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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
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Sunday Funday Tempest screen update!

Posted by Peter Gould (Collaborator)

Hey Backers,

Happy Sunday! Just a quick note to share the promised screen update with you. The video pretty much speaks for itself, but a couple notes:

  • The prototype cabinet shown has the red t-molding, but the popular vote did indeed confirm people prefer black. The final cabinet will have black t-molding.  
  • You may notice that the screen is not centered in the bezel. Of course this will be correctly centered until in the production version. 
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More updates to come shortly. Thanks for your continued support!

-New Wave Team

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    1. John Yeo Jr on

      1. Looks fantastic - can't wait to get my hands on it!

      2. You monsters! Teasing us with that glimpse of a working model of Street Fighter II in the background! Will there be a crowdfunding campaign for it, or have we moved past that and now you're going direct to retail with all future releases?

      3. Star Wars, Burger Time, Dragon's Lair, Original Mortal Kombat, Tron, Donkey Kong, Joust, and Pac-Man still remain high on the list. May your success continue!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tracey Stephen on

      I second Richard Michael Smith - Star Wars please.

    3. Richard Michael Smith on

      The vector graphics look great. You HAVE to do Star Wars now...PLEASE!!!!!!

    4. stv on

      Screen looks great! Can't wait!

    5. Missing avatar

      manhill on

      great news! i'd also like to see a cocktail table arcade machine eventually.

    6. Mark

      Personally, I would like to see Galaga or Burger Time, but that is just me.

    7. Keldrin

      Sinistar..... would be on my list....

    8. Charles on

      @Creator » I supported the project by ordering the keychain. Is there a timeline for fulfillment? Originally it was May. Thanks!

    9. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Re: Aspect Ratio - @Fabricio, yes you got it right. 4:3 aspect ratio will be accomplished by using the correctly oriented bezel centered in the screen area. We attempted to say that in the notes, but didn't do a good job explaining. Thanks for clarifying!

    10. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      @Brian Silva - yup, we agree. We have a couple faves we're looking at - Asteroids and Star Wars to name a couple. What's on your list? (open to all to answer)

    11. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Re: Street Fighter - @Luigi, @Roger, and all the others who commented about the Street Fighter... @dr.yosh is on it, we announced SFII: Champion Edition at E3 this year! Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

    12. Missing avatar

      Fabricio Alejandro Rodriguez on

      Looking great! Can't wait! I'm assuming the original Tempest cabinet had a 4:3 CRT screen, and the one on the video seems to be a 16:9 widescreen. If this is the case, maybe you can cover the top and bottom edges of the screen with the bezel to make it look closer to the original? Small detail though - it looks great even as it is now!

    13. dr.yosh on

      Is everyone here referring to the Street Fighter 2 cabinet, announced at e3? Or there is another mystery cabinet I cannot spot in the video?

    14. Greg Wilson on

      HA! Subtle camera work there guys.

    15. David Molina

      Dropping a hint towards next cabinet? I’m glad for everyone else. I know it’ll be popular. Luckily I’ll be able to take a break on that one! Now if you’d do a Mortal Kombat I’d go nuts for that!!

    16. brian silva on

      Since the vector screen is looking good, it’d be a shame to stop with Tempest, eh?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jack Herod

      Wait... Why does that teeny tiny SFII arcade stick look familiar? Have we seen this before and I just barely remember?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jack Herod

      Wow. Sure. Tempest update. Love it.....

      I see what you did there.

    19. Scott Lambert on

      With the Centipede it looks like you've used the bezel to accurately frame the screen in proper 4:3 vertial orientation, but the Tempest looks like the bezel doesn't crop the display to create that classic 4:3 look - do you plan on correcting that?

    20. Michael Mancini

      Such a subtle hint lol

    21. Steven Engel on

      Please don’t forget that the plexiglass over the monitor had a dark tint on the original Tempest upright. 🚀

    22. Roger Rebisz

      Yeah, I didn't see anything about a Tempest machine... I just saw the Street Fighter II machine going! Is this a look into cabinet #3?

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Rays on

      Thanks for all your hardwork and doing your best to be as faithful to the orginal as possible!

    24. Missing avatar

      Luigi Lilienthal on

      What’s up with that street fighter 2??????????