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Python Cords are designed to prevent your MacBook charger from breaking at a common stress point, before it's too late.

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I love Apple products...

Matter of fact, I'm crunching keys on a Mac right now. But it seems that even legendary products can have an Achilles Heel. Many Macbook chargers are plagued with the issue of failing before their time due to a common stress fracture.

The Python Cord is an accessory designed to prevent this from occurring without permanently altering your charger. During my first year of owning a Mac, I went through 3 chargers and spent $240 in the process. A simple Google search shows that my experience is not unique. As many blogs, forums, YouTube videos and even Apple's website describe, these chargers have a tendency of breaking in the same spot.  

Your Macbook cord is constantly subjected to stress during its life as it travels between your office, favorite coffee shop, the classroom and home. After much deliberation (and cursing) I decided to take action, and designed what would be the first iteration of the Python Cord.

The Python Cord design displaces the stress point by spreading it over a greater distance. The silicone tubing acts as a shock absorber preventing the common stress fracture from occurring.

Because genuine replacements are approximately $80, Python Cords are an inexpensive preventative. I hope that Python Cords will prevent some of the same frustrations that I've had with Mac chargers. But like any preventative measure, it only works if you take advantage of it before it's too late. In this case, before your cord breaks and you're scrambling to buy another one so life can go on.

I'm launching Python Cords on Kickstarter to offer my simple solution to the masses. Significant improvements in both the materials used and installation time have been made since my first prototype. Python cords can be installed in less than a minute without any tools. The Python Cord is  a utilitarian product, I know kind of 1984 of us... It's minimalist in design, being comprised of only two pieces with no branding. We wanted to keep it simple, and focus on functionality. 

I wanted a solution that was easy to install, required no tools and involved no permanent modifications to the charger.

Initial designs utilized two tubes and a two-piece round plastic snap. A short length of tube that was sliced down the middle was put in place at the base of the charger, a large piece of tubing slid over that, and the snap held it all in place. It was big, complicated and ugly, but functional.

It worked but I was far from content with this design. Some time later I was speaking with an engineering friend of mine and he told me about pre-stretched tubing used in electronics applications.

With this concept in mind I set out to find a company that produces these types of products. I discovered a manufacturer overseas that produces the tubing and started discussing the prospect with their engineers. We finalized the material type, size and other tolerances required for the product and produced prototypes.

The last step was to source a fastener that would act as the foundation of the cord. After a thorough search I found a manufacturer that was able to produce a custom clip that could be installed without tools and removed quickly if necessary.

The materials used for Python Cords are sourced from our two established manufacturing partners overseas. To keep costs down we have to order high quantities of each component. Manufacturing turnaround time for both companies is 4-5 weeks depending on volume. This is where the Kickstarter community comes in. If you back the Python Cords Project, I promise to send you the highest quality product possible and work tirelessly to get it to your door as quickly as possible!

Thanks for your support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are no significant hurdles to overcome in the Python Cord project. I have already established strong relationships with our manufacturing partners and also have secondary suppliers if any vendor is unable to meet our requirements. I have experience in product shipping and fulfillment. I am eager to move forward with the project and happy to have you along for the ride.

Elliott Snyder


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