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Jeepneed Brings Hands on Science to Rural Public Schools
Jeepneed Brings Hands on Science to Rural Public Schools
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Jeepneed Changes: Where Have We Been?

Posted by Shaina Tantuico (Creator)

Backers! I've neglected you and it's inexcusable. I can only hope that a little more consistency from here on out can make up for it.

You all believed in us before we had anything in place, and I wanted to stop procrastinating on this once and for all, thinking updating Facebook Page was enough. Pshhh!

Here's a summary, because there's just so much to catch up on, and a promise to send something out at least once a month. 

Where do I start? Here's two big things

1. We've Changed Our Medium of Delivery. Our last update showed how having a truck was costly, and made us focus our funds on an engine, instead of on education. We began to develop a low cost Lab in a Box, which sticks to our mission of making learning Fun and Relevant, and puts our money on what makes the most impact, the content and the teachers. The new model was also promising to  Ashoka that named Jeepneed a Learning Pioneer in 2014, great affirmation that we're on the right track.

2. We've Changed Our Model. Our old model was heavily grant dependent. This helped us do two things. Testing the training system for the Lab in a Box, which we found had a 60% adoption rate in Capiz, and revise the design of our Jeepneed Mobile. BUT, this model made us focus on grants, instead of Teachers and Students, and a model where Teachers and Students were our customers, would make sure our priorities are in check. In 2013, we started testing a Jeepneed Shop, which sold materials to science museums and private schools to subsidize 

a. the development of the Lab in a Box, and 

b. materials released to Public Schools. 

We are currently sustained 100% on sales and sweat. The rest of the year, we focus on growth.

Jeepneed Training in Capiz
Jeepneed Training in Capiz

 I Quit!... My Day Job. Jeepneed is Hiring.

1. After the 2013 pause and pick up. Erika and I were no longer full time. Erika was off to med school, I took a job in a Low Cost Private School Chain with Pearson and Ayala. It had been a dream job since highschool, I couldn't say no. 

Jeepneed grew at a slower rate, and was pushed forward by Aia and Mike in the pictures above, who both wrote content and helped conduct training.   

I worked in APEC as the Content Expert in Math and Science for the past 3 years, working with a crazy dedicated team, and a boss that let us push the envelope for what learning should look like. It was like an endless workout. After revising the highschool curriculum 14++ times, developing a subject called Life Labs, writing hundreds of lesson plans, APEC has 23 schools, and I'm ready to get back to Jeepneed with bigger muscles ;) 

I've been focused on sales, meetings and contracts, and now we're hiring! In case you have family in the Philippines who might be interested, we're on Kalibrr, tell them to apply.

2. New Partners in Education!

We can't do anything alone, and I recognize, before anything, how daring it was for you all to believe in us 5 years ago, when education was not as sexy as it is today. 

 These days though, the ecosystem is looking a lot brighter with the addition of some inspiring folks makes the work feel more exciting. 

Happy to share that Jeepneed is the content partner for Tactiles. An IoT Educational Kit for Electronics. We've just started testing and writing content for their kits. You can read that update here. (on indiegogo... shhhh)

Testing Tactiles in Mano Amiga Academy
Testing Tactiles in Mano Amiga Academy


I love how the Tactiles Team really cares about the quality of education they deliver, and the new ways kids can be learning at home and at school. It's been re energizing. 

I have a few more exciting things in the works, but, will save that for another update :)

See you again soon!



NAT test scores, Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

Posted by Shaina Tantuico (Creator)
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It was so wonderfully affirming to find out NAT test scores increased in schools we operated in. "We work we work!" was the general jump for joy sentiment. It's one thing to see we work, and build tests that show we work, and it's another to have the gorvernment provide proof that you work. 

Some great things happened this year, we received some funding to apply lessons from the pilot via Australian Aid (PACAP), we won a British Council competition to explore a new program offering.

View the images below or read the stories we've posted in the facebook album here.

I wanted to 

1. Update you

 2. Share lessons for other mobile labs and public school programs 

3. Share with you how we're applying lessons we've learned

So please comment, leave wondering questions, or share away with friends and family, and 

 ---- If you're so inspired, consider a donation via - Donations are also tax deductible via Give2Asia in the United States and Hong Kong - Get in touch with



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YOUR REWARDS: Truck repainting

Posted by Shaina Tantuico (Creator)

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JeepneED Classes: Video

Posted by Shaina Tantuico (Creator)

Hi Everybody, 

Time flies! We've been operational with our 4 schools for 3 months now and we've come so far. One of our facilitators, Jem, said it herself, "the beginning was so hard, but it's so much better now". We've changed many things based on experience, like offering schools modules instead of activities to choose from, and offering different payment systems for different students. More on that when the time comes. In the meantime:

Listen to Ma'am Maris talk about the difference between a Traditional Class and a JeepneED Class. Watch students talk about their experiments, take a look at students at work and see a class in fast forward.

Warm hugs,


p.s. Here's one with English subtitles for our non tagalog speaking audience 

Launching in Sarangani

Posted by Shaina Tantuico (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! It's been a while since an update, and we've been moving fast. Time we got you up to speed.

Below is a short video of our launch in Sarangani. You may know it as the part of the world home to a certain Filipino boxer, or a certain Ms. Universe contestant, now it is home to our first JeepneED.

Watch here to hear about JeepneED in a nut shell and learn some Bisaya phrases:

We were really nervous, and I hope i hid the stuttering well enough to get the message across.

We got some major media millage locally and abroad afterward e.g. Business World. Which got us some good attention for potential support and partnerships. We've also updated our Give2Asia page where we receive a fiscal sponsorship for those who would like to continue to support our operations and receive those tax cut benefits:

 We shall send you a recap of the year in the coming posts. We've learned so much, and are tweaking our operations in order to be more efficient in the coming quarter (more soon).

More soon,