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Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Centipede Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Trackball. Modern tech.
Arcade-accurate 1/6th scale replica Centipede Collector’s Edition. Wood + Metal construction. Mini Trackball. Modern tech.
1,302 backers pledged $167,281 to help bring this project to life.

Centipede Battery Drain KS Update

Posted by New Wave Toys (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

Today’s update is focused on a customer service issue we have had reported by numerous backers and other customers.

The issue: Recently, Backers began reporting that their Centipede x RepliCade is not holding a charge. We’ve looked into this issue and here are our findings.

The cause: The culprit is a flaw in the design of the Trak-ball IC that causes phantom power drain even when the unit is turned off. Not everyone is reporting this issue, and that is likely because many people have the same habit we have in our office: they are leaving their machines powered on in attract mode, and keeping it plugged in so it wont turn off. 

In our office, when we want to play, we unplug it, play for a while, then put it back on the shelf and plug it back in. We do this primarily because we want to see the marquee on and the game on just like in the arcade. Ironically, keeping the RepliCades plugged in and on display contributed to us missing this phantom power bug.

This is no excuse. Despite spending hours and hours testing and retesting the gameplay, finetuning the controls, and generally obsessing over every detail… we missed this issue plain and simple. 

The work-around: At this time, we do not have a permanent fix for this bug however we are actively pursuing a solution. For now, we are recommending owners leave the unit plugged in when not in use. We can assure you that that every battery in all of the machines was formally tested and certified by an independent 3rd party lab prior to inclusion in our product. It is our confident belief that the batteries are safe and effective and can be used in this manner. 

Tempest: To Tempest backers, please know that we are working extra diligently with our engineering team and testers with regards to power consumption issues so we do not have a repeat of this issue. 

At the end of the day, it is our goal to give everyone a satisfying and fun experience using our products. Clearly, we fell down on this issue which was very unfortunate. We can assure you, however, that this failure did not result from a lack of passion and desire to build the highest quality, best miniature arcade machine we could. It was a human error that was missed, and for that we're very sorry. 

The New Wave Toys Team

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    1. Paul Martin

      Some of you have received your machines , some of us haven’t , what I am suggesting is that before any more are sent out , understand what the issue is at source and potentially fix it before international buyers receive there machine thus not creating even more of an issue....and also when it goes on sale to the buying public via amazon etc....which it shall at some point simple business practice....that said still looking forward in just seeing it !!!

    2. Brick Dad

      Guys, things were made right when we received our machines and played real arcade Centipede in our homes. As backers, we are not entitled to refunds or discounts. Enough already. Just leave it plugged in and running on attract mode. It is the proper 1980s method of display.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ugo Lacheny on

      I agree with the suggestion of a discount on another product of yours. The battery on mine doesn’t even last a day without a recharge.

      While I am happy with the overall build, this is truly an issue that should’ve been caught as parts draining batteries happens quite a bit on newly launched products. It seems a bit amateurish that you never once tested the battery and it’s lifespan. I’m willing to overlook it with some sort of discount on another product, as we should be made right.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Bessert on

      Do we have to live with this issue or are you going to fix it for all of us once you arrive at a solution. Thanks

    5. Derek Stutsman on

      You guys did a phenomenal job in the cab. There’s always something that doesn’t get caught until field testing. Still very happy and looking forward to Tempest!

    6. Tom on

      Lipo's don't like being drained down to 0. If this isn't plugged in for a period of time, it sounds like this will cause irreversible damage to the life/capacity of the lipo. Thoughts?

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Perkins on

      I doubt there's something minor that could be done to address this issue, so thinking out of the box, what about something akin to a phone battery case, that attaches to the back/bottom that acts as an external battery?

      In theory much cheaper than the alternatives I've seen. External part gets and holds the charge so it works around the issue.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott Hoyer on

      Yeah mine won’t hold a charge at all. Don’t think it’s a huge deal. Love that it’s a usb charge

    9. David Molina

      +1 Brick Dad

      People on KS need to realize we are not retail customers. When you say "Back a project" that is what you are doing. *IF* it gets realized they have agreed to send you the product. As a BACKER (and most of you are really not 'getting' what that means) you may get NOTHING. If you can't afford to do that, don't invest the money. I hope everyone on KS realizes that is what you are doing, INVESTING money into a company. Some companies don't succeed. When that happens the BACKERS lose their money. Poof. Gone. It's a risk you are taking.

      NEW WAVE TOYS are doing what they can to fix this problem. They have been upfront and honest with us. Asking for refunds is hysterical. I really hope they do not entertain the idea, we are NOT "customers" with a money back guarantee. You need to read the details when you back a project.

