボタンを押してください。

ボタンを押していただくと、次のページに進みます。そこで "YES" (出席) または "NO" (欠席) をご選択ください。ご選択いただいた後に、確認番号とバーコードが添付された確認メールが送られます。この確認メールを手元に保存してください。

お送りしました招待状だけでは、当日会場に入場していただくことはできません。必ず、Click to RSVPのボタンを押して出欠をお知らせください。ショーも迫っておりますので、できるだけ早くお知らせいただけますと幸いです。

お席の指定は現時点では行われません。実際に来られるお客様全員が確認でき次第、お席の指定を行いますので、”YES" (出席) を選ばれた皆様には前日に(おそらく2月15日になると思います) 座席情報とバーコードの添付された最終確認メールをお送りします。ショー当日は、バーコードの添付された確認メール、もしくは座席情報とバーコードの添付された最終確認メールを印刷してご持参いただくか、または携帯電話にバーコードを表示して会場のフロントやバーコード読み取り装置(キオスク)でご提示ください。




浅井 広海

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    1. Hiromi Asai Creator on



      浅井 広海

    2. Hiromi Asai Creator on

      The RSVP button is just a image.

      Please respond the RSVP mail on which you can find the same RSVP button.
      If you have not yet received an invitation mail, please wait until tomorrow morning.
      The invitation server is busy right now, and I realize that all the invitation have not been sent out.

      Hiromi Asai

    3. Missing avatar

      Efrosini Mokos on

      Will we be getting another email with the RSVP button? I can't seem to be able to answer this particular email.
      Efrosini Mokos

    4. Missing avatar

      Amina M Grier on

      Dear Asai,

      I have not received an email with the link to click to RSVP. but I have received one with instruction on how to RSVP. I think this may be due to the fact that I was recorded as a backer and not as a person attending the show. Is there a way to change this?

      Amina M. Grier