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The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about dinosaurs.  Create traps, salvage resources, form tribes.
The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about dinosaurs. Create traps, salvage resources, form tribes.
4,427 backers pledged $114,060 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ky The Egomaniac with Hair on

      No big loss for you but a big gain for a scammer. We can all file a lawsuit against him and get all the money back, and make him go bankrupt by paying all the law fees.

    2. Missing avatar

      Massimiliano Manera

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use: "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." I demand an immediate full refund for my pledge amount.

    3. Zach Fett on

      Oh even better! Look at this reddit thread, OP actually got a response from him on Facebook:

      And below he posted a second screenshot of Alex claiming he's going to finish the game.

      Total bullshit. After 3 years he's totally gonna *finally* come and finish the game, right? He just can't for some reason figure out how to use the internet long enough to post any update on Kickstarter or elsewhere. Right.

      What a coward. Just own up to being a scam artist.

    4. Zach Fett on

      D-bag Alex is still out there somewhere. Just remembered this game and decided to see if the guy has popped up anywhere in the last year or so, and whaddaya know, he's on Facebook and as recently as December updated his profile pic. He's got a big shiny TV and speakers in the background of his pic, and is obviously doing great after scamming 4,427 people on Kickstarter alone.

      I hope one day he gets noticed by someone who spent good money on his scam and karma catches up to him.

    5. Jason Miller

      Never pledge more than you're willing to lose, in Kickstarter and in life.

      At the end of the day, Alex got $15 from me: no big loss. This was one of my first backed projects. I've backed dozens since and none have failed.

    6. Nymeria Summerhall on

      This is taught me to never use kickstarter. It's in no way moderated by the creators. People are basically allowed to sell snake oil. The creator and Kickstarter have a special spot in hell for this one.

    7. Larry Barriere on

      If anything, it's taught people to pay attention to the amount of money a video game kickstarter is going to get. If it's under 250K, better to back out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Clarence on

      Whatever, Larry. It seems the majority of us is quite pissed off. It may or may not have ushered a wave of other dinosaur survival games, but it sure has lowered pledge support for countless new waves of games here on Kickstarter. This was an ultimate troll project, especially when you see Alex's responses and his "business" model to run game "support."

    9. Larry Barriere on

      If one thing can be said about this game, is that it ushered in a wave of Dinosaur Survival games that have been worked on for less time but are miles ahead of what this was at the time of its death. Our money is gone, but in losing it, it spawned a set of games and we are greater for it.

    10. Typhi on

      So I guess theft is now legalized as long as it's stated to be for a crowdfunding project. I mean what costs had he had? Atleast he should give us an update where the money went... He ran out of money? That's to easy, he should atleast give us a breakdown what happened and what went wrong. At the moment it's nothing but ordinary theft combined with a lot of flase promises. I mean first he said he will transfer the game to Unreal Engine 4 and do weekly updates, and now he doesn't do anything anymore. It's just a scam artist, that's what it is.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Draper on

      So after sitting down with several law firms and a few family friends it pretty much boils down to not being worth the cost of a law suit. Everyone would have to take a substantial cut on their potential refund and everyone would have to state their case and because he's jsut a regular dude punitive reimbursement would be unlikely. As bent as I am about this, its just unrealistic to go after..

    12. Missing avatar

      Sime Colak on

      I think the money simply ran out. The budget was set too low with regards to how much work had to be done to make the game a reality.
      This is simply a case of us being too optimistic, just as the founder. No refund will see the light of day. That's just the risk you take when you invest in future products.

    13. Typhi on

      Can we please have a class action lawsuit against this thief?

    14. Jon P. on

      Jason Draper. I am in. Do you have a survey or some place where we can log our names and support?

    15. jinwoo on

      I want refund

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Draper on

      If we get enough people together i will be willing to take steps toward a lawsuit against Alex for some kind of compensation. His abandonment of this project is in breach of our contract with him and he has been silent for far too long with our money

    17. Miles Fitzpatrick

      This game would have been a success if it would have continued development. There was serious hype and momentum when the alpha was released.

      The Dev is just a scum bag with no foresight to see that and only saw what was already in his bank account. KS really need to protect there backers/members better.

    18. CatStoleTheCrown on

      How can we start a lawsuit with this?

    19. Harrison buckley on

      I see your being a prick about this, please just release the dev source code give power to players we payed for this game and you screwed us over

    20. Taaank on

      Biggest scam ever !

    21. Missing avatar

      Glen Williams on

      I want a refund!

    22. mark thorson on

      its easy, lets just start a legal claim against him, and ruin the tossers future career. What an utter thieving scum bag

    23. Donald M Pollack on

      This game needs to be refunded whatever amount is available. Or the creator of this project needs to post an update letting us know what has happened.

    24. Roxanne Ryan on

      $100 wasted. I hope you buy some contaminated food with it and get food poisoning you prick.

    25. Kris Hopson on

      I never got to play this. No early access, despite getting a key for it, and now I can't find it on Steam at all. I'd like a refund.

