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A metroidvania adventure built of beautiful pixels.
A metroidvania adventure built of beautiful pixels.
2,864 backers pledged $77,241 to help bring this project to life.

On a unrelated note - Ultionus!


Hey guys and gals!

It has sure been a long time since my last update, but I assure you – I haven’t wasted a moment of my time since. The game has been fully migrated to GameMaker Studio allowing me to get it running in Linux and Android, the resolution has been bumped up, and many of the processes required to make the game more playable, and more importantly – finishable from the development point of view, are well on their way!

Manwhile – as you might know I have released a new game - 

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge!

Last night I have sent out a personal message blast to all supporters who pledged $10 or more with a DRM-Free copy of that game. So I hope you have fun with it this holiday season.

Oh – and the game is now available for purchase via the Humble Store! Also – please take a moment to upvote it on Steam Greenlight.

Thank you SOO much for your support.

Happy holidays.


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    1. Tiso Spencer

      I had to go to the Humble Store. There should be unclaimed keys on your account. I had a few too. Was able to get this game on my Steam account and man it's the awesome sauce.

    2. Justin Greenberg on

      I still haven't gotten my copy...

    3. Justin Greenberg on

      I never got an email or a key and I pledged $15...

    4. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      so...about those Ultionus Steam keys... I mean, I love my free copy...but yeah.

    5. Sector94 on

      I really hope LOI won't have respawning enemies like Ultionus. I know it's because score is used to purchase items but it just made the game incredibly tedious and killing them felt pointless. I wasn't enjoying myself so I didn't bother trying to get past the 2nd boss.

    6. darkfalzx Creator on

      @Spielosoph - please look in your spam folder. Just in case - I have resent it to you.

    7. Spielosoph on

      "Last night I have sent out a personal message blast to all supporters who pledged $10 or more with a DRM-Free copy of that game"
      I did ($10) and did not receive anything.

    8. Dean Thrasher

      That is, like, totally rad!

    9. Missing avatar

      dudeman21 on

      That music! Congrats on getting this game out

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Ultonius only played a little so far, its fun. My only complaint is the controls feel a little lacking in response. Its not bad considering it is a shooter. But it would be really bad in Lya with its melee combat.

    11. DancingGolem on

      Just want to toss my words of support to ya.
      Game development is complicated, I'm glad you were able to turn your test-bed into something so awesome. Code test games I work on never see the light of day let alone become something playable. "Yeah, my net code works and it's stable!.... too bad it doesn't do anything interesting by itself... time to plug it into my real project" :P
      If anything it shows Iya is going to get a lot of love, making it the best it can be.

    12. Null_Spectre on

      I care not what anyone else says, Ultonius is awesome and I'm glad to have it available to murder any of that pesky spare time! If Iya is half as fun as this is, I will be one satisfied backer.

    13. darkfalzx Creator on

      "Aren't you supposed to be working on Legend of Iya?" - I should've made that a box quote for Ultionus: )
      I knew questions like this would arise, but I'm afraid the explanation is a little complicated. Basically - Ulti was a small project that was a testing ground for a lot of Iya code and hastily thrown together art that's just "good enough" - though it still turned out pretty good. I also thought releasing an impressive small project would boost the confidence of those backers who always doubted me on the basis of my "inexperience" at finishing games.
      Majority of work done on Iya up to this point was code and asset-reshuffling-based and would not look impressive to anyone. If anything - the game looks less complete now than it did at the time of the demo, as I had to undo a bunch of hastily thrown together code used there.
      Either way - I'll try to release something more Iya-related soon.
      For now - please enjoy the free game.

    14. TheChosenOne on

      I dont need a demo, I'd like to see some Work In Progress stuff. Screens, just a hour of cam footage working and talking about the game etc. Some new animations, screens etc.

    15. Bastian Ganze on

      So ehm, when exactly did you make this game? I don't want to sound rude or anything, but doesn't releasing another game on your kickstarter-page, while the world thinks you are currently working hard on Iya, is sheding some kind of a bad light on you?
      Please someone fill me in on the details, do I miss something here?

    16. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I really hope this gets on Steam!

    17. Ryan Brady-Toomey on

      Man, the 90's era nostalgia is strong in this one. The music especially.

    18. darkfalzx Creator on

      To get another "presentable" demo up and running will be a waste of time. Alternatively - dumping a WIP build into people's laps will just frustrate and confuse most backers. The release date is next autumn - please have faith and be patient. I wouldn't let you down.

    19. Jim Shepard on

      Do you have any sort of WIP to show for Iya?