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25 April's Army artists creating a 78-card humorous adult-themed Tarot deck based on

About the project

We are Artists. Some of us work with paint. Some with pencils. Some with fabric. Some with clay. Of many kinds. And some of us work with pixels. But we all make art you can see. Or touch. There are 25 of us. We live all over the world. We are spread across continents. And oceans. And generations.

We have one thing in common: We all are fans of the website We think it’s funny. We think it’s snarky.  It started over a year ago as a humor site but now it’s turned into a community. A community that helps people, one at a time. We call ourselves April’s Army, and we help raise money for people who need it.

We are creating a very special deck of 78 cards. Featuring original art that we created ourselves, based on the hilarity that is, and the occasional nod to the RIder-Waite Tarot deck. 

We want to have this card deck printed, and we need your help to do it. We are raising money for production costs.

We would like to offer the tarot deck as our primary reward for a $20.00 donation. The retail price for the deck after the launch will be $25.00, so if you know you want a deck, it's cheaper to get one now.

Profits from the sale of this deck are divided between the artists and Regretsy's fundraising efforts for artists in need.

We are nearly sold out!! Thank you!!

Through your overwhelming generosity, almost the entire print run has been reserved for backers. There are a handful of rewards left this morning as I write this. I cannot express my thanks properly to all of you.

A Limited Edition!

This is a limited edition art project. We are only printing 1144 decks. We are not planning another printing, so once we sell out of these decks, that's it.

We are working towards a release date of October 31, 2011, just in time for your Holiday Gift giving. Cards will be shipping out in November as soon as they are back from the printers.

The Deck Itself

If you are already familiar with Regretsy, you know that a lot of the humor there is of an adult nature. Our art reflect this, and there are adult images in the deck. The names we chose for the suits shows you where our minds are (usually in the gutter):

Tools, Genitalia, WTF, and Whimsicles (F*ckery) -- Yes, we know "whimsical" is spelled wrong - That particular typo has become a running joke amongst Regretsians.

Here is the list of Major Arcana cards:

  • 0 The Cupcake
  • I The Elf
  • II Helen Killer
  • III The Vagoo
  • IV Bronc Drywall
  • V  The Hellephant
  • VI  The Lovers (the Owl and the Octopus)
  • VII  The Chariot
  • VIII Goatse
  • IX  The Sad Hipster
  • X   Steampunk
  • XI  Judge Judy
  • XII  Turkey Skants
  • XIII  Skull Fascinator
  • XIV The Flounce
  • XV  The Reseller
  • XVI  Never Forgetsy
  • XVII Peck of the Day
  • XVIII Accidental Goatse
  • XIX  Coleslaw
  • XX  The Rapture
  • XXI  April's Army

Bonus Wild Card Just Added - Towel Mike!

See update 10 for details.

The Collaboration

We invite you to visit our collaboration space at to see images of the cards in progress and to keep up with the project.

This is a collaboration between 25 artists all over the world. You can think of the end product as a card deck, or you can think of it as a way to collect some amazing art from 25 artists without leaving the comfort of your internet connection!

About "Wholesale" Orders

We are offering 10 decks at a greatly reduced "wholesale" price as one of the reward levels. If you are pledging for that reward, and live outside the US, please consider adding in a few extra dollars to cover shipping costs for a Medium Priority Mail box. Thank you

If you own a store and would like to carry this deck, message me.

Happy Backers!

"I am in love. Best $20 I've ever spent in my entire LIFE!" -- Robin H.

the Legal Stuff

Regretsy™ is a registered trademark of Radio Savant Productions, Inc.. Used with permission.


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