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Twenty years of touring. Four CDs. Twenty-three original songs. No sheet music, piano arrangement, guitar chords available. Until now.
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48 Hours Remain

Posted by Peri Smilow (Creator)

With a little less than 48 hours left in my very first Kickstarter Campaign I continue to be extraordinarily humbled by the amazing response to my request for support of The Peri Smilow Anthology (Songbook).

As the world crumbles around us and hatred continues to be the dominant factor on the nightly news I can't help but continue to believe in the power of our individual voices to make a positive impact.  I'm hoping that wherever you are this week you are speaking out for peace, encouraging dialogue and working to help the peace makers achieve their goals.  This we can do.  In our homes.  In our neighborhoods.  In our country.  In the world.

Next weekend my family and I will attend the very first Seeger Fest at Lincoln Center in NYC.  We will be singing along with thousands of others the music written by, popularized by and supported by the great peace maker Pete Seeger who died earlier this year.  Pete taught me the importance of beginning every gathering - whether a professional meeting or a family meal - with song.  I try to live my life conscious of the gifts I have received and prepared to share them. Thanks Pete!

As my Kickstarter Campaign winds down I invite you to let others know about my songbook, about our collective desire to fill the world with song and our committment, essentially, to leaving the world better than we found it.

Thanks for being a part of my village.


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