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The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about dinosaurs.  Create traps, salvage resources, form tribes.
The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about dinosaurs. Create traps, salvage resources, form tribes.
4,427 backers pledged $114,060 to help bring this project to life.

Concluding Update


The Kickstarter campaign is nearing it's completion, but in reality, this is the beginning of a creative and challenging year ahead of us. At the beginning, I thought, how am I ever going to find enough people who want to run around as a tribesman stalking dinosaurs.. well, I found a few. More-so than the financial support, the last month has brought a lot of motivational support, which arguably, is far more valuable.

SuperCrit LLC:
Our newly formed development studio, SuperCrit, is creating this game with just a few fulltime members and the rest parttime contributors. Everyone is making a sacrifice so that, collectively, we will bring to fruition an awesome and beautiful game. Below are the current confirmed developers:

  • Alex Fundora - Director / Lead Developer
  • Nick Pettit - Game Design / 3D Artist
  • Rodrigo Vega - Concept Art / Survival Guide
  • Dustin Blattner - Dinosaur Artist
  • Robert Roche - Music / Sound Effects
  • Josh Prophet - Environment Artist
  • Siana Pentcheva - Environment Artist
  • Lee Fisk - Print / Promotional
Thanks to your contributions, the project went from 1 developer to a team of 8 exceptionally talented collaborators. And for those wishing we had reached our final stretch goal, the Kickstarter campaign has also drawn interest from potential financial partners- This could have a big influence on the scope of the Tech+Art team in the near future. So that Oculus Rift support still might actually be a thing.

Dinosaur Info
Rodrigo has been conjuring up the perfect lineup of dinosaurs to have roaming around the game world. Overall, the goal is to stray away from the "Stock Dinosaurs," and instead bring light to relatives of the species to help broaden our familiarity. Despite the prototype content seen in the current videos, here is a list of confirmed dinosaurs, with many more on the way:

Styracosaurus -

Austroraptor -

Azhdarchid -

Prestosuchus -

Stygimoloch -

Future Updates:
Now that the core game design has been displayed in the first few videos, we're starting to work out future updates focusing on multiplayer/coop/pvp among other things. So stay tuned for that, and make sure to check out the forums every now and then to keep up with the discussion.

Overall, the Kickstarter campaign turned out to be a massive help, and as an old man with a white beard and cane once said, "We spared no expense!"

Thanks all !

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    1. Scott J H Yerkey on

      Hey, It's been a few months since the last update.
      Is everything okay? Is the game still being made?

    2. Collin O'Hanlon on

      I don't know if you've said what engine you're using, but it was announced at E3 that the Unreal engine 4 will automatically support the Oculus Rift for games created with it.

    3. Kenny Jensen on

      I really hope, the game is going to go smoth, and the dino too!

    4. penguinpaladin on

      I think it's a mistake to avoid the "stock dinosaurs". They should be included in the game alongside all their relatives.

      I love that you're including obscure dinosaurs, but excluding popular ones doesn't really serve any purpose except to alienate people who only know about the big ones.

    5. Missing avatar

      edocon on

      I hope this game will be released as it looks really good. Hoping to find out steam and a French version, why not. Good idea the "oculus rift"

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Thomson on

      I'm am so glad that we are getting pterosaurs (which are not dinosaurs) :D

    7. Joshua Rothwell on

      OH thank god,i was kinda worried that the game would be filled with dinosaurs that everyone knows,but these disprove it and there are probably more to come

      Congratulations on the kickstarter can't wait to see what this game will become :)

    8. Larry Barriere on

      Awesome! All those dinosaurs look amazing! Glad to see you aren't going to just stick with the basics.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Congrats sir! I hope your next year is as exciting an adventure as the tribesmen's day to day.

    10. Missing avatar

      Will Cameron Mackay on

      can't wait for this game

    11. Sean on

      are some of the items from the 175k goal possibly going to be produce? The larger world and the star signs of the changing environment?


    12. Aysir on

      Nice. Glad to see a focus on the lesser dinosaurs. Styracosaurus was always one of my favourites as a kid (as well as deinonychus) :) I'm still hoping you'll be able to deliver on female player characters!

    13. Gary Coughlin on

      Excellent update! It answered many of my questions.

    14. Chris Spackman on

      This game is what my inner 10 year old has been praying for, and now its quickly turned into reality! Just be sure to keep us posted. Also will there be options for late backers?

      Thank You!

    15. Louw Nieuwoudt on

      The engine looks solid and the game play should smooth out nicely. Can't wait for the final version but let not rush it. Good luck with creating the game you imagined. I would love to see dozens of hunters trying to bring down some massive Sauropod, or even a predator. The inventory system along with crafting is going to be key, and I'm putting high hopes on you. Thanks to Tim Buckley from Ctrl+Alt+Del for bringing attention to this project.

    16. mark thorson on

      this looks amazing! a much welcomed break from the usual FPS / hack and slash type games! glad I pledged and looking forward to playing the game next year!

      one request... when I was a kid I loved the pterodactyl, pls pls pls include it and make it a mount!!! lol

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve G. on

      I don't know how you guys didn't raise more. I was expecting this thing to go to 500k. Looks very promising. By the way, any plans for a single player mode?

    18. Maximilian Zeus on

      "[...] how am I ever going to find enough people who want to run around as a tribesman stalking dinosaurs" WHO DOESNT WANT TO RUN AROUND AND STALK DINOSAURS?? :D
      This is going to be so awesome! Happy to be a part of this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Pinault on

      Wait I meant the first comment "I am loving the design's of the Dino's, Authentic without being predictable, or Boring."

    20. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Pinault on

      I loooove the dinosaurs' design ! I totally agree with the previous comment !

    21. Calvin Evans on

      Awesome, will we continue to receive updates through kickstarter?

    22. Drekinn on

      Outstanding, especially the dino concept art; my mind now whirls at the possibilities. :)

    23. Keir Symonds on

      The Stygimoloch looks badass!

      And by the looks of it, we'll be able to ride/fly on the Azhdarchid?!?!?!

      Can tell already i'll be permanently backed up against a tree too scared to move

    24. Missing avatar

      steven dalzell on

      Come on oculus rift !!!

    25. Dean on

      Amazing Art! I want to see "Old Tripod" in game!

    26. Brennen Peters on

      Can't wait to be scared as shit of dinosaurs again!

    27. Ryan Carey on

      Art looks great and vision is spot on.
      Good luck on the next stage of the journey. Can't wait to se
      e more.

    28. Patrick Mnoholitny on

      I am loving the design's of the Dino's, Authentic without being predictable, or Boring.

      the Little hints about what might be in the final product in the art is also a nice bonus. and the Movie quote/reference at the end of this update is Icing on the cake.