    26. Clare Miles on

      Is there any sort of action that can be taken for rewards promised for certain levels that are never met? such as the art book, game ect....

    27. jinwoo on

      We need a refund

    28. Joshua Rothwell on

      The Anky is now with a game with "Beasts of Prey"

      And the Trex,Therozinosaurus,Austroraptor,Shatungosaurus,Carnotaurus,Titanaboa,Quetzalcoatlus,Puertasaurus and Gallimimus are with a game called "The isle" go check them out,It will be a much better game than this scam will ever be.....

    29. Joshua Rothwell on

      Well the dinosaur models have been sold off,shows over folks

    30. Kenneth D. Nowak on

      man, what a fraud...

    31. Typhi on

      Yeap. We need a refund for this game.

    32. Larry Barriere on

      Well I take back my previous statement. With the website down, it's fairly evident that Jig has given up. But isn't going to bother letting us know anything. If he doesn't post anything for us, or explain how he's going to try to make it up to people (especially those that spent alot of money on it), then he's a coward plain and simple. I doubt he'll even read any of these, but if he doesn, I hope he does something about it. Alot of money was involved, and Kickstarter should feel at least some pressure to want to resolve this properly.

    33. CatStoleTheCrown on

      I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I was supposed to get an artbook; I gave you, Alex Fundora, $75 and I want it back!!!!

    34. Joshua Thomas on

      I'm disappointed. Seemed like it would be an amazing game that's why I gave you money. Apparently you took it and ran. No worries. I'll look for you in future game development teams and be sure those companies know what kind of person they have on their teams.

    35. Naomi Nabbit on

      This game appears to be dead. How do I get my refund?

    36. Missing avatar

      Shaun Neil Neebar Kendall on

      What the hell... So the creator, (Alex) just left? Apparently he is now working with the new Engine released. Unreal Engine 4. Some type of update would be nice... At least have the decency to tell us that you are gonna screw us all over.....

    37. Timothy Lose on

      Really a shame if he has disappeared. I was really looking forward to this one. I will keep the hope that he is just working diligently, but I am quite doubtful at this point.

    38. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      This is a real shame. I played the buggy alpha and it was loads of fun. Screw him for bailing, lack of transparency, and not even passing funds and the game onto someone else to finish. Enjoy our 100,000 ya prick.

    39. Tim Lewinson on

      Transparency should be job #1 at this stage. If Fundora is really migrating the project to a new engine, he owes his backers an update stating so. It takes a few minutes and would engender a lot of good will - something this game is severely lacking now. As far as I'm concerned, he's scarpered and I'm unimpressed. But hey, it was only $15, right?

    40. Madison Butler on

      If the modeler can't even get a word out of him, and has quit and moved on, then the game is dead.

    41. Nicholas LeVack on

      People are dropping out of the project and complaining about unpaid work. I'm sure there are perfectly legitimate reasons for the development's difficulties, but I would appreciate some transparency on that front.

    42. Frogdice on

      I backed this project and was excited to play it some day. It is a real shame that the developer is not communicating. This whole situation makes Kickstarter and game dev in general look bad.

      I'm the head of a game studio that has had 3 successful Kickstarters here, and it was a great experience for us. Our first two games already delivered (on time) and people loved the games. Our third game is still in development, already delivered its first alpha, and is on schedule to deliver the final game on time.

      In the process, we received awesome feedback from our backers and grew our community faster than would have been possible otherwise.

      It is a shame these horror stories tend to drown out the positive ones. :(

    43. Harrison Armstrong on

      It's not even that I'm mad because I believe i deserve a refund, but I do want to say this. Any game developer who deserves any respect would have at least said hey i messed up and I can't finish this game. The dev would communicate his struggles. Yes we got a game to play but it is nothing compared to the concept. also for the few of us who pledged for the upper tier rewards will never see our survival guide. I hope that any time Jig applys for a job his interviewers look at this game as an example of his work. On top of the fact he can't even pay for Models he commisioned with the 114K he basically scammed us out of. We are the only ones at fault for falling for it though.

    44. Larry Barriere on

      lol to the people saying it's dead. Again. We already had this happen once before. And he re-appeared. He's rebuilding the game in a different engine. He doesn't have anything new to show until it's ready. Relax.

    45. Donald M Pollack on

      This game went extinct.

    46. Joshua Rothwell on

      This game is as dead as the dinosaurs

    47. Alex3 on

      Dinosaur survival guide?

    48. ShenaniganNinja on

      Well. It's been over a month since his last forum post, and quite a bit longer than that since the last official update. I think it's fair to say that this project is dead. Oh well. I only pledge $15. Sucks for those of you who pledged more.

    49. Larry Barriere on

      Silence is only golden if nobody wants to listen to you. Speak up Jig. Bi Weekly updates lasted a whole two weeks.

    50. ShenaniganNinja on

      Please at least give a small update on the kickstarter page.

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