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28mm scale miniature game with starter sets of minis & rulebook. Forces battle for powerful artifacts among sunken cites and wrecks.
28mm scale miniature game with starter sets of minis & rulebook. Forces battle for powerful artifacts among sunken cites and wrecks.
149 backers pledged $18,988 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on January 28, 2013

      Updates have been going on the facebook page but I'll put a compilation together later today. All of the commanders are done and cast and packing for shipping.

    2. Missing avatar

      Samuel Punzel on January 28, 2013

      So, any progress updates?

    3. Fenriswulf on December 29, 2012

      Cheers. Mines for the Fortune Hunters Commander, so I am not sure if that's changed things or not. Will send you an email anyway.

    4. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on December 29, 2012

      We just got the molds done for the Scaly Horde commander, so we are probably shipping those in January. You can change the address also. Just sent it to me.



    5. Fenriswulf on December 28, 2012

      Has the second shipment been sent out? I am waiting on my commander and prints for this. I also need to change my address for the mini-kicker as well if that's possible.

    6. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on November 26, 2012

      Canada shipping of the Print on Demand books seems to be taking longer than the other countries. I think it is because they need to come from the UK printer, then ship international. That was the only option for the printer that was used. It should come soon though.

    7. Addam on November 26, 2012

      I got all 4 army starters 2 weeks ago but still waiting on the rulebook in Canada. Anyone else get theirs? :(

    8. Fenriswulf on November 21, 2012

      Sweet. Glad to have been a part of this as well as your other kickstarter. Going to frame my prints and the map, as they are too good to have them become damaged if left lying around.

      Hoping the other kickstarter comes through with a large amount of cash for you guys. I am in for the Fortune Hunters, so I am eager to see how each pledge level goes through.

      Cheers guys!

    9. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on November 21, 2012

      We'll make sure you get that. There is a second shipment going out later.

    10. Fenriswulf on November 21, 2012

      Just wondering if the prints of the forces as well as the front cover of the book will still be being sent out? I haven't received anything with my book, I am just wondering if this is still going ahead?

    11. Guillaume Bernard on November 19, 2012

      Received the first part of my order today. Love all the minis. The base insert are genius and really add to the miniatures making some of them even more dynamic. I now wish all minis would come with them. Now waiting for the rulebook to learn how to play with all those toys.

    12. Fenriswulf on November 19, 2012

      Received my miniatures here in Australia. Beautiful, just beautiful. Really glad I went in on the kickstarter. Many thanks guys, they are brilliant!

    13. Joe Kushner on November 16, 2012

      I also agree about the cards as a download that I'd be willing to pay for.

    14. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on November 15, 2012

      about $25 actually to print, but what's a couple of bucks here or there.

    15. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on November 15, 2012


      The hardcover book cost about $27 to print. Add in $10-15 international shipping or around $6 US shipping and it there was practically no actual money for the project. I have an agreement with Andrea of Ganesha to not just give his rules away, as they are what he sells as a product, but we work something out with the printed books. I can make adding a PDF for $5 more but not for free.

    16. Joe Kushner on November 15, 2012

      One thing that may get people to pledge more for your other campaign, and this is purely opinion, not factual based at all, is including the PDF with the book. The hardcover went from $45 here to $55 there and no PDF included with it? You've also got a huge level with all the sets and scenery and a PDF book as opposed to a few bones more with a hardcopy book. Just some random bs observations. Love the miniatures I've received by the way. Good stuff.

    17. farseer on November 15, 2012

      If possible, please make a deck of cards for the extra models for us to purchase. Even print on demand sets would work.

    18. gunslingerpro on November 9, 2012

      Thanks for the clarification.

    19. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on November 9, 2012

      Only the starter set has printed cards. All models in the game have stats in the rulebook.

    20. gunslingerpro on November 9, 2012

      Did anyone not get a card with their bonus figure?

    21. Chris Langevin
      on November 9, 2012

      Just received the first shipment of figures. BEAUTIFUL stuff.
      Cannot wait to get the rulebook now so i can actually throw dice at this !

    22. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on September 15, 2012

      It was a good little run for the reinforcements. It's time to get everything together for shipping and regular orders though, but I appreciate those that helped get the reinforcement figures made.

    23. farseer on September 15, 2012

      If everyone pledges $25.00 more we can unlock the last mini and the $25.00 gets you 4 more minis!!!!!

      Only 4 hours left!!!!!

    24. farseer on August 27, 2012

      Getting our goodies soon! Have you signed up on the forums?

      Get on there and see whats happening. Show us your models, terrain etc.

    25. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on August 11, 2012


      Bonus miniatures can actually be any miniature, except the really big breaching mech. It is meant to mean the two extra models per force not in the starter pack, but you could actually choose other ones. All of the figures there will be available. Some are just not completed yet.

    26. Missing avatar

      Marc Ruhnke on August 11, 2012

      I'm confused as to what miniaures qualify for the "bonus miniature" that comes with the Captain level pledge. Is it any mini, including those that are unsculpted and just in the concept art stage like the Siren and the Chlk Chlk Scientist? Or does it only apply to those that are already in production available on the web site? Don't wanna mess up my survey...

    27. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on August 8, 2012


      That's fine. If you add the bump 1 upgrade you get all the extra minis, but still only two commanders though. You still have a choice of the two commanders and the force print.

    28. Addam on August 8, 2012

      Well it was a little bit confusing about the Chip-in, but I went for Gamemaster upgrade 1. Mostly I was just unsure what to add in my survey, so I just wrote in that I had added gamemaster 1 for all the extra minis. Hopefully it will all be sorted out in the end. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt Schlotte on August 7, 2012

      Ah! *smacks forehead forgetting about the two already gotten*
      Thank you for making that should have been so clear even easier to follow.

