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Prelude, the next generation portable charger empowers your phone at anytime, anywhere and most important, all wirelessly.
Prelude, the next generation portable charger empowers your phone at anytime, anywhere and most important, all wirelessly.
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FAQ added to address those mostly asked questions.

Posted by BEZALEL Corp. (Creator)
Glad to see the progress within first three days! We are saying the greatest thank you to all kickstarters' support! In messages and comments we've received a long list of questions. 

To clarify the concerns most people have, we put several common QAs here. They are in the FAQ sections too.  

What devices are supported? How can I charge my phone? 

For wireless charging, we have cases/patches to enable most popular smartphones including iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. The S3 patch also works with S2 models. (Carrier exclusive models not clear, we are testing on them). For any device that is Qi-wireless charging capable, you can use it directly with ARK without adding any case or patch. We've tried our best to find out the list but the coverage can't be complete. As so far we know Nokia Lumia 1520/928/920/822/810/820, Google Nexus 4/5/7 and a few HTC models. Here's a database provided by the Qi-Wireless Power Consortium . You can search the database to see if your device is Qi-certified. If yes, it works with ARK, directly.  

For USB charging, of course, it works with all smartphones, and most major brand tablets. 

 How to use the cases/patches? 

We've realized a mass requirement on seeing the picture and user instruction about cases/patches, so we will put that (even adding a video) in to later updates so you guys can see all of that.

Will there be a case/patch coming later for my phone? (Mostly asked question so far, read it and you will not be disappointed) 

The answer is yes. We know everyone want to use your phone with ARK to have the fun and convenience of wireless charging. So we are working around the clock to expand our charging coverage beyond iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. In our current time line the case for 5c and patch for Samsung Note series will come first. Thus for iPhone 5c and Samsung Note 2/3 users, go pledge the iPhone 5/5s or Samsung S4 option at this time, leave us a message, we will give you the match case/patch once we done. After that we're thinking about replace the iPhone cases with much more smaller patches. We will keep you all updated about this. 

 How to charge the ARK itself? How long time do I need to charge the ARK? 

There will be a USB cable provided in the package when you receive the ARK. The ARK can be charged with the cable and attached to regular adapter you use for your smart phone, or directly connect to your laptop's USB port. It actually depends on how frequently you charge your phone. The charger can hold a battery capacity to charge iPhone to full 3 times. So if you charge your iPhone 1 time per day, the charger can sustain 3 days.

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    1. BEZALEL Corp. Creator on

      @Natanael_L Stationary Charger is one of its features we majorly worked. The ARK "knows" if you have placed a phone on it or not, to adjust the input power. So the charging speed to both ARK and the phone will not be slow down. For your 2A 5V charger, ARK can take all of its output power, and divert energy flow to its own battery and the phone's battery, depend on both charged levels. It is named "Smart charge", as stated in the project's content.

    2. Natanael_L on

      How well would it work as a "stationary charger", if I keep the Micro-USB cable connected and put my phone on it for charging, does it charge just as usual? Does it charge slower if the battery pack needs to be charged? If I would have a 2A 5V charger & Micro-USB cable connected to it, can it pass on the full ~10W in charging power to the phone?