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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
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Tempest Production Update

Posted by New Wave Toys (Creator)
Hey all,  

First off, thank you all for your continued support and patience as we have been hard at work getting Tempest x RepliCade ready for production. Now let’s get into the update:

Hard Spin on the Rotary Control 

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One of our favorite features of the original Tempest arcade machine is spinning the rotary controller hard and watching the spider-like ship do 360s around the top of the playfield. Perhaps not surprisingly, recreating this feature in 1:6 scale presented one of our biggest design challenges. 

Since our miniature Rotary Controller is so small, it is impossible to completely recreate the momentum required to achieve this effect with the physical dial itself. However, with some small modifications to the encoder, we have been able to mimic this effect on screen by interpreting fast spins of the RepliCade’s mini Rotary Controller as a “momentum spin” and continue moving the ship for a short time after the dial has stopped moving. It took some time to dial this in (ouch, sorry), but the final effect is surprisingly convincing! We’re really excited to have been able to capture this key element of the original gaming experience in miniature. With that piece of the puzzle solved, along with having a few other cosmetic details ironed out, we are now finally ready to begin pilot production.

Pilot Production 

Without further ado, here is the production and shipping schedule:

Tempest Production Schedule!
Tempest Production Schedule!
As you can see unfortunately we are not going to make the holidays. We looked at every possible option to get it out in time, but the factory cannot accommodate us. At the end of the day, we felt it was important to get the details right – we think you will agree!

New Menu 

Preview of Menu! (Picture taken on Prototype Screen)
Preview of Menu! (Picture taken on Prototype Screen)

We have upgraded our settings menu! This is not the final menu, but we wanted to give you a little preview of all the little tweaks and enhancements we have been making for Tempest x RepliCade. We will be showing you the final version in the coming weeks!

Next Update and Wrap Up 

We will have another update in a few weeks with the Production Sample, showing off all the improvements that we have made since you last saw Tempest x RepliCade. We will have some longer game play videos to show as well! At that point, we will also be going into Pilot Production. Thank you all again for your support and patience! 

The New Wave Toys Team

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    1. Allen Gee on

      The more I play this, the more feel this "update" is BS. This is not a feature. This is a cover-up for your lack of ability to remove the lag time you've created using this POS spinner.

      "we have been able to mimic this effect on screen by interpreting fast spins of the RepliCade’s mini Rotary Controller as a “momentum spin” and continue moving the ship for a short time after the dial has stopped moving."

      Oh please. Explain the fact the ship doesn't move for a split second after you turn the knob. I'll tell you why. It's called lag. The same lag that keeps the ship moving for a short time after the dial has stopped.

      It's the age old tech axiom. "It's not a bug, it's a feature."

      No. I just dropped $125 on this. I'm not happy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tracey Stephen on

      As always, backers promise something and don't deliver. Last update one month ago said "We will provide another update in a couple weeks." Well, where is it? It's a month now, well over a couple weeks. We understand being wayyyy over schedule for production. But you can't take 5 minutes to post an update when you say you will? This is what is destroying kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      manhill on

      I don't know, but.... spinning the controller like a mad man wasn't my playing style back in those days... do we really need this?

    4. Michael Haas on

      They really are not getting or are unable to replicate the control of Spinners and Trackballs.
      Spinners - they spin.
      Trakballs are flicked and spin, and the spinning moves the game element.
      You stop the spinning to position your shooter precisely where you need it -- NOT as something fun to watch!?
      Slow Trackball movements and Spinner "scrubbing" back and forth moves the games shooter as needed to take out enemies in that area.
      Then you need to spin-flick and stop at the other side!

    5. cybereye on

      Allen Gee, They just getting feedback from the backers for idea. I seen creators of Kickstarter trying to get insight of what the market is seeking for. Some are great and bad. I would rather have the creators thinking before they do to the project. It can be really bad once it get in backer's hands dumbfound what they got. I take any dumb feedback from the creators and make sure project is on the correct path.

    6. Allen Gee on

      cybereye , I realize that. I'm saying the idea should never have been floated out there in the first place.

    7. cybereye on

      Allen Gee, I believe the idea of red T-molding is for Kickstarter version. That backer can choose the Red or Black T-molding. The retail version have the black T-molding. New Wave Toys didn't bother doing it because many Kickstarter backers choose the black T-molding that isn't worth to make the red T-molding.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Please make the lag an option and not standard - thank you.

