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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Tempest Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Spinner. Modern tech.
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    1. Charles on

      Question: All I got was the keychain. Is there a timeline for fulfillment?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Well I guess we know what the next arcade game is going to be. Nice little tease in the background of the latest Tempest update.

    3. Brick Dad

      Now that we’ve got the color situation sorted, when will we get Part 2 of the big update?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tracey Stephen on

      I agree with Douglas Neal - has to be black, and the selector buttons should be flashing (if possible). I have to admit, the red looks sharp, but is not true.

    5. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone, we are going with black! Thanks for all your comments for both of the T Moldings!

    6. Missing avatar

      Fabricio Alejandro Rodriguez on

      Black of course. Why would you go for anything other than the original? This is supposed to be a faithful reproduction of the original right?

    7. Douglas Neal on


      As one who has faithfully restored numerous Tempest machines over the years, black is the original color. Red (sometimes with an upgraded red spinner) are telltale signs of a modified, non-standard UN-faithfully restored machine.

      Stick to your promise of a 1/6th scale original. And do it in original black. Oh yeah - and make sure the black selector buttons on the far left have a flashing LED.

    8. Missing avatar

      DarakuTenshi on

      I say go with the black. Looks correct and feels right.

    9. Mark Littleton on

      BLACK! Stay true to your mission which is the replicate the original in 1/6 scale.

    10. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Black is definitely the overwhelming favorite so far, which was expected (by some of us)!

    11. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Robert and Michael, in terms of doing add on t-molding, we tried it and it just doesn't look up to our standards. We may try other ways in the future but right now we have noticed that the t-molding only looks great when applied at the factory level. Thanks for the comments!

    12. Bruce Willard on

      Black, most definitely

    13. Missing avatar

      Trevor Thomas


    14. Missing avatar

      Pete Siegel on

      I dont think i have ever been so excited to get a product i pre ordered as much as Centipede and Tempest. Cant wait for shipping on both. I have to go with black molding as it is original to the arcade cabinet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Swan on

      I love the way that the red looks, but I have to lean towards black in keeping with the original. Red looks great though.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ryan Swan on

      I love the way that the red looks, but I have to lean towards black in keeping with the original. Red looks great though.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Stallings on

      Will you be able to sell a T molding kit to give the user the option to change as desired? I like both Thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Harding on

      always go with original... black T all the way. Or perhaps include red in the package so we have the option of switching it out should we want to? ;)

    19. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Craig, thanks! The Red really makes it pop but the black is iconic and closest to replicating the original Tempest!

    20. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone, new update out! Thanks for your support!

    21. Craig Stultz on

      I think the t molding should be black but red does look cool. It would be best if you guys could offer either option. Nice update. Looking forward to more info soon.

    22. Josh Mathews

      When will the next update be? We haven't heard anything since MARCH.

    23. Eric Blackwell on

      @creator....seriously? Still no update? Whats going on guys? This is starting worry me like a few of my other kickstarters that I never received......

    24. Missing avatar

      Bobby H on

      How come the only updates we get from the New Wave Toys are "sorry for the lack of updates, we'll have one coming soon"? It's been a month since they last used that response. I see the expected delivery date on Amazon has been pushed out several months to November. That is troubling as they now have (3) of these Replicades announced with nothing delivered yet.

    25. Eric Blackwell on

      @creator any updates? It has been a reallllllly long time since we have heard anything out of you guys.

    26. Craig Stultz on

      Yeah it's time for an update on this one.

    27. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates. We have an update coming soon showing our progress (and we think you will be stoked to see our progress). Thank you all for your patience and your support!

    28. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      I just love it when Kickstarter backers lose their $#!^ in the comments section.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tom Mahler, Jr. on

      @david this project isn’t late, it’s scheduled for August

    30. cybereye on

      Dead? No... It alive and wild. There is more activity at RepliCade: Mini Centipede Arcade Kickstarter project. It getting closer to the next stage for mass production. I'm sure RepliCade: Mini Tempest Arcade is not too far off either.
      Newwave will be at E3 June 12-14 2018 at Los Angeles in IndieCade Showcase section. New Wave Toys will announce further information soon.

    31. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      Is this project dead? No updates in a while...

    32. David Oghia on

      as always these Kickstarter projects are late. I'm really tired of these interminable delays and I'll never buy Kickstarter projects again. All these creators are always lying about delays. I can't understand that anymore. I want to cancel all my orders.
      Please refund.

    33. Michael on

      What’s the expected ship date in centipede?

    34. Missing avatar

      Chad Stoner on

      Hey Tom... as as FYI- Amazon lists Tempest as Sept. 30th release... I know that's not official but... :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom Mahler, Jr. on

      Is August still looking like a viable shipping date?

    36. Tony Smejek on

      Jeff, they'll be no more future Kickstarters these these products. They've started their own website to sell future items. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      Announce next machine please, so I can back my 3rd.. :)

    38. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      Let me just say I am so looking forward to receiving this at some stage. Keep up the good work and please do let us know what the next console will be!


    39. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey all, we are still working hard on RepliCade X Tempest. We will have an update soon showing off our progress! In the meantime, we are going to send out the backer emails. Thank you all again for backing!

    40. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey David, both RepliCade machines have four non slick pads that are on the bottom corners of the machine.

    41. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Steve, we have not sent the surveys out for Tempest, but will do so in the next couple of days.

    42. David Molina

      Last night I went to Toys R Us to see the going out of business sale (Not great yet) and found a "My Arcade" Burger Time. I picked it up, 10% off is 10% off and I've kinda wanted it. On the bottom of the machine there is rubber pads that help it not to slide. I don't think these have anything like that, right? It might be something to consider in the future ones.

    43. Steve Brooks

      Have you sent the surveys out for TEMPEST? I git one for CENTIPEDE but don't recall one for TEMPEST. Please let me know and keep up the great work! :)

    44. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Thanks Andrew for the kind words! Lot of classics in that list!

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mackie on

      So many great suggestions here for cabs. I'm here for a subscription if you guys can do it! I'd love one of these every quarter. I'll take a life subscription.

      My thoughts on cabs. There's the obvious legacy must-haves:

      Space Invaders
      Donkey Kong
      Missile Command
      Pong (true legacy and unmistakable cab)

      And here's my highly subjective wants!

      Donkey Kong Jnr
      Star Wars (great suggestion by Ryan)
      Ghosts n Goblins
      Super Sprint (nice call Paul)
      Toobin' (ditto)
      Pleiads or Exerion (super subjective personal wish)
      Dragons Lair (would be insane but technically very possible)
      Spy Hunter

      And PLEASE some Williams titles. Defender & Joust would tie it all together nicely.

      Thanks guys and keep us the amazing work!

    46. Missing avatar

      Steve Magnan on

      All good!
      Thank you very guys.

      Steve Magnan

    47. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Thanks Daddy Warbucks for the kind words and we will keep up the great work! In terms of new announcments, we may have some new info or teasers on the next cabinet soon!

    48. New Wave Toys 2-time creator on

      Hey Steve, Tony is right (thanks Tony!) that your card probably would have been charged when the Kickstarter ended. I will be sending you a private message as well.

    49. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      I know we have yet to receive the first (Centipede) or the second (Tempest) consoles yet, but is there any chance you’ll be announcing the third one yet so we can commit more funds to you?

      I seriously hope they are as cool as they appear. This is hands down the most fun I’ve had backing any project on Kickstarter and you guys do a fantastic job communicating with your backers. Keep up the amazing work.

      Daddy Warbucks Esquire
      Self-named Zaxxon World Champion 1984

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