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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
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Tempest x RepliCade October Update

Posted by New Wave Toys (Creator)
Hey all,  

We have been hard at work getting RepliCade x Tempest ready for mass production. Here’s an update on some of the details, and some pics from IndieCade West. Let’s get into the updates:  

Extra Control Panel Room and Heavier Big Spinner  

Notice the extra space!
Notice the extra space!

If you study the control panel on our earlier prototypes and compare it to this latest unit, you will see that we have adjusted the position of the mini Rotary Control and added some additional space between the Rotary Control and the right side panel. This has greatly improved ergonomics for some of our ham-handed testers.

You might also recall we will be providing two spinner caps with the machine – one for display in proper 1/6 scale, and a second larger one for game-play. For the second cap, we added a metal core inside to give it a heavier feel to make it feel as close to the original spinner we all remember. So far, we’re very happy with the results! Lastly, we have also finalized the control panel art so it’s also ready for mass production!

CP Art!
CP Art!

Spinner settings

On the software side, we are working on calibrating the speed and sensitivity of the spinner controls. Similar to Centipede, we will be offering some customization of the encoder and we are now zeroing in on the right Low to High ranges in testing.

Battery Life  

We have revamped the PCBA for RepliCade x Tempest to improve overall battery performance and address the phantom USB draining problem. We are happy to report that our tests have confirmed that the updated design has solved the slow power leak issue when the machine is powered off.

IndieCade West Stress Test  

Some good looking machines!
Some good looking machines!

We had a great time at IndieCade West and RepliCade x Tempest got some great consumer stress testing. Overall, the results were very positive! To those of you who came by to say hi and check out the latest iteration – thanks – and don’t be shy! Let the community know what you thought in the comments below! 

Intense Game Playing!
Intense Game Playing!


Thank you all for your support and our next update will detail when Production starts!

The New Wave Toys Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Workman on

      I too would like an update to let us know whether these will make it before Christmas... I know delays are inevitable, but it's already slipped by months... :-/ There was no update in November. Here's to hoping it's because they're pulling off a Hail Mary and they couldn't spare the few minutes and update would take so they could get units shipped in time for the holidays... :)

    2. Dan Horton on

      It would be appropriate for you to provide your backers with an update with good or bad news.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Vrabel on

      Any update on shipment? Looking like it’s not going to happen for Christmas.

    4. Missing avatar

      Xpua on

      Seeing all 3 so far really excited to see the next 7!.. trying to figure out the shape.?

    5. Michael Haas on

      Replicade is the best!
      Is the LCD in Tempest higher DPI than Centipede?
      For Centipede it was perfect, but for vectors, a higher DPI will look more authentic.

      Can “Service Menu” be added to Centipede’s menu (and/or Tempest) with a firmware update?
      I was disappointed I can’t change the options like number of starting players, game difficulty, high score clear, screen / trak-ball tests, etc. that are functions of the ROM / dip switches.

    6. otraotaku on

      I still have never recieved my Backer Reward for Centipede, Kinda Worried since I backed this one too :(

    7. Brick Dad

      Another creation of passion for the original! Cannot wait to get this next to my Centipede. Love the metal core for the big spinner.

    8. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Thanks David and we will have more information soon on Street Fighter!

    9. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Adam,

      We will have more info on both Production date and shipping date soon (info should be in our next update)!

    10. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Roger, we are still working on a Firmware upgrade for the Centipede Trak Ball Power Drain and will hopefully have more information soon!

      We have not featured Street Fighter as much as we have not done the presale yet (end of the month), but will have a lot more information soon!

      As for the custom builds, we have had some people ask us and we will certainly consider it.

    11. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Michael, the plan is to have a presale on our website at the end of the month. Stay tuned!

    12. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Tom,

      We will have more info on both Production date and shipping date soon (should be our next update)!

    13. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Matthew, the fix we did for Tempest we cannot do for Centipede, as we had to go into the PCBA (Motherboard) and change the layout of the whole board to optimize battery performance and eliminate battery drain.

      However, we are still working on a Firmware upgrade for the Centipede Trak Ball Power Drain and will hopefully have more information soon!

    14. David Landstreet on

      Hey guys, it says right in the update that they changed the printed circuit boards to fix the problem, not a software fix. So no, there probably won't be a fix for Centipede.
      I'm interested in the Street Fighter unit as well as any others they will make. Unbelievable that they would have that in the photos and then not mention it..!
      Would you rather have a ship date and then they miss it or have them give you the date when they themselves know it?
      Patience, young padawans..

    15. Missing avatar

      Adam C. Williams on

      Thanks for the update. Only thing that was missing was any info on the ship date. Is it still scheduled to get to us by early December or will these changes push back the delivery date?

    16. Roger C. Jones

      I second Matthew S's question. Will there ever be a fix for Centipede other than, "Hey! Leave that thing plugged in!"
      The Street Fighter cab looked nice. I don't remember seeing it featured any where before. Is it possible to order just housings or parts from you in case we wanted to use the same scale for our own projects? I experiment with making my own mini cabs. I bet there are others like me who would like to make custom units based on the same dimensions.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Wermers on

      Saw in the second to last photo the street fighter cab and saw it on your website, are you launching that on kickstarter, or just on your site?

    18. Tom Martin on

      Ship date? Will it be shipped before Christmas?

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew S on

      So, can the power issue on Centipede be addressed based on what you did for Tempest?