    9. Allen Gee on

      I'm starting to worry about this company not understanding their own mission statement. Actual Tempest machines never had red T-molding and therefore the idea should never have even been thought of, and not a single gamer out there wanting to drop this kind of money on a replica wants laggy controls. Let me restate that. Not a single gamer wants lag. This last statement applies to all video games since 1972.

    10. Allen Gee on

      Oh my god no. Please allow us the option to turn off the lag. I know what you're trying to reproduce, but that is not the appeal of the weighted knob. The appeal of the weighted knob is the physical feel. Not the lack of control. When I play, I need to have precise control of the stopping point. This is the exact opposite.

    11. cybereye on

      Kevin McFarland, Don't compare NewWave Toys to Arcade1Up. Arcade1Up doesn't really cares how arcade quality is and use off the shelf parts while NewWave Toys use their own custom parts to get the feel and looks as almost 100% looks and feel. I'm pretty sure NewWave toys are not going to use rotary switch. Hopefully, NewWave toys may use rotary encoder to get the feel correct, but free spin may be impossible on these type of device. I wasn't even expect them to try solve "free spin feel" problem.

    12. Jeff N

      Looking good. Screen looks awesome BTW from that short snippet. I like the idea of this momentum effect, but I think I'm with most of the others below -- make this a toggle-able option in the settings menu. Best of both worlds.

    13. Tom Phillips on

      Years of Kickstarter tell me that we wont see this product till March. It wont be Replicade’s fault, tho. Chinese factories and transportation companies are notorious for taking 6 weeks off starting around Jan 15 for the Lunar New Year, everything grinds to a halt (seen it happen to a dozen campaigns). Hope Im wrong here, but wont be shocked when it happens...

    14. Richard Grounds on

      Same as Charles. For those of us that ordered an extra Atari Key Chain with our Centipede will we ever receive these? Or was that a donation that we won't get anything from. I have asked this a couple of times in different forums with no response.

    15. Missing avatar

      duecey on

      Happy to know this isn't being rushed for a holiday release! I agree an on-off option for the momentum feature may be best. Would be annoying to accidentally trip the feature during play.

    16. Jeff Lewis

      So, the schedule is to start shipping right as the new year holiday starts?

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Cosner on

      Please offer the "momentum spin" as a toggle-able menu option, with it off by default. The feel of the spin and corresponding movement (in the video) gives the appearance of a delay; most notably since the visuals take time to catch up to where you stop. This delay could be extremely frustrating if it doesn't stop where you think it should and make precision play impossible.

    18. Steven Engel on

      I have to agree with Kevin McFarland‘s comment. Not so sure I like the momentum spin either.

    19. Tom Martin on

      Ordered this for a Sept. birthday....... then figured it would make a cool Xmas present. Now maybe Valentine's Day?

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin McFarland on

      Not so sure I like the momentum spin; maybe make it an option to turn on/off? Also, if I am hearing the video correctly, the controller is not a 'free spin' spinner, but a 'clicky' type rotary, like the type that comes on the Arcade1Up cabinets? If there is a way to make sure the 'clicky' feel is as smooth/soft as possible, that would be a good thing.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bakey on

      Thank you for the update ! Take your time they are a great keepsakes and worth the wait ! Better done right than rushed ! Hope you are selling the crap out of Centipede I am loving mine !

    22. Mark

      I hope the spin works better than the ball on the Centipede as the ball on the Centipede does not spin very well. Everyone at my work complains about the ball not free rolling very well.

    23. Benjamin Ruso on

      nice update, looking forward a lot, especially as the Centipede turned out really awesome!

    24. Michael Mancini

      So what will Amazon be sending out on December 15th?

    25. Dan Horton on

      Thanks for the update. It is appreciated!!!

    26. cybereye on

      I'm not so sure about the hard spin on the rotary control effect by the video. I know it the feel of the spinner rather than the look of the spinning from the game are not the same. It look like it created a lag during hard spin where the player wanted to stop at a point. I did have the same view with the Centipede trackball as well. The trackball did a great job once it got my hand on it.

    27. Charles on

      But will you ever send the keychains?