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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
1,320 backers pledged $164,093 to help bring this project to life.

Tempest Simulated Inertia Firmware Update

Posted by New Wave Toys (Creator)

Hey all,

Good news! The previously discussed firmware update for Tempest is being released today on our website. This firmware addresses a number of issues noted by the community here on KS and on social media. Here is a brief list of the changes made:

Input lag improvement

- The Simulated Inertia feature has been removed resulting in increased responsiveness (less lag) to spinner input

Quality of life improvements

- The screen shuts-off during charging when the machine is not turned on. Users will need to tap the power button to see the on-screen charging level.

- Start-up volume level now accurately reflects the volume dial’s position.

- Turning off the machine now requires the user to press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds to avoid accidental powering off during gameplay. 

Updated instructions on how to power your Tempest x RepliCade ON/OFF:

- To turn ON: Hold POWER button for 5 seconds

- To turn OFF: Hold POWER button for 5 seconds

- Turn ON When Charging: Tap POWER button

- Turn OFF When Charging: Hold POWER button for 5 seconds

To download the new firmware update, please click here for more information. Please follow the update instructions carefully, as we have the steps laid out step by step! We will be answering questions and concerns all throughout the weekend, so if you don't get answered right away we will make sure to get to you!

Thanks for helping make this possible!
Thanks for helping make this possible!

Thank you all for your support through this process, as well for the entire campaign.

The New Wave Toys Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      BF on

      Like some others, I too had a "FAILED" firmware update. However, was able to get it to work.

      Here is the first attempt that failed logging info:

      2019-04-01 13:21:38 Application Startup...
      2019-04-01 13:26:28 DEVICE1:101 DOWNLOAD_ADFUS_FAILED
      2019-04-01 13:26:28 Device 1:101 failed: DOWNLOAD_ADFUS_FAILED
      2019-04-01 13:31:32 Application Terminate. Accumulative 1, Successful 0, Failed 1.

      The last entry was me closing down the firmware updater since there really wasn't anything else to do. My Tempest did come back up after the power button was held down for a few seconds.

      Powered down the Tempest and went through the process one more time. This time it was successful.

      2019-04-01 13:34:02 Application Startup...
      2019-04-01 13:34:25 DEVICE1:101 FLASH_ERASE
      2019-04-01 13:34:50 DEVICE1:101 write BOOT size = 0
      2019-04-01 13:34:56 DEVICE1:101 write RECOVERY size = 98304
      2019-04-01 13:35:01 DEVICE1:101 write MISC size = 98304
      2019-04-01 13:35:27 DEVICE1:101 write SYSTEM size = 1024000
      2019-04-01 13:35:28 DEVICE1:101 write DATA size = 20480
      2019-04-01 13:35:29 DEVICE1:101 write CACHE size = 20480
      2019-04-01 13:35:33 Device 1:101 successful

      One caveat is after the update, the high scores are reset.

      I do have a question though, is there anyway to visibly see in the what FW version is installed? Would be nice to show the version in the menu screen.

      Good luck!

    2. Allen Gee on

      Ok. I bit the bullet and updated the firmware. Success! It was not bricked. The speed of the game did not take a hit. And my scores improved greatly. I finally reached the red levels. Something I could not do with the previous firmware.

      Note to NewWave. NEVER introduce lag ever again. It's not something any gamer ever wants.

      Thank you so much for the update. Now I don't fear future releases again. Lag on Dragon's Lair would kill that game.

    3. Matt Henzel on

      I Kickstarted the Centipede and Tempest machines, and the Tempest one had some issues with the artwork. It had defects in the art.

      I've contacted customersupport@newwavetoys about this and was told "send me a picture. we have replacement parts for most. maybe we could send it to you in the same box. "
      Which I did, then I was told "we are still waiting on the extra marque art to come in, we still haven't received it yet."
      I replied back about 3 times asking what the ETA would be on this since I've been waiting to make a review for my website, but nothing.. not a single reply in a month now.
      My Tempest has defect marks all over the marquee sticker. It's probably a 2 cent sticker, but it makes the entire thing look cheap.

      Can you please help me out here?

    4. Matt Henzel on

      So should I or shouldn't I do the firmware update?

      Some are saying it's bricking their Tempest, while others are saying it's reducing the frame rate and making the game look choppy. Then some are saying it improved it.
      I have no idea what to think here, but I certainly don't want to make it worse and then have no way to undo it.


    5. David Molina

      Wtf?? Should I have my game or what??

    6. Missing avatar

      Bobby H on

      I did the firmware update today and it went seamless for me thankfully. Unfortunately; I think there a lot of non-tech savvy people who bought these that might have some difficulty with the update.

      I did have a lag when I first did the update and I was a bit dismayed. However; once I adjusted the spinner sensitivity a few times up and down and re-booted a few more it works great now.

      I can't wait see what titles are coming in the future!

    7. Missing avatar

      David on

      ....and its dead. congrats :(

    8. Missing avatar

      David on

      Firmware update stuck at 10% ...scared to cancel it in case it bricks the unit :(

    9. Allen Gee on

      Anyone else having framerate issues? Should I hold off on the update?

    10. Missing avatar

      manhill on

      @chris lemon Didn't work for me.

    11. Chris Lemon on

      For those of you with frame rate issues; I had them too immediately after the update, but following a full reboot of the device the frame rate picked right back up again and all was well.

    12. Missing avatar

      manhill on

      Thank you for the new firmware! I installed it and now the framerate seems to be much lower... The gameplay doesn't look as fluid as it used to be. Is it possible to flash back the older firmware? Because to be honest, this was more like a downgrade, not an update. I'm a big fan of both of your machines and will buy all upcoming units.

    13. Missing avatar


      Thanks the update - I have noticed after downloading and installing it that the game seems to run a bit slower than before (even when fully charged).

    14. Chris Lemon on

      Also, with all due respect, if you claim to have *no* access to a Windows machine, you just aren't looking hard enough. (I mean, I get it, but come on. No library? No makerspace? No friends? Nothing?)

    15. Chris Lemon on

      Has any consideration been given to the following QoL updates:

      1) Simulating DIP switch game settings (for number of lives, extra life settings, difficulty, et. al.)
      2) a "per-click" movement setting (this may have been addressed with the removal of the inertia effect; not sure yet): where one click of the rotary controller = 1 "step" for the ship? (Not saying 1 click = 1 lane (ew!), but still allowing for precision movement.)

    16. Benjamin Ruso on

      Asteroids & Dragons Lair, perfect choice :) looking forward!

    17. Jason Carney on

      No support at all for Windows 8.1?

    18. Phil Balsman on

      Still no concern for Mac users and / or all the people without access to Windows? I get it, you run a small operation and have to hit the biggest user base. Just wish I would've known there'd be no way to fix any of these issues via firmware before I bought the things.