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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
1,320 backers pledged $164,093 to help bring this project to life.

Tempest Big Update (Part. 1)!!!

Posted by New Wave Toys (Creator)

Hey all, 

First, we want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. We know it’s been awhile since we’ve last updated our Tempest backers, and for that we apologize. The good news is we’ve turned a significant corner in the development of our RepliCade x Tempest machine and we have a great update for you today! 

New Tempest Pictures/Details 

Optimized Control Panel!
Optimized Control Panel!

In our campaign, we featured an early prototype machine that had virtually perfect 1:6 scale proportions to the original machine. You may recall that we designed a slightly larger spinner knob for gameplay that could be swapped for the true sixth scale display knob to make gameplay easier. This larger knob did improve the gameplay experience, but we quickly realized additional space was needed around the knob for our full-size fingers. Our updated design now has an optimized control panel to address this issue while retaining the visual accuracy of the original full-size machine!

Love That Side Art!
Love That Side Art!

We are very happy with the quality of the side art reproduction! The colors are awesome, and it looks so cool downsized to sixth scale. Shout out again to our friends at Escape Pod for making this high-resolution artwork possible! If you love classic arcade art, check out their great work on all your favorites at!

All the Controls!
All the Controls!

We have finalized the back layout of the power button, volume control, speaker grill, and USB charge components. The last detail will be adding the “Charge” pad print call out above the USB plug. 

Red vs Black T-Molding 

Let Us Know in the Comments!
Let Us Know in the Comments!

You may have noticed by now that the product images above show red T-molding versus the original black T-molding. This has sparked a heated (ongoing) debate internally about which is the right way to go for final production units. Names have been called, beers have been spilled, threats to loved ones have been made, but to no avail. So now we put it to you dear backers to let us know your thoughts… Red or Black T-molding? Let us know in the comments! (The correct answer is black Ed. red, of course).

Screen Details

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This video is running in attract mode, gameplay video next week.

From the beginning of the Tempest project, another more pressing issue has been the subject of much testing and cursing – namely, what screen to use. Our initial build used a version of the Centipede screen, but after several scaling exercises it became evident we needed to make a change. Simply put, the vector artwork required much higher resolution in order to keep the lines from breaking up or disappearing altogether at 1:6 scale. Unfortunately, much time was lost while we sourced a new screen vendor with better options, negotiated new pricing, modified our cabinet design, and updated our software to support the new screen. The good news is our efforts have paid off and we can’t wait to show you the results in Part 2 of our update next week!

What’s Happening Next Week in Part 2  

We will be doing a video update for Part 2. We will be showing off the Tempest cabinet and gameplay, as well as explaining our next steps on when RepliCade x Tempest will be shipping to everyone! Thank you all again for your patience and we will have more information in Part 2 next week!  

New Wave Toys


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    1. Scotty Hoag


    2. Missing avatar

      patryanvb on

      Black... end of story

    3. Trevor Brown on


      Regarding the screen, I wish to note that the recent release of Tempest 4000 on the Xbox OneX and everywhere else looks absolutely amazing on an 2018 LG OLED 4K screen.

      Would this be true for a small quality OLED screen in your Tempest box?

      I don’t know however games such as Space Junk on the IphoneX and the Ipad pro do look really good. ie, the vectors look like vectors.
      Can you source OLED screens?
      If there is a price bump, well tell us. We may yet go for it.

    4. cybereye on

      @CaptainHendry, There seem to be two shade of blue and dark blue color. I don't know what the first came out as blue or dark blue. I wonder if blue is the defective paint from arcade manufacturer of Tempest. Any experts on history arcade?

    5. Missing avatar

      CaptainHendry on

      It's looking good. Glad to hear about the screen resolution upgrade and sounds like you have already fixed the control panel overlay art. I do think you should take another look at the blue in the side art. I own an original Tempest and the blue is quite a bit darker than it appears in the pics above.

    6. Ben Loory on

      Black. Black! What kind of question is this??

    7. on

      Wonderful attention to detail sets you apart from other companies. Black t-molding looks like the real deal!

    8. Larry Anderson on

      Black. Do not sully the fine work you've done with the WRONG COLOR T-MOLDING :)

    9. Jeff N

      That little video teaser looked pretty good. Nice thin lines and readable text.

      Oh, and... Black (red didn't look right at all)

    10. Keldrin

      Red please.

    11. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone, since I can't edit the page, I will say it in the comments again. We are going with black! Thank you for all of your comments!

    12. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey dr. yosh, the final production Tempest will have the entire control panel covered with the artwork!

    13. Missing avatar

      Louis Rodriguez


    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Mullins on


    15. Josh Hamman on

      Black T-molding. why in the world would you make it red? That is terrible.

    16. stv on

      If voting is still open, I'm gonna have to go with red t-molding! Sorry not sorry, I really love the contrast between the red and black.

      The black t-molding looks cool too though, just not as much as red, but it's a win either way :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Nick Stefani on

      Black molding. No question.

    18. Missing avatar

      Donald on

      Sweet update! Worth the wait! All Tempest machines I've played in the Arcade had the black T-Molding and is definitely my preferred.

      Thanks again for the update and can't wait to see part 2!

    19. dr.yosh on

      Someone already noticed, I`ll bump it again. Why the Control Panen Overlay doesn`t cover the whole control panel?

    20. Missing avatar

      panda on

      Black T-molding PLEASE!

      I was nervous when the next tier goal was going to award backers with green T-molding on the Centipede machine, and I said to myself, "NOOOOOOO! Please no, it needs to be faithful to the original machine!"

      Thank you! :)

    21. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      As expected, black was the overwhelming favorite, so that is what we are going with. Thank you all for the comments!

    22. David C. Fein on

      Dial on the back with buttons to control it while oldif it with two hands please.

    23. David C. Fein on

      Red is distracting and wrong. BLack please.

    24. Missing avatar

      Steve P.

      I agree with Mark, I think the red pops more, but someone mentioned that black was the original color, so I say keep it black.

    25. Michael Street on

      Definitely the black molding.

    26. Steven Carino on

      Black. I don't even understand why this is a question.

      If you're gonna take liberty with the original design, I want out.

    27. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Black it is!

    28. Todd Thompson on

      Purple would look cooler than red.

    29. Mark

      I think the red pops more, but someone mentioned that black was the original color, so I say keep it black.

    30. Missing avatar

      Neil Adams on

      The black molding looks soooooo much better!

    31. Missing avatar

      James Trombacco on

      Black looks better

    32. Steven Engel on

      Black looks much better! 🖤

    33. Rick Durr on

      Black, please!

    34. David Molina

      Has to be black.

    35. Missing avatar

      jacob rohrer on

      BLACK please

      From the top of the website description; "Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica"

      Agree with others, this shouldn't even be a debate.

    36. Wendell on

      Black for sure. The red molding would distract while playing the game. Red would be good if it was just for display on my shelf.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Vrabel on


    38. Mario Villanueva

      As a nostalgic purist, I'll take the traditional black molding.

    39. Blake Muxo

      Black for authenticity. The red is certainly visually appealing but id like my replicade mini arcade room to look like it would have back in the day

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrew Allspaugh on

      Black for sure. Keep it as close to original as possible, please!