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28mm scale miniature game with starter sets of minis & rulebook. Forces battle for powerful artifacts among sunken cites and wrecks.
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Fortune Hunter artwork and Many WIP sculpts

Posted by AntiMatter Games (Creator)

This week we have some more artwork for the book. These are Fortune hunters for the second wave of models, reinforcements if you will. Included are the Silent Soldier, a stealthy killer that uses ancient ether tech optics to see in multiple wavelengths, allowing it to detect camouflaged enemies and see through any obscuring material in the water. Also coming is the Big Game Hunter, a tracker and killer of all wild creatures, blasting them with a powerful harpoon gun. Last is the Assistant Mech, a small mechanical construct that the Fortune Hunter scientists have salvaged, rebuilt and reprogrammed to help them find and use ether tech artifacts.

Here we also have some new WIP sculpts. The first is the Annihilator, even closer to completion. All it needs not is some more details and a base.

Next are 3D renders that are on their way to the printer. We already got the print of the crab mech and it looks nice, once cleaned up from the 3D print lines. The terrain and some other mechs will be done this way and it is an exciting new process for making miniatures.

The ancient device below is ready to print, and after printing will get all of the nice extra details, like coral overgrowth, barnacles and other good stuff.

The stealth biomech for the dark mariners is coming along. It will have all of the "bio" parts sculpted by hand on top of the "mech" parts that are printed.

Last but not least, we have the commander for the Ancients of Atalan WIP. It needs some more work before printing but is looking good so far.

One more quick update. The WIP sculpt for the female acolyte of the ethers by Patrick Keith.


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    1. David Clarke on

      Awesome progress. Great work everyone. :)

    2. Brendan Dever on

      the acolyte looks incredible! Im super pumped

    3. AntiMatter Games 9-time creator on

      The Annihilator is about the same size as the leviathan figure, about 45mm tall.

    4. farseer on

      Looking FANTASTIC! Keep it up! How much bigger is the Annihilator over the Leviathan?

    5. Missing avatar

      Warren Austin on

      holy moly! The Ancients commander looks amazing!