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A life-size photography exhibition that showcases the soul of Afghanistan.
252 backers pledged $20,508 to help bring this project to life.

Behind the Scenes from Kabul

We are excited to announce that thanks to the talents of writer Anna Brones, photographer Tony Di Zinno, and filmmaker Alexandria Bombach - we will be creating and sharing a Behind the Scenes of the Streets of Afghanistan blog during the exhibition in Kabul.  Daily posts, updates, photos, and if the wifi allows us to upload, maybe some video clips.  This allows all of YOU as backers the ability to be part of the exhibit, experience the exhibit in all three locations and shows in Kabul, and see what goes on when you bring a life-size photography exhibition to the streets of Kabul!  

Tony Di Zinno was with Mountain2Mountain in 2008 and captured several of the photos in the exhibition.  Tony will be documenting the entire process, and sharing behind the scenes photos on the blog each night.  He was with me on my first visit with AINA Photo Agency in Kabul to meet the phenomenal Afghan photographers that are in this exhibit.  

That meeting also introduced me to Travis Beard, an Aussie photojournalist and filmmaker that was living in Kabul and mentored many of the Afghan photographers at AINA.  He is now an advisory member to Mountain2Mountain and will be instrumental in helping us bring this exhibition home to Afghanistan.  

Alexandria Bombach, filmmaker and founder of Red Reel, will be joining the trip to document the exhibition and create a film about the power of voice through the lens of a camera.  She is a beautiful storyteller that is passionate about telling a story of Afghanistan that differs from the typical media portrayal.  Instead she is focused on discovering and sharing the beauty, color, and humanity that unites us all.  

Anna Brones will be the voice of the exhibition - writing each day about the project, Afghanistan, and her experiences as she sees Afghanistan for the first time.  A bonafide foodie she writes for EcoSalon and maintains an insatiable appetite for new tastes and places.  Stay tuned for details on the blogsite. 

Some recent press on the exhibition has hit on EcoSalon, Matador Network, The World by Road, and The Adventure Blog

Thank you all for your incredible support thus far - please continue to share this project and the Kickstarter link on social media, with your friends and family, and know that you are backing public art at its most visceral state - the role of art as activism - the role of art as VOICE.  It is your backing, your voice that is making this groundbreaking exhibition possible. 

All my gratitude,