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“Isys omega” is the story of one woman’s fight for the human race. The story is set in a futuristic world of fantastic technology .

“Isys omega” is the story of one woman’s fight for the human race. The story is set in a futuristic world of fantastic technology . Read More
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About this project

Hello, my name is Tehron Freeman and my project is a graphic novel entitled "Isys Omega"

The novel is based on a script that I had been working on for ten years. Originally,  the story of "Isys Omega" was written for the big screen or at the very least, a well drawn cartoon. However, as a disabled veteran, my financial options are rather limited. so i figured that the middle of the road would be a graphic novel that, with some luck, will find its way into the hands and minds of many people.The complete story of "Isys Omega" is broken into three scripts: “Blood”, “Steel”, and “Ascension” respectively. This novel will be script one: “Blood

The money donated will be used to secure the continued services of the current artist, colorist and letterer. Due to my limited funds, I've had to stop production of the novel at the 10th page, and I expect this to be at least a 150-200 page graphic novel. i will also need to secure printing services when the novel is done. For a good to great quality printing job, things get rather expensive.

A quick outline of the story would be:

“Isys Omega” is the story of one woman’s fight for the human race. The story itself is geared for young adult to adult and is full of sci-fi action and plot twists. The story is set in a futuristic world of fantastic technology and shows the inherent danger of becoming one with that very same technology."

However, the story is much deeper than the simple synopsis above. How deep, depends on the mind of the reader.I apologize in advance for the lengthy prologue, however, I truly hope it piques your interest.


In the earth year 3456 A.D. human civilization is at its peak of advancement. Gleaming spires, pristine streets and technological advancements abound. Human beings largely love and respect each other. Crime….is almost non-existent.

Something is wrong

But in order to know what happened in the present we need to go back to the stark contrast that was the past. The year was 3446. A terrible plague was released upon civilization.Labeled the “T7-virus” (Terminus 7-virus), it became the worst disease in recorded history. People dubbed the disease “terminus” with good reason. An airborne virus, it was highly contagious with an M.O. that was never seen before. During infection, the victim would feel a sense of great strength and euphoria. Indeed, the infected would become stronger, almost superhuman, but not without a price. The virus would cause the cells in the body to work at a substantially faster rate than they were designed. This of course, ultimately led to cellular degeneration. As the cells degenerated and died, so of course did the body.

The mind did not fare well either, those infected would regress to a primal state of thought. This, coupled with the cellular degeneration gave the victim a more grotesque and deformed appearance. The final symptoms of the disease were convulsions and ultimately, death.

In time, whole cities were quarantined. Humanity was in a panic and rightfully so. How could you defeat a disease that uses air as a medium? It could be anywhere, at anytime. Every human being knew what it was like to wait for death.

City by city violence erupted.. Between those not infected and those infected trying to survive. The government had no idea what to do, if they could have nuked a city or two and have done with the disease, they would have done so long ago. However, this was not that type of problem. What the government and its scientist did surmise was that this disease could not have been created by nature. Every possible cure created was met with failure, as the virus would adapt to each cure in a weeks time. Science had finally run into its first indomitable disease.

When all seemed lost, one man came with an answer. That man was Dr. Johnathan Kristoff Ryger. He was the C.E.O of Ares Corp. a research and development corporation. He and his doctors had the cure, if we, as humans, were willing to make the sacrifice.

Ryger presented the government with another virus. A beneficial, techno-organic virus, created by his company. Using his Nano technology, his virus could be injected into another human being and eventually, destroy the T7 virus from within. His technology could even inoculate those who did not have the virus yet.

Ryger knew first hand that it would work, because he himself was infected, but he used his own creation to “heal” himself. The government officials of the U.S. saw nothing wrong with Ryger at the time. Besides, he was the only man in the world with a viable solution.

Ryger’s demands were simple; he would begin production of his cure immediately as long as it was understood that he would be paid substantially for his work. Meaning more money that any person was ever given. His second request was the right to be protected by the U.S. government for the duration of his life. He wanted total amnesty. Total freedom. A strange request, but the government granted it.

Ryger went to work immediately.

Though he was eccentric and vain, Ryger was a scientific genius. Once a human being was infected with Ryger’s tech virus, the virus would immediately work to bolster the human physiology. The tech virus was self-replicating, just like human cells, only these cells were better, smarter. Destroying all intruders and would-be infections in the body, including the T7-V, Ryger’s tech virus would not allow any viruses in the body except its own.

The results were almost immediate. Within two years time, new T7 infections were virtually non-existent, but only for those who took Ryger’s designer virus.

There were many who did not like the thought of another virus inside of them. There were others still who believed that the cure was worse than the disease. One virus would kill you outright; the other seemed to make a person more machine than man. The question became, “what price will you pay for life?

Ryger did not get rid of the virus, no one could. What he did was strengthen humans from it, saving millions of lives.

The government was good to their word; Johnathan Ryger was richer than anyone ever was. The buildings for his company “ARES” were everywhere. Ryger was not done; he became the leading weapons manufacturer for the U.S. government. The super soldier was only a dream, a nice thought on paper, until Ryger, using his Nano technology, made it a reality.

