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The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about dinosaurs. Create traps, salvage resources, form tribes.
4,427 backers pledged $114,060 to help bring this project to life.

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The Stomping Land Early Access

Posted by Alex Fundora (Creator)
The Stomping Land is finally available for anyone to jump in! It is a very exciting time to reach this point, and there is plenty to talk about with gaming and dinosaur enthusiasts.

Even though the game is available, development is still in full force, and now is the time where anyone can share their suggestions on how to shape up the game moving forward. Already, I've gathered an amazing amount of useful information since the first release just last week.

Thanks again, backers of The Stomping Land, and stay tuned for more content as development continues.


05/29/2014 Content Update

Posted by Alex Fundora (Creator)

The first round of updates focuses on balancing and optimization, with a few new features.  The complete changelog can be viewed here:

Next update will focus on further optimization and the Puertasaurus.

The Stomping Land is live for backers! May 23rd

Posted by Alex Fundora (Creator)

Grab your spears, hunters!

The project may have a year under its belt, but today marks day one of the most important time for development. The days of 5 man testing is now history and broad-scale feedback will provide plenty of information, both technical and creative, on how to move forward with the game.

So what's on the roadmap?

- Dinosaur AI. Aside from fixing the unknown that will require attention upon the first week of testing, there is plenty in the works that will define The Stomping Land in the long-run. The boldest of all of these goals is dinosaur AI. One of my primary motivations behind starting this project was to be able to create realistic and engaging interactions between both the players and dinosaurs, and the dinosaurs with each other. There was plenty on the back-end that had to be fulfilled first, such as creating a persistent online world that can support dynamic AI, and now that these technical elements are in place, we can start to experience the crafting of these dinosaurs' intelligence as they get made. In time, it is my ambition that the dinosaur interactions alone will define The Stomping Land as a truly unique experience. So as you jump in game today, keep in mind that the AI elements that currently exist are there only as a technical foundation for this craft.

- Custom maps. The Stomping Land launches with a single map, Capa Island, which provides solid grounds for the various elements of the game. But history in multiplayer gaming shows that mods are a huge factor in the value of these experiences. So streamlining the process of allowing modders to create their own islands with dinosaurs is a certain on the to-do list. - Simply, things to do. Survival games are all about choices, so adding both objective and casual choices will collectively create unique experiences every life. Eg Expanding crafting, new buildings, survival needs, tribal dances etc.

- A centralized server. Currently The Stomping Land holds character information by each server as players join them. By hooking up a centralized server, it will be both easier to makes updates and keep character data safer from hacks or exploits.

- A female character model is a big request, and is planned to be included.

- 3 planned gamemodes: Survival(Default), Roleplay(Casual), Extinction(Lobby PVP)

Additionally, everything that is discussed on the forums gets seen, so feel free to drop in with any feedback.

While today's release is for backer tiers 55 and up, the remaining tiers will have your keys early/mid next week(which unlock on the 30th). Huge thanks to all of our backers for enabling this project to be developed up to this point and further. I hope you enjoy the elements of The Stomping Land and see the potential for what's ahead.

Anyone interested in hosting their own servers, be sure to visit our official server provider, BlackBoxServers.

Thanks everyone, see you in-game!

Early Access Steam Keys

Posted by Alex Fundora (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

We're starting to send out Steam keys for backers who will be jumping in this week(woohoo!).  They should all be delivered by tomorrow so check your Kickstarter inboxes.

Each of these backers will receive 4 keys, and all of them will have access starting this Friday(23rd).  To activate a key, follow these steps:

1)  Create a Steam account if you don't have one (
2)  After you're logged in, at the top of the Steam client, click "Games" --> "Activate a Product on Steam"
3)  Copy/paste your key as requested

These keys can be activated at any time; now or friday or after.  If you have any questions about this, please message me and one of us will get back asap.

Once you have time to jump in, feel free to Youtube/TTV any footage.

Thanks and Roar!

Early Access Trailer

Posted by Alex Fundora (Creator)

Just posted our Early Access trailer here:

Relevant backers will have game access on the 23rd of this month.  Many additional questions about the game are compiled on this page:

We're only a few weeks away, so look out for more updates!