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A collection of songs that remind you that every life is a soundtrack
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Juanito Perez

Music For A Film

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out to look at this page and for contributing to this project. Without your help this album would not be possible. You could say that this project has been 20 years in the making. “Wow, why so long?” you ask. Well, this is a collection of mostly-instrumental cinematic tracks written and recorded in the last 20 years. Each song has a special place in my heart, but they never quite fit in with the sound of the bands or musical projects that I was involved with, until now.

This year, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first song i recorded for this project. I decided that it was finally time i dusted off the old tracks and finish the album. This brings me to the theme for this new Juanito Perez album "Music For A Film." I love movies, as most of you that know me already know. So much so that I've always said that if i wasn't a musician, i would be a film director. Therefore creating music for film is a natural progression that combines both of my passions. My vision for this album has always been a soundtrack to a film that has yet to be made.

Your generous donation will go towards finalizing the album, cover art and paying for the manufacturing of the physical CD's that i will send to you as a gift for making a contribution.

"Every life is a soundtrack"

Juan Marcos Percy

Risks and challenges

The financial aspect is always the most challenging obstacle in any new project. In my case, when putting together a new album there are a couple of elements that consume most of your budget. From the recording, mixing, mastering to the cover art design and manufacturing of the CD. I already have all of the songs recorded which is usually the most expensive and time consuming part of the process. I'm currently mastering the album and I'm also working with an illustrator to come up with a beautiful design for the cover. The main obstacle to releasing this album will be raising the money to pay for the cover art and CD manufacturing. With your help I will be able to reach my goal and release the album.

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