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Survival Hunting knife with a full-tang fixed blade, replaceable gut hook, G10 handle, Kydex sheath, D2 steel, EverSpark tech, more
Survival Hunting knife with a full-tang fixed blade, replaceable gut hook, G10 handle, Kydex sheath, D2 steel, EverSpark tech, more
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Production in full progress ...packaging approved

Posted by outdoor element (Creator)

Over the last couple of weeks, proofs showed up for full packaging. Yup, they were approved and the first production run of packaging has been created :)

They look great! ...the Talon and Feather fit perfectly in their respective boxes.

This is a Kickstarter Campaign - you brought this to life.  The goal is to bring this to you then mass production and distribution. We have added barcodes on the packaging and have set them up to be sold as a set or individually in a retail setting. We already have one large reputable retail shop and another amazing distributor interested! They want samples as soon at the production rolls out. 

You are the reason this is happening. It took a community of sharp individuals to understand the concept, believe in the idea...then be bold enough to back it. This is the American Dream. Thanks for being an essential part of this journey.  Thanks for your patience and support. 

Packaging with instruction sheet:  

Talon with Sheath in box and foam:

Feather with sheath in box and foam:

A few of you have mentioned that you have moved or would like the product sent to a different address. No worries, we got you covered. If anyone else needs an address change, just shoot us a direct message with your new address and we will message you back confirming the changes. 

What, you have friends and family that want in on the first batch?! That's fantastic have them mash on the button below. 

Mad respect to all of our backers, ...please continue to spread the word. Thanks again for supporting small business. 

Mike and Joe

Production update

Posted by outdoor element (Creator)

This is going to be a short and sweet update (unusual for my wordy self).

CNC processing on knives is done.

EVA trays are completed and printed boxes should be done in 2 weeks.

Sheathes should be produced and ready in 2 weeks.

We just got a clear MSDS report back, so we are good to ship as soon as product is ready. We are still working on the final arrangements.

All other products (Firebiners, Survival Cord, Survival Bracelets, etc.) are in stock and ready to ship.

Final tooling samples are in a FedEx box right now. We should get them early next week and can send more pictures.

We expect to have the knives fully packaged and ready to ship from the factory by June 28. We will push to have them shipped out of our "warehouse" (aka Joe's basement & garage) by July 4.

As for the Camo pattern, the original pattern looks to be the winner. We might just make that a KS-only special, so add yours on now if you have not done so already.

Thank you again for support small business and being patient with us and these delays. We are very excited to be so close to the finish line.

Take care and keep exploring with confidence!

- Joe and Mike

Headed to the finish line! ...need your help in a quick survey.

Posted by outdoor element (Creator)

While we have the factory in full production mode, we are working out final details for logistics and packaging. 

We were also able to see samples of the Talon handle hand-dip option. We thought it looked pretty cool. The factory also showed us another option for hand-dip. (we can only choose one option). 

While we are happy with the original option (as seen below), Mojica was actually pretty fond of the other one as well. So we wanted to ask you what you thought. If we have over 50% 60% or more that are in favor with the second option we will move to that option. If you have chosen to get the camo handle, please leave a comment.  

Option 1 (as seen below with the Talon)

Option 2 Tree (as below the Talon Images)

We were also able to finalize the artwork for the boxes that the knives will be delivered in.  Below is a flat pattern for each knife. 

As far as logistics goes, we are trying to go the extra mile and make up for some of the lost time due to the steel change (from 9CR18 to D2). We will have our factory make 2 shipments. We are planning on the first being air freight and possibly the second one via "slow boat". We will have all of our KS community be on the first air shipment ...and the boat will follow with the rest of the first production run. 

Thanks for all of your support. 

Mike and Joe

Factory site inspection

Posted by outdoor element (Creator)

Mojica has been out on a site inspection and things have gone great! Warning, this update is rather long but contains lots of good info.

Yup, Mojica was very excited to get his hands on some tooling, like a kid in a candy shop. I imagine they had to drag him out of the factory otherwise he would have stayed and played all week.

It turns out the factory remade the tooling for the talon 3 times to get it perfect. This did cause some delays, but the point is, they got it right! Our factory has been a great partner all throughout this process and we wish we were able to get Mojica out there sooner. Nothing beats face to face meetings and factory visits, especially when engineer gets to talk to engineer.

There are many more tools than we expected as 1-3 features are stamped out. 

This tooling shows how the larger hole in the Talon gets stamped out. (There is a post CNC process to add the round/fillet to give it the smooth edge).  

Here are the upper and lower dies for the Feather. 

The knives were pulled part and and inspected. 

Same process for the sheaths. They were inspected and configured. 

All of the samples came together nicely. We are very excited that we will be able to deliver a great finished product to our backers. 

We also did a quick sharpness inspections with the Feather and both sides of Talon. They are looking sharp! (pun intended). We can't wait to do more real field testing with these production units.

Each blade will be hand sharpened and individually tested before they get packaged.  

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The inspection process continued with hardness testing. We also did some bend testing. The knives performed as designed and desired. 

Mojica also went over some packaging details. We will make a few tweaks here but overall the packaging in the foam works perfectly. 

Mojica had a great visit and has confirmed again that we are in good hands. Production is underway. We are now working the logistics side to ensure a smooth delivery.

Thank you all for your support, patience and understanding. We can't wait to get these into your hands. We now expect to make delivery in June. We will provide more updates as we solidify the logistics side, now that we have all production points finalized.

All the best,

- Joe and Mike

The process continues and all surveys locked!

Posted by outdoor element (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter backers! 

As most of you know all surveys are now locked. If you need to change your address or have any other concerns feel free to reach out at we will take care of you. 

Let your friends know they can still pre-order on BackerKit

Quick updates: 

The EVA foam inserts are looking great (that will be placed in box for delivery)

The Knife molds are almost finished and ready for first run sample testing. Mojica will be there to work on any fine-tuning so we get exactly the high quality we are expecting.

We also mentioned last time that the Talon Handle kits (made by Go Prepared Survival) were arriving soon. They are now here (thanks GPS). We placed them in the Talon handle and they fit great! You can always go to BackerKit and add them to your deliverables.  

We also mentioned last time that our firebiner® was mentioned in Backpacker Magazine!  The digital copy is now out was pretty awesome to have it labeled 2019 "Best gadget" under knife and tools. The article can found here. 

Mojica is scheduled to be with our manufacturer during our next update so we will have much more info to share! We should have lots of pictures to show you as well.

Thanks for your support in this project!  

 Mike and Joe