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HexBright is a stylish, rugged, high-power compact light you can use as-is or reprogram however you want using open-source code.
HexBright is a stylish, rugged, high-power compact light you can use as-is or reprogram however you want using open-source code.
3,156 backers pledged $259,293 to help bring this project to life.

Quality Control

Early Happy New Year Everyone!

To recap, Black, Silver and Green FLEX have started shipping.

I do not have Blue or Red FLEX to ship yet. They are being loaded with electronics and then need to be assembled and shipped to you.

I recently took a family vacation which slowed things down. This is frustrating for backers still waiting for their lights, especially considering that the FLEX reviews have been very good so far. Except for one point. Some units have a "clover-leaf" dark spot in the light pattern. If you don't know what I mean, you don't have this problem with your FLEX. If you do notice it, you know what I mean.

This is not acceptable.

I will not settle for less and I spent part of my holiday break working out this issue. I have a solution and a method .

First, the solution- I am replacing the o-ring at the back of the carrier for a better fitting o-ring. This either eliminates the clover leaf or greatly reduces it to the point where you only notice it at a few inches.

Second, the method- if you have a black, silver or green FLEX with the dark spot please send me a self addressed and stamped envelope to 793 E Foothill STE 131, San Luis Obispo, CA, US, 93405 with a note telling me how many o-rings you need. I will send you a new o-ring for each FLEX you have and will put up an instructional youtube video how to put it in. If you like your light pattern there is no need to send me a self addressed stamped envelope. If you are still waiting for your red or blue FLEX you need not worry- we are making the change before shipping those. This is one benefit for coming after the initial wave.

Third, no pussy-footing around here. I am embarrassed by the problem but not to the point where I will ignore it. I am committed to fixing it. My method of asking you to send me a self-addressed stamped envelope is inconvenient on your part but I hope you will understand where I'm coming from- we are all doing this together. 

With thanks,



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    1. David Doyle on January 30, 2013

      Any timeline for when the red units are expected to ship? Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ed Agustin on January 23, 2013

      Will we get some sort of tracking/shipping number when you send the FLEX(s) out? Definitely looking out for $90 pledge items as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      adam weston on January 14, 2013

      Do you know when you will be sending out the flex units for the UK

    4. Missing avatar

      Bill Weiss on January 9, 2013


      Have all the green USA-bound units shipped? I'm certainly looking forward to mine.

    5. Missing avatar

      Linda Lipinski on January 8, 2013

      Still haven't received mine.

    6. Missing avatar

      JDWarner on January 6, 2013

      I'm in the same boat as Drew. Fit & finish is amazing, also chose silver, also have the cloverleaf but don't mind a simple fix. Thanks for offering the replacement O-rings Christian; my letter will be in the mail tomorrow but it's usable in the meantime. First backed project was worth the wait!

    7. Missing avatar

      Drew Holmes on January 5, 2013

      Just got my silver....chose silver so I could find easier in bottom of dark backpack....mine has the clover pattern but looking forward to simple fix.....sending envelope today....very well made, very bright and looking forward to learning how to program as a project....worth the wait...kickstarter project #1 for me back in the day

    8. Aerodesic on January 2, 2013

      Got mine over the holidays. Made the mistake of looking straight-on when I turned it on full... Bad idea. Saw spots for about an hour... This thing is BRIGHT. Very impressive. I do have a 'slight' clover pattern but also have a stock of o-rings and may attempt my own fix since I know what to look for.

      It was worth the wait.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kim on January 2, 2013

      i still haven't received my lights...

    10. Missing avatar

      James Lent on January 1, 2013

      Could you send out the specs on the new o-ring so that those of us who don't have problems, but like being prepared for the future, could order our own o-rings should these wear out in 10 years?

    11. Missing avatar

      Neil Baquiran on December 31, 2012

      Do you know if any of the ones going to Canada have shipped yet?

    12. Brian Van Peski on December 31, 2012

      Are there directions/instructions for programming it via arduino and loading different profiles?

    13. Lee EP on December 31, 2012

      This is great news Christian... I applaud you for finding a solution to the clover-leaf artifact in the beam pattern.

      One other artifact that may or may not be an issue is a slight blue/purple fringing around the "hotspot" of the beam. It's very hard to photograph, but there is some definite color shift around the outer edges of the center spot.

      I'll see if the new O-ring fit helps to seat things closer together and eliminate both the clover and the fringing, but if you have any other reports of the beam color/fringe, it'd be nice to figure out what the cause is.

      Thanks again for all the hard work... as a community, I'm sure we'll sort out all these issues over time and find solutions! Happy New Year!

