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Nashville musician Ernie Halter is writing a song per week for 52 weeks. Bringing listeners closer to the music than ever before.
Nashville musician Ernie Halter is writing a song per week for 52 weeks. Bringing listeners closer to the music than ever before.
527 backers pledged $34,458 to help bring this project to life.

100% Funded In Under 24 Hours!!!

Guys this is amazing. I could freakin cry right now. WE ARE DOING THIS! The 52 Songs Club is born. History in the making!!! As promised, since we achieved full funding the first day, I'm giving every backer an extra unreleased track, and will do this for every milestone. Plus more fun rewards to unlock! So you don't have to stop spreading the word. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. From my family's heart. Wow. This is awesome! E


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    1. Ernie Halter 2-time creator on

      never again will I just consider the "averages". thanks Jeff. : ]

    2. Jeff Wilson on

      No longer look at the "averages." :)

    3. Melissa Harrison on

      Let me clarify, I am not a musician, just a music lover. I just like knowing this $ is going directly to the artist himself, since you're the one making the music we all love!

    4. Melissa Harrison on

      So thrilled to be a part of this! As a musician, I know that's how you choose to support you family, and my family (husband, myself, and kids) all loves your music, so we are happy to help support you and yours! Plus, this gives you the ability to keep making music, and the exciting thing about this is that it's entirely listener funded, so there is no middle man really. That way I know it's going directly to you to help you and your family out. I just love that!!

    5. Weston Hawkins on

      It was on your MySpace page at one time.

    6. Heather Melick on

      Proud to be part of this! Congratulations on being fully funded in record time! Pardon the pun. Ahem.

    7. Ernie Halter 2-time creator on

      Thank you all so much! Also Weston, I'm hoping someday we can track that version down. Was it a youtube video?

    8. Weston Hawkins on

      I want to have a copy of every song you've ever recorded on one ginormous Ernie Halter playlist on my iPod so OF COURSE I have to back this project. I'm still missing the original acoustic version of My Heart Is With You that has a different chord progression though. One day... :P

    9. Kary Bauer on

      We love you Ernie!!

    10. Matt Kneale on

      What makes you special, Ernie, is that I truly believe you'd be doing this whether you barely scraped the $8500 or if you were a millionaire. That combined with your talent is why it's worth paying for this project; I see it as an investment because the songs will inevitably be played a billion times on my iPod and give me years of entertainment -- all for $52. Congratulations and every success in the future, I'll be watching! :)