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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
1,320 backers pledged $164,093 to help bring this project to life.

Tempest x RepliCade QC Passed and Tracking Numbers Are Here!!! (Quick Update)

Posted by New Wave Toys (Creator)

Hey all,

It is time to start getting excited!

Tempest QC Done and Sending it to the Backers!

Tempest QC Passed!
Tempest QC Passed!

The Tempest QC has officially passed, and we are in the Pack-out phase and sending it off to all of you! 

We will be shipping it direct from China, in order to get it to you quicker than last time. Tracking numbers should be in your mailbox (check SPAM) and please let us know at if you did not get your tracking number.

As always, thank you all for your support!

The New Wave Toys Team


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    1. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      I have not received any notice that anything has shipped. Can you tell me where my order is?


    2. Missing avatar

      Lee on

      @Scott Drake Thanks for your feedback. Thought I'd let you know that somehow the problem corrected itself. Turned it on tonight and I didn't see the black line. I restarted the system about a dozen times (just to make sure) and the black line has disappeared. Hopefully it stays that way. In any case, it definitely is not a dirty bezel.

    3. Noah

      My co-worker trying to beat my high score!


    4. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Livingston on

      Got game yesterday. Details are awesome, gameplay is *mostly* right on. My complaint is the spinner tracking. I'm an experienced player and Tempest cabinet owner, and the replicade Tempest spinner does not stop on a dime when you stop the spinner like the real game. This is critical for precision timing and control when playing at any levels beyond the easiest. I can usually make it passed level 50 or so on my first game on the real game, but with the spinner control the way it is in the replicade, I can barely make it past level 15. I played with the spinner sensitivity control, but I could not improve the performance (mostly due to not being able to stop precisely where I want)
      The fire button timing is spot on however, so no complaints there.
      Lastly, I'm surprised there is no ability to control the dipswitches. Without that, you can only play on factor default settings (medium difficulty, max 5 extra lives, etc). It would be really nice to have that!
      Any chance you can increase the user control options over the spinner in a future firmware release so we can turn off the "after-drift" that I read you guys added. Some may like it, but more expert players need the ability to stop on a dime to be able to play with the necessary precision of control.

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott Drake on

      @Lee I am seeing the same issue with the black line and yes I can see it more clearly when the Atari splash screen comes up. I put a ticket in, and they sent me a video on how to clean the bezel. They said they would not get new machines in for a few weeks for a replacement, so I am going to try this first, but I have a gut feeling it is the LCD screen itself that is the issue.
      Link to vid:

    6. Missing avatar

      Lee on

      Small problem with mine. There's a vertical black line on the left part of the screen. You can see it clearly during the red Atari logo screen. Seems to be related to red/pink colors? I can see it in the options screen but not over the blue/green text. Any ideas?

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Cosner on

      Came across a problem with my Tempest. When choosing my starting level, I cannot select the rightmost level - level 11. My cursor will not move past level 9. Please help.

    8. Dan Horton on

      I got my Tempest yesterday! Love it! You hit this out of the park boys! Well done! I’m so impressed! At your price point it’s a no brainer.

      I’m even more happy I preordered the Street Fighter II from the teaser email. Now I’m thinking about getting the Centipede before they’re gone. I wish you could make an original Donkey Kong in the future.

      Request for future cabinets: it would be nice to have a headphone jack on the back to play at the office.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Bessert on

      Got my tracking. Noice!!!

    10. Josh Hamman on

      Woo! Can't wait. Thank you!

    11. Phil Hunt on

      Great! Thanks for letting me know! Watching it right now, and it's looking fantastic.

    12. Andre Collaborator on


      we just uploaded some new videos on our website. check it out.

    13. Phil Hunt on

      How about a video of the game play while we wait? I want to see it in action!

    14. James on

      Yas! Great work guys! My Centipede machine looks forward to having a neighbor and friend :)