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A metroidvania adventure built of beautiful pixels.
A metroidvania adventure built of beautiful pixels.
2,864 backers pledged $77,241 to help bring this project to life.

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Mystik Belle is out to backers.


Hey guys and gals!

Humble has finally set up my store widget, and is currently sending out Mystik Belle keys to all Kickstarter and PayPal backers of $10+.

If you haven't received your key so far - try the Humble Key Resender

When you play it - please remember, it's an adventure game first, and metroidvania second. You will not make progress if you blindly skip through the dialogue, haul ever item you find, and ignore small environmental clues.

If you find issues with the build, drop me a line. I'll be fixing whatever bugs slipped past me as they flow in.

Oh, and please do spread the word of the game. So far it has received very little press coverage, and the couple Youtubers who tried it, didn't get it at all.



Also, the extremely talented Dan Rogers - the Mystik Belle composer, has put up the game's soundtrack on bandcamp!

Thank you guys for your support. I hope the launch madness dies down soon, with Belle gaining at least some positive coverage, and hopefully continuing to sell. I can't wait to get back to doing Iya work.



Yeey! Mystik Belle launch this Friday!

Mystik Belle
Mystik Belle

Hey guys and gals!

Mystik Belle, my sideproject metroidvania adventure launches this Friday on Steam. The keys for all $10+ backers have already been generated, and will be sent out the moment Humble Store acknowledges my existence.

I am trying my best to market Mystik Belle all by myself, but I could really use any help I can get. If at all possible, mention it to friends, tweet about it, let news sites know etc. Meanwhile, if you or anyone you know has a youtube channel or a review blog - let me know, and I'll send you an advanced copy.



Legend of Iya production update.


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Darkness Darkness Everywhere


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Apparently me saying "If nothing unusually terrible and unexpected happens" was construed as a challenge by our troll universe, so today I bring you a mixed bag of news about The Legend of Iya progress.

First - the bad

Due to some unforeseen and quite unfortunate circumstances it looks like the release date of the game might slip by a few months. The reasons for it are personal, and quite unavoidable. I will, however keep you posted on all happenings as often as I can.

Now - the good stuff


Let there be light!
Let there be light!

After many weeks of banging my head against the wall I finally got the lighting effects in the game to work as intended! The light level now dynamically changes across large seamless areas, becoming darker in the indoor and underground spaces.

In other news - a decision was made to extend the game by adding "dungeons" - sub-areas accessible through doors from the overworld. These might range from a single room to a long, winding maze, complete with bosses and pickups.

The light blooms might be a bit much - still WIP
The light blooms might be a bit much - still WIP

Iya now speaks! Well - through text, really. Oh - and I hope you like cutscenes that don't pause the gameplay: )

Lastly - the amazingly talented Magnus "Philter" Gangstad Jørgensen has finished the LOI soundtrack! Shortly I will be sending out an update exclusively to the soundtrack tiers with links to MP3 320 and FLAC versions of the album.

Here is a sample track while you wait:

 For those who did not pledge for a soundtrack tier can buy the complete album from Amazon, iTunes or listen to it for free on Spotify. The physical soundtrack CDs will be exclusive to this Kickstarter, and will be sent out upon completion of the game.

Anyway - I hope I didn't bum anyone out too much!



It's been a while!


It's been a long time since my last update, and I saw murmurings on the Kickstarter and Steamworks pages, so – I wanted to pop in and assure everyone the project is still going on schedule. If nothing unusually terrible and unexpected happens - I will most likely make the October-November deadline. I do apologize for the lack of updates. To myself I justify it with my personal dislike of progress updates from other Kickstarter projects - “Oh, you are continuing to make the game I backed, and have absolutely nothing interesting to say! Thanks for clogging up my mailbox with a useless wall of text!”

So – here is what's been happening:

  • Fully migrated the game to GameMaker Studio, which means – easy ports! Linux, Mac and OUYA ports are guaranteed now. I am currently working on securing PSN and Vita ports.
  • Upped the resolution to 424x240, and redesigned the hud elements. This led to a lot of design changes, such as sped up gameplay and room overhaul that is still going. But the game looks much less lo-fi now.
  • Created an advanced lighting system for darker “dungeon” areas (implementing it still).
  • Redesigned the main player object - Iya now controls a lot more responsively and moves faster. This led to a bunch of changes in her animation and attack system. Hopefully all for the better.
  • A lot of work on the backgrounds and tilesets. Due to higher resolution a lot of backgrounds had to be extended. Tilesets have been overhauled to use 16x16 rather than 8x8 tiles which were a nightmare to work with.
  • 2 new bosses designed and partially implemented.
  • Changed map structure based on things I learned from Ultionus. Now areas are larger and have multiple tileset and background swaps. This is currently causing some performance issues on platforms like OUYA, but will be fixed.
  • New monster animations.
  • Some huge setpiece art animated in Phaeton. Even regular trees now have small sprite-moving animations.
  • GAIA finally has a face: )
  • Started on Iya swimming animations (hopefully I wouldn't have to cut the water areas)
  • A ton of smaller stuff that's too numerous to mention.
City Park Area
City Park Area


Oh - another thing!

All backers of $10 and over can claim their Steam copy of Ultionus here:

I was also working on ways of producing all those collectors edition LOI boxes without ordering thousands of them by basically making them myself. Here is a snap of the Ultionus box that is the prototype of the Iya box:

High tier backers ($250+) will get a copy of the Ultionus collectors' edition in addition to the Iya collectors' edition game. Both games' boxes follow the form factor of the old Psygnosis big-box Amiga games and should look good on a shelf alongside them: ) Sort of like this:

GAIA's face
GAIA's face

 Cheers guys and gals!