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If you missed the campaign you can still get the game on our website.Click the button below to order.
If you missed the campaign you can still get the game on our website.Click the button below to order.
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New project from Irrational Ventures

Posted by Irrational Ventures (Creator)

Hi all,

We haven't written here in a while and we really want to keep our backer family in the loop with all that's happening at Irrational Ventures.

Irrational Ventures was initially founded to manage the Irrational Game project, but following the successful project we had (thanks to you!) we decided to continue creating things that can help the people around make better decisions and have a better life.

We've been secretly working away on some amazing projects and are now ready to share the first one:

We're excited to finally unveil our latest creation , just launched here on Kickstarter this very second, hurray :) It's called The Perfect Notebook, and if you're seeing this now, you actually qualify for the rare super early bird pricing :)

What is the Perfect Notebook you ask?

Well, it's a notebook and a task manager designed to help you achieve your goals and work-life balance, using a four-step system: PLAN, ACT, MONITOR, REFLECT.

By taking your long-term goals and aspirations into account every day, it will become much easier to integrate them into your busy schedule. For this reason, we have categorized possible long-term goals into “BIG BLOCKS.” 

Whether you would like to spend more time with loved ones, reduce stress or explore new opportunities for business or leisure, the “BIG BLOCKS” Dashboard and Reflection Pages included in your Perfect Notebook will help you stay connected to what matters most, both at work and at home.

As you learn to predict whats coming up you can add more details into a daily task manager, then comes the fun part: you can check off completed tasks and see how your important "Big Block" projects are going in real time.

This system is a game changer for anyone who is facing a hectic schedule or a wide variety of tasks. Try it, it's really fun. 

How the Perfect Notebook came to life:  

In order to manage the Irrational Game project, we developed a task management tool to manage the hundreds of tasks we had to complete during this complex project. Now we're taking this to the next level and creating a system to manage both goals and tasks.


We're here for you always,

The Irrational Ventures team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott Romanowski on

      I think it's spamming to use people's contact information from this project to email them directly about your new project.

    2. Missing avatar


      Stick with games

    3. Irrational Ventures 2-time creator on

      Great call, @Tony Simons
      The Double Perfect Packs are at this super low rate for just the next few days. Those are the early rate prices. We're trying to use more neutral language to show value but yes, those are the early birds :)

    4. Irrational Ventures 2-time creator on

      Thanks @Tony Simons,
      Go for it, we're pretty excited with this new project :)

    5. Tony Simons

      But cannot find the "rare super early bird pricing". Where is it?

    6. Tony Simons

      I want -