Other countries embraced his technology as well. Ares Corp. became the most powerful corporation in the world. It’s C.E.O., Johnathan Ryger, the most powerful man in the world.

Yet he still was not done.

What happens when the most powerful man in the world has an epiphany?


Ryger had single-handedly saved the human race, but what if he could do more?

Why not take the human race to new heights? A new age?

Ryger knew that 70 percent of humans were infected with his Nano virus. Ryger began the task of communicating with that very same technology, until he could touch every man woman and child.

An impossible task? Yes.

Until he succeeded.

In only a few years, just about every human being suddenly had the same epiphany..

Things could be better that this..

We…are better than all of this..


Imagine every human being, as an artist, and architect, a visionary.

The human race entered an age of expression the likes of which were never seen. Gleaming cities, efficient transportation, crime virtually non-existent. Every one was equal. Every single human shared the same vision, almost at the same time and it was then that some people, namely those who did not partake of Ryger’s “cure”, realized that something was terribly wrong. However, it was too late. Ryger’s vision had already achieved fruition.

In a span of a little more than 5 years, Johnathan Ryger  healed the sick.,Brought peace to humankind and created man and the world, in his image.

Nowadays, if you would address Ryger, he prefers that you call him God.

Presently, very few humans would dispute his title.

Every god has non-believers and Ryger is no exception☺. The heretics this round are called The Underground, a highly trained group of fighters that have been an annoyance to Ryger for some time now. The underground’s mission: topple Ares Corp., bring Ryger to his knees, and force him to free humanity.

Humanities last hope, The Underground is hopelessly out numbered and by rights would have been crushed by Ryger’s forces long ago.

If it were not for their most powerful agent, ISYS.

- FIN-

In creating this saga, i wanted to do 3 things: 1.Introduce a new and Unique heroine to cinema 2. Show another side to the "Man vs Machine" genre that i feel has not been fully explored in cinema  3.Tell a story that is thought provoking, action packed and entertaining enough to ignite the spirit we all have inside of us.

I am hoping people out there can help me with this project and if not,  please let me know what you think of the prologue at least :)

Thank you for your time!



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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $1 or more
    About $1.00 USD

    0 backers

    You will receive a copy of HI-RES promotional artwork featuring a characters from the story and E-mailed thanks from the creator and author of Isys Omega, Tehron Freeman. There will also be an attached PDF file giving you more insight to the character.

    Even if you are only able to afford to pledge a single dollar, I truly appreciate the gratitude, this project will not be possible without everyone chipping in and helping.

    Estimated delivery:
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $5 or more
    About $5 USD

    3 backers

    The Isys Omega digital art book.
    This digital art book will have the concept art and sketches from various artists throughout the years of the projects inception. I chose to keep it in digital format instead of print simply because much of the artwork is HI-RES.

    Estimated delivery:
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more
    About $15 USD

    1 backer

    You will get you DIGITAL copies of the first 30 pages of the graphic novel. The pages will be the final renders as we move forward. Digital copies allows me to award this prize faster than a hard copy. The format will be in PDF.

    Estimated delivery:
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $65 or more
    About $65 USD

    0 backers

    An official Isys Omega T-shirt and Pin OR Isys Omega Customized IPHONE 4 case and Pin. 2 special tokens of appreciation for your generosity. PLEASE specify which of the two you would like.
    INTERNATIONAL donations please add 20 dollars for shipping cost

    Estimated delivery:
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $80 or more
    About $80 USD

    6 backers Limited (24 left of 30)

    A copy of the finished graphic novel signed by the author and personalized.

    Estimated delivery:
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    How would you like to be in the comic? We can caricature your face and place you in a crowd or on certain personnel. (BE SURE TO SEND US A PICTURE)
    But how will you be sure of your caricature? Well that won’t be a problem. We will send you a digital copy of the page which will include your name above your character. This page will be signed by the author along with a personalized thank you for your donation. Also included with this donation will be a copy of the finished graphic novel, signed by the author. Your name and 7 others will be included in a special “Thank you” section in the book. You will also receive the digital sketchbook featuring the artwork and drafts of the book itself and concept art featuring different artists. You also receive an official Isys Omega T-shirt UNIQUE to only 5 people.

    Estimated delivery:
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $2,500 or more
    About $2,500 USD

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    The OMEGA package (sorry I couldn’t help myself! LOL!)
    3 people will be caricatured in the story,We will send you a digital copy of the page which will include your name above your character. This page will be signed by the author along with a personalized thank you for your donation. plus receive a signed and personalized copy of the finished graphic novel; you will also be included in a special “Thank you” section of the book, receive the digital sketchbook, an Isys Omega T-shirt UNIQUE to the three of you AND the SPEC SCRIPT to the actual story. The spec script is something VERY near and dear to me that includes my inspirations and insights for each main character as well as scene exposition in the story. It is my HOPE that by reading the spec script you will be inspired to create and show your own creation to the world. The Spec script will be in PDF format.

    Estimated delivery:

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