    10. Brick Dad

      I wondered about this- my machine kept running out of power so quickly so I just left it plugged in and it works great.

      To the whiners: we are not “customers” on Kickstarter, entitled to flawless, first-quality products. We are backers of companies, giving them money to support the development of unusual products that would not otherwise be made. In exchange, we get the first round of the product at a lower cost. We take a risk here.

      In this case, the risk was amply rewarded. This is a fantastic product. Perhaps in future rounds, this problem world be fixed. But we are not entitled to any compensation.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Cosner on

      This may (or not) be related but I'm having an issue with my Hi-scores not saving. My scores will stay for a few days but once I start to charge and then play again, the factory reset scores are there.

      Also, I'm not sure how I did it but I seem to have activated a higher "skill" mode. Now, whenever I start a game, the beginning centipede is really fast (usually what you see after the 5th or 6th level). Because I don't know how I did this, I can't revert it. Do you know of a way to restore the game to its' factory default?

    12. Larry Kuhn on

      My unit has this problem also. Thank you for proactive communication about it. Unfortunate that it happened, but the unit has been great in every other respect. Everyone who sees it and plays it thinks it is just the neatest thing!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Again, I'm fairly certain fixing this problem isn't going to be feasible given the shipping costs alone. Maybe the best course of action is to offer any of the Centipede backers a discounted rate for the next one they make (SF2 or Dragon's Lair). Best way to keep any of those turned off by the issue to be interested in future products. And gives New Wave Toys another chance to show what they can do. At the end of the day, this is an unfortunate event, but its not the end of the world. They made a mistake. It happens. Its what they do next is what is important.

    14. Missing avatar

      Fabricio Alejandro Rodriguez on

      Thanks for the update and the transparency guys. These things happen. Even massive companies like Apple and Microsoft release buggy products all the time. If you could solve the issue before shipping the rest, that would be great. But if everything is already boxed up and at the courier, I understand that might not be possible at this stage. If you figure out a solution, would be great to hear it. Even if it involves some tinkering with the pc board, I'm sure some backers might be interested in doing it.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Saylor on

      Hi all!
      I'm satisfied with my machine and I only play it when I've got it plugged in anyway. Please dont worry about sending me anything. I'm happy with my purchase and I love my machine!

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniele Gaeta on

      International backer here. Please do not send it as it is: I’d rather wait for a fixed unit than having a faulty one for which I’ll ask immediately for a refund. I hope you understand my position as a customer: money is hard earned for everyone and while I understand that mistakes happens they do not have to be accounted on us. I’m still willing to support your efforts, please do your part by not sending around any more defective units or let customers who supported you from the start to choose between waiting for a fixed redesign or get a refund.

    17. Missing avatar

      Laurence Giles on

      Fix this soon. Extra long wait and damn near paperweight status is not good.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric Woythal on

      Hey new wave if this does not bankrupt your company which I hope it does not. Considering how cool this is you will make lots of money down the road. So don’t worry. Just spend the money you have to fix the problem and by the second third or fourth machine you will be making money. But chances are you are gonna have to fix this for all of us. Do not ship any machines anywhere right now till it is fixed especially to international backers. That will just cause more problems.

    19. Joseph Klemm on

      After an hour of charging, the machine is working again.

      I moved it to a place where I can easily have it plugged in so that way I don't have to worry about that problem when I show the machine to my brothers (although I'll still have it plugged in when I display it).

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric Woythal on

      Well I hope considering this update the 30 day warranty period will be extended until the fix happens. I bought the 6 pack so I have more to lose and gain than most. But I am willing to work with new wave. Not mad at all just hopeful it can be worked out. I opened one machine and it works but the battery I noticed right off was not perfect.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Gang on

      In good faith, can you give those of us who didn’t get in on Tempest a chance again to get one?

    22. Missing avatar

      David Sherman on

      This is a pretty critical design flaw. I thought maybe something was wrong with mine and was a little embarrassing showing it to friends after I had charged it fully the night before, then it refused to come on until I had it plugged in again. I hope there is a permanent fix and not just the workaround of just keeping it plugged in all the time. Otherwise, I'm thrilled with how awesome this is. But what's the use if it doesn't hold a charge for more than a few hours.

    23. Joseph Klemm on

      UPDATE: The player buttons are slowly lighting up again. So, hopefully it does mean the game is indeed charging.

    24. Joseph Klemm on

      Upon reading about this issue, I tried my machine out to see if it's affected. Plugging it in, it was charging fine with all the lights on, but once I tried to turn it on, the lights dimmed, and when I unplugged it, it would no longer charge at all.

