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The Fire-Starting, Multi-Tool, Every-Day-Carry, Survival Carabiner you can't live without.  Make life easier and be prepared.
The Fire-Starting, Multi-Tool, Every-Day-Carry, Survival Carabiner you can't live without. Make life easier and be prepared.
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Posted by outdoor element (Creator)

We just have a few housekeeping updates for you today.  


Please use coupon code K50 to order replacement Kodiaks. 

Here are some details about this coupon:

  • 50% off Kodiaks and free shipping in the USA
  • Cannot combined with any other coupon/offer
  • Valid through the end of June 2017
  • Can only be used once per user 


We will be adding the Mini-Screwdriver/Reflector and a Pack of Replacement Ferro Rods to the website soon based on backer requests. These will not come with retail packaging, but just shipped in small bags. I should have these up on the site on Monday. Remember, your Firebiner already comes with 2 extra ferro rods in the blister on the backer card. 

We also just added some Paracord Remnants to the website in limited quantities. These will be at least 100’ of paracord, but may come in 2 or 3 lengths, and will most likely be around 120’ total for only $12.50, which is half the regular price of 100’. This item will not be displayed, but can be added by searching “remnant” on the site.


Huge thanks to Andrew Trevors for his inquiry into his shipment. That prompted us to find that 33 pledges had been put into a canceled status in our distribution system, for some odd reason. We restored all the pledges and got them shipped today. They are on their way to our forwarder. I added in an extra Accessory Kit for Andrew since his inquiry helped us a ton. Thank you all for your patience with all of this. Shipping almost 4,500 pledges in less than 2 weeks with all sorts of hurdles has been exciting, frustrating and challenging, but most of all very rewarding. 


We have had several backers write in letting us know that their wire gates have come off their Firebiner. We are working on an improvement for future production. Thanks for all the great feedback. In the meantime, if you are concerned about the wire gates coming out, a good immediate fix is to put a dab of super glue into the holes where the wire gates get inserted. This adds enough friction to make the gates a lot harder to be pulled off. We now have shipped out all pledges, all replacement parts and are caught up on our website shipping. Thanks to everyone for all your patience. Now, please help us spread the word. 

 - Mike & Joe  

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    1. Andy on

      The wire gate fell off three times, and on the third, the firebiner fell out of my pocket and was gone. Bummer.

    2. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      No idea how to search for remnants on the site. :) can't find a search option!

    3. outdoor element 3-time creator on

      @earl, if you provide me with the shipping info, then I can easily look it up and let you know the tracking info.

    4. Missing avatar

      earl rocca

      I haven't received anything yet either. Lots of updates and excuses over the past several months and patience is wearing thin...

    5. outdoor element 3-time creator on

      @John, your pledge has not yet shipped because you never filled out the BackerKit survey. We do not have an address to which we can ship your pledge. Please fill out your BackerKit survey and we will do our best to send out your pledge right away. We can send you the link if you email us directly at

    6. John Kaczynski


      I have also not received anything as of yet. Please inform if mine was shipped. Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Witham on

      I've not seen anything yet either, is mine one of the cancelled U.K. ones?

    8. Linda on

      Hi, I have note received a tracking number or my firebiners yet - shipping to U.K. Could you confirm if these are among the 33 pledges that the cancellation error occurred in? Thanks!

    9. TanBW

      I received the tracking number but status show "expired", did not receive my 3 Firebiner so far, pls help.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyams on

      I still haven't received anything guys. Been patient throughout the entire drawn out process. But really enough.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jacob Clifford on

      Thank you guys for all your efforts!!! This is is how a campaign should be run! I recently also backed the adventure hoodie. It was/is a disaster. The guy lied repeatedly, has taken ZERO responsibility for all the screw-ups, and then refused to give any refunds until I was forced to threaten bringing in the police and my attorney. I just wanted to take a minute to commend u guys for all the GREAT WORK you have and are doing. I will be ordering more in the future, you've earned a life-long customer.

      Jacob Clifford
      Clean Solutions Inc