    30. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on August 7, 2012

      The bump gives six more minis, plus to the two you already get, so eight. That covers all of the minis like the sea dog, etc, for all forces. The idea is that bump 1 gives all of the regular minis except the commanders and bump 2 gives all the commanders and the regular figures.

    31. Missing avatar

      Matt Schlotte on August 7, 2012

      I'm not sure I follow with these new Kickstarter add-ons (Gamemaster Bump 1 &2). Would these be for miniatures like Sea Dog, Silent Soldier, Cephalid Siren, etc...? Wouldn't this be eight miniatures given the four factions for Gamemaster Bump 1, or is Scaley Hordes not included as those minis seem like they will be quite a bit bigger.

      If it is six of those minis I assume which faction we can choose from.

    32. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on August 6, 2012


      There is a Gamemaster bump 1 that gives you the rest of the minis for each force. This one is at the bottom of the list of pledges on that page. You can add it with Chip-in.

      Pledge $35+shipping: Kickstarter Gamemaster Bump 1 - This pledge gives the two bonus figures from each force that were not part of the original pledge and stretch goals, for a total of six miniatures.

      US shipping: $5 International: $10

      there is also bump 2, with more figures, but if you only like 4, that's sticky. If you only want those, the best bet is to order them individually through the store there. I can't do free shipping with the original order as that one already has shipping factored in and it is going to be a killer as is.

    33. Carl Tchoryk on August 6, 2012

      I currently have the option for 2 extra minis with my gamemaster's pledge. looking thought my options, there are 4 that interest me. Is there a way to add extra minis to be shipped with my pledge, for instant donating to the Deepwars pre-order with chipIn? If so do I include the extra minies in the survey?

    34. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on July 31, 2012

      no time like the present then. I'll send it out soon. I was contacting people individually first but a survey is better.

    35. Steven Blaske on July 31, 2012

      I was curious when we'll see the survey about which starter boxes / forces we want.

    36. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on June 25, 2012

      There is now a DeepWars forum section so people can discuss ideas and rules.

      Also, if more people back the game, it makes it easier to get more miniatures produced from the concept art so there are even more figures at launch. We're still doing fine with the funds we got initially, but every little bit more counts.

    37. farseer on June 25, 2012

      Hey community,
      Who has plans to demo the game at a FLGS or to some groups? Let's get this thing moving and collaborate our efforts in getting new people to the sites (Antimatter home site, Facebook and the Shadowsea site) and perhaps Antimatter can pick up a few more pledgers in order to get the funds to get some more of the goodies done.
      my email if if you want to collaborate and I have asked Eric to start a Deep Wars thread on the Antimatter games forums - I recommend we all register and help get the community moving.

    38. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on June 13, 2012


      Just email me at and state which new reward you want, then I'll let you know how much. Some rewards have a bit more for shipping.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brad Kane
      on June 13, 2012

      I want to upgrade my pledge. Who should I contact?

    40. Richard Logue on March 13, 2012

      Nicely done, everyone! :)

    41. James W. Keller
      on March 13, 2012

      Well - this is definitely bookmarked for easy access (heck, I'll make it a default webpage load). Looking forward to seeing the game grow and develop. Thanks for trusting in us to help you bring this game out! :)

    42. AntiMatter Games 8-time creator on March 13, 2012

      Well that seems to be it. Wow.... This was much more than originally anticipated and will really get things off the ground, or seafloor.

      I will be using the Kickstarter page for the primary updates, since it can be read by all supporters and is easier than single email. If anyone wants to email me directly, I'm at There is also the facebook page for AntiMatter-Games where new things will be posted also, but the Kickstarter page will be the main place that is updated. I'll be posting a new update soon and then get into regular updates. There is a schedule for all of the sculpting, writing, art and everything else so we can make the delivery goals, so there will be new things posted every week, at least.

      The new HTML5 website is almost ready for ShadowSea, then our programmer will work on the DeepWars site.

    43. Maximillian Perez on March 13, 2012

      DoD civilian in japan, many can be called jealous! I'm always surprise to find out how many gamers are in the military. Good luck brother!

    44. Mike Nusbaum
      on March 12, 2012

      I'm happy to see you made the last stretch goal! I'm hoping you might set up a twitter feed for ant possible updates on your status. Shots of new greens, concept sketches, etc. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this when it's ready. Congrats !!!

    45. James W. Keller
      on March 12, 2012

      Woot! We are a GO! :D

    46. James W. Keller
      on March 12, 2012

      @ Maximillian Perez, I used to be... now I'm a DoD Civ. Been here quite a while. A lot of the gamers in our group are military though. :)

    47. Maximillian Perez on March 12, 2012

      @ James W. Keller. Just curious, you said "station" in japan, by any chance are you a military.

    48. Michael Nunez on March 12, 2012

      Eric, if I may call u by your first name, will u be contacting us in the future as thing "get on"? Will u be communicating mainly by email with us or...?

    49. James W. Keller
      on March 12, 2012

      Rock On!
      Yeah - let me know -- would really like to help this spread. Skirmish is definitely the name of the game here due to space considerations. I can even get you contact info for the primary distributor of 'games' in Tokyo (They're called "Yellow Submarine" -- yeah, after the Beatles song... but there are more too). I almost burst a vessel a little while ago when a couple of the other gamers bumped their pledges up so that it would totally over the top for the last stretch goal! Cannot wait for everything to get rolling, cast, printed, shipped and slapped on the tables!

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