      I'm really hoping for some kind of fix or a replacement, because I was really looking forward to showing this to the rest of my family, with that not being an option if it won't charge at all.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brandon Dalaly on

      Was just about to write to customer service because I was having the same issue. Went to show 3 different people the unit and each time it was dead a day after a full charge. Thought I had a defective unit, but guess they are all defective. It's too bad because everything else about it is awesome. I just know I probably won't use it as much now because I won't want to charge it up an hour before I play. Would be awesome if there was some fix for this in the future.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Stowater on

      Confirmed, my unit has this issue as well. Such a bummer. Can this be fixed via a firmware update or is it hardware related? I would prefer not to keep the unit plugged in. Please let us know what the solution will be. Thanks.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave B. on

      Off the point - Can I disable the battery so the game has to be plugged in every time to play? Thinking of pinball PCB's and battery drain/acid, I would rather do this than have a ticking time bomb years and years down the road.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave B. on

      Guys, the wheel wasn't invented in one day. This is the FIRST design, and yes there are bugs, just like there are bugs and recalls in first year modern vehicles.

      Despite the battery issues, I was astounded by the quality and presentation of my Centipede unit, especially at the price paid. There is nothing like it, from the dozens and dozens of retro-junk one sees online and at Walmart.

      I will back this company all the way, through thick and thin while they take this and make things right.

      Complainers and nit-pickers, I suggest you change your tone, pause, and give New Wave Toys the opportunity to make things right. If you can't, then the door is right there. We'll all stay where we are, thank you.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stuart Platt on

      Mine doesn't hold a charge at all. The second I unplug it, it shuts down. Really hope Tempest doesn't do this. It's a bit surprising that apparently the units were not tested much on battery power. Just hope better QA goes into the future units.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rich Pa Pa Menzia on

      I didn't even notice this until the update. I just keep mine plugged in and it works perfect. Why does it even need a battery? The trackball is dialed in perfect and I love that I can use the right coin door as a pause. Thanks for the amazing work.

    31. George Gaspar

      While unfortunate, this is good to hear. I thought maybe I had a bad machine, but as long as there is not a real issue other than a drained battery, it seems ok.
      Thank you for letting us know!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Wow, just wow. First I received a damaged unit...and now this. This is causing me to reconsider my Tempest preorder. This was NOT a good first impression of the company & product.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Also my key chain does not light up! Please send one that works!

    34. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I get one play session and it is dead... come on now!

    35. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Your going to have to re ship us all new units guys...this is BS

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Unless they can ship a new part and owners can easily install, I don't see how they are feasibly going to fix this. Shipping was $45 one way. Paying to have an item shipped back to them, fixing the problem, and then shipping it back, will cost more than the $90 they charged for the unit. I have a feeling we're stuck with the problem. Maybe next time, only ship to 50 or so people. Have them play with it for a while and then ship out the rest if no bugs are reported.

    37. David C. Fein on

      I know growing pains are difficult, and this could be a headache for you, but can you say that you are going to fix it? I appreciate the update and the clarity about the issue, but are you committed to fixing our units? Unless I’ve missed something, the acknowledgement update doesn’t include that commitment statement. Thanks, and you guys did an exceptional job!

    38. Gregory Leff on

      Thanks for the communication ... hope the issue is resolved quickly.

      On a similar note my keychain coin slot light is already burned out. Seems like either a weak battery or maybe a loose wire? Still looks great just doesn’t light up.

    39. Liam Curry on

      Thanks for being open about this. I hope you can fix it before sending out any more. When will mine be shipped, exactly? I'm in the UK and have heard nothing.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      LOL at the "instructing my lawyers" comment over a $90 game.

    41. Ed Yee on

      Thanks for posting this. I've been having this issue too. The second day I had my unit, I thought maybe I didn't turn it off correctly because the battery was fully drained.

    42. Craig Elliott on

      Hey guys you obviously shit the bed with this one!
      Please don't despatch my unit until you get a handle on what this battery issue is... I'll just be sending it straight back to you; and instructing my lawyers.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ron Van Scherpe on

      Hey guys great product! I've been really impressed with your communication throughout this project and this post is another example. Thank you for your transparency.

      In regards to the issue, I had wondered if my unit had Mal-functioned. I had fully charged it and then placed it in my bookshelf. I came back to it a few days later and it wouldn't turn on. For now I'll just keep it plugged in as suggested in your post.

      Other than that, I have been thoroughly enjoying the unit. It is by far the best mini arcade that I have in my collection and I have quite a few!

      Keep up the great work!

    44. Jonathan Russell on

      I'm glad I didn't just get a bum unit. I wondered why my machine went dead after I charged it, turned it off, then tried to play the next day. Thanks for the update. Hopefully you guys can find a solution :\