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The Fire-Starting, Multi-Tool, Every-Day-Carry, Survival Carabiner you can't live without.  Make life easier and be prepared.
The Fire-Starting, Multi-Tool, Every-Day-Carry, Survival Carabiner you can't live without. Make life easier and be prepared.
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Leavin' on a jet plane...

Posted by outdoor element (Creator)
OK everyone, sing it with me. I’m leaving on a jet plane…

No, that is not for us but for the Firebiners. We decided to bite the bullet and put these on a plane instead of a boat so we can get these into your hands as quickly as possible. We are eating a few thousand extra greenbacks with past presidents to fly these things over, but we are tired of waiting as I am sure you are. This hurts our wallets a bit but you are certainly worth it. And, we ran into some weighty logistics snags with shipping these on the water combined with other goods. We will work out the ocean-view paddle boat experience for our next order. We should be on track to get these out the door by the end of April and into your hands in May.

As you field test it, we would love your reviews on our website and on Amazon (when we put it up there). If you have other ideas how to improve, we take constructive criticism rather well. Bring it on.

Production is complete and ready to go out the door this week. Here is a picture of the first wave being shipped after they went through final QC and got all boxed up.

We also got back the final tensile test report from the third-party lab. We were expecting at least 200 lbs and hoping for around 250 maybe even 300 lbs. Boy were we pleasantly surprised when it came back at 403 lbs. Holy cow this is awesome. We still want to make our lawyers happy and state this is not to be used to support a human or anything else with a heartbeat, but rest assured your gear will be safe with this little bad boy. Not for climbing!

You will see that the sample broke where it rested on the hard, sharp edge of the metal cylinder on the testing machine. We will test this more to see how well it does with a nylon strap instead.

For those of you who pledged for the Wood Pen, they are looking sweeeeetttttt! I can say that humbly since Mike is the one hand-making these himself and I am truly impressed. I guess that is what happens when you give a talented, creative engineer his own lathe, some beautiful wood and have him go play.

If you pledged for a custom hand-turned pen and have not provided a name to etch in the pen then we will only etch outdoor element in it. These look awesome and would be even more impressive with your name on it. Make sure to email us back by the end of this week if you pledged for a pen and would like your name (or other custom text) on the pen.

We have been carrying the Firebiner around with us all over. I have been driving my wife crazy lighting up Tinderquiks around the house to show it off to friends. I use it all the time to get our wood fire-pit going in the backyard, to cut carton straps, threads, twine, you name it. Mike even used it at his “other job” instead of wasting time trying to find a screwdriver. His co-workers, who all backed the Firebiner, were anxious, jealous and putting pressure on Mike to deliver their Firebiners. Soon, very soon.


If anyone happens to be up at Yellowstone National Park in early June, come root on Mike as he runs the half marathon on Saturday June 10. On Friday June 9, we will be manning a booth and selling customized Firebiners that have “Yellowstone” etched in them. Come get one while the limited quantities last.

As always, a huge thanks for your patience and feedback. You have helped make a good product great and we have very much enjoyed our interactions with you.

- Mike and Joe

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    1. outdoor element 3-time creator on

      @Deserie, I will need to check with Mike since he is the one hand-making these puppies, but I am sure he would accommodate. Email me at

    2. outdoor element 3-time creator on

      @Joshua, soon, very soon. We are still waiting on a couple shipments but should be ready to ship out all orders by the end of the month.

    3. Joshua Lee on

      so have these finally been shipped?

    4. Deserie Lozano

      Is it too Late to get one of those pens?