    14. Missing avatar

      bill rae on December 30, 2012

      <-------- wanting to hug his red one :(

    15. Dennis Gentry on December 30, 2012

      Awesome light, minor problem: My son managed to wedge the rear switch at a slight angle so that it was stuck in blinky mode. I figured out that I needed to unscrew the cap and remove and reinstall the rubber switch cover, but I wonder if there is some way to avoid that problem.

    16. David Blevins on December 30, 2012

      I got my silver HB a few days ago. It was worth the wait! For some reason it's bigger than I was expecting; I have a couple other EDC lights that use the same battery and they're quite a bit thinner (I'm not complaining! I love the thick feel of the case). I've programmed it with a few of the alternative builds -- I love the "4" one that takes advantage of the accelerometer.

      Someone mentioned not pressing the reset button -- if this works like any other Arduino-based platform, this only resets the processor to reload the code that's in flash RAM, so in a few seconds it'll just work like before.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bob King on December 30, 2012

      I love the silver Flex I bought. Looks like daylight on high. I plan to play with the programming option later. Thanks for taking on this effort on our behalf.

    18. Missing avatar

      Erik Hulse on December 30, 2012

      You rock, christian. Both my silver lights are waiting for me at home!! I can't wait to get back home on Tuesday!

    19. Christian Carlberg Creator on December 30, 2012

      18mm inner diameter by 2.5mm thick

    20. Missing avatar

      John McNelly on December 30, 2012

      Could you just post the specs for the new o-ring? Might be cheaper to just buy one at the hardware or auto parts store than the 90 cents for two postage stamps.

    21. Jeff Bernstein on December 30, 2012


      I was just about to email you about the dark "X" pattern (I received my silver light 2 days ago). When I crank down the light with a firm twist it shows up at a 6" to 8" distance in low and medium beam. The bright setting is so blindingly bright, at 8" from a white wall, you can't even look at the reflected light. Is your solution a thinner "O" ring? If so shouldn't the mashing or flattening of the "O" ring, with use, correct the problem?

      Regarding programming, there's a bit of a learning curve, so I suggest not pressing the reset button until you get comfortable with programming the light. I hope other owners will be submitting lots of switch configurations.

      It is an exceedingly well executed LED flashlight and its circuit board is impressive.
      Thanks for an outstanding product. --Jeff

    22. Missing avatar

      Mr.What on December 30, 2012

      I have the green one, and have been developing code for it.

      Yes, the lense on the front only makes things worse. For my use, the extra-wide un-adorned cree pattern would be better. A simple, flat front lens might be an improvement for me. Barring that, a "bumpy" parabolic is my preferred reflector. Something that makes a smooth, wide spot. I'll send a SASE...

      If you can recommend a supplier for other lenses/reflectors, I'b buy one.

      I'm very intrigued by making an arduino based hardware product, then open-sourcing the software.

      One concern: Does/can it go into a proper sleep mode when "off". I don't know about how to do that... bu this may be a platform for me to learn about sleep modes.

    23. Jeremie Lariviere
      on December 30, 2012

      Thanks for all your work! I'm looking forward to getting my etched Flex!

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave Nicholls on December 30, 2012


      Just for clarification. Will all future shipments (including international blacks which interest me) include the new O ring?



    25. Missing avatar

      Justin Thomas on December 30, 2012

      I had a little bit of a problem with the clover, but I fixed it by putting some super lube on the quad threads (To make the screwing action easier) and I also removed the rear tailcap, took out the O ring, covered it in a thin coat of super lube to condition it and replaced it (Along with some blue Loctite on the tailcap). Now the flashlight screws completely shut with ease and the clover is only there for the first 3-4 inches in front of the light. I also think the super lube on the o-ring will help it seal and keep from rotting/breaking down for the long haul.

    26. Richard R on December 30, 2012

      I couldn't agree more Josh!!!!
      As one of the lucky ones that was able to snag one of the extra black Flex's I can say for certain this is a well made light!
      And it's bright VERY bright it's certainly the brightest flashlight I have ever owned and its built like a tank!

      So yes it's been a long time coming but it's SO worth the wait.
      I would back Christian's next project without hesitation!
      Hell I already have one Flex and I still can't wait to get my other two!!!

      Great job Christian!!!

    27. Daniel Valdez on December 30, 2012

      Hey Christian, if you have specs on the replacement o-ring can you post them up? I have access to a fab-lab and can probably dig the correct o-ring out of inventory.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jelmer on December 30, 2012

      I'm looking forward to my Hexbright, but I've gotta ask: a year and a half after the campaign finished (and you started work earlier!) and there's a problem with the LIGHT? I mean, isn't that the whole point of the flashlight? To provide a light source? It strikes me as odd that especially THAT bit would have an issue...

    29. Josh Orth on December 30, 2012

      Christian, it's your dedication to this project, and its quality, that makes me look aside any and every delay. I look forwards to getting my FLEX, (Australia is a long way away, i know) but also to backing any future projects you start up.