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Preacher continues a destructive ascent to power while Ben stumbles closer to the weapon of Armageddon locked away in The Devil’s Pool.
99 backers pledged $3,759 to help bring this project to life.

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Issue 4 tops them all

Posted by Jeramie Worley (Creator)

It's live on Kickstarter and it's your chance to see:

The Ben Carver and John Casey stories merge to push back at Preacher's inglorious plan. They move to rescue Ben's sister but Preachers sinister curse has already taken hold.

Watch what happens when Preacher meets Ben Carver face to face for the first time since Ben crawled out of The Devil's Pool.

Live on Kickstarter. Tell a friend!

The Devil's Pool - Issue 4 - Graphic Novel & Back Issues

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We are still making books!

Posted by Jeramie Worley (Creator)

If you stuck with is through our Issue 1 Saga, you must be a friend!

Just to let you know that we are pre selling issue 3 on KS and I think you will love where the story is going.If you missed Issue 2, we have some great catch up rewards.

We’re never giving up, so hop on for the ride.Love, Hugs and Tickles!

Get Issue 3 Here!

TDP Issue 2 is available to order today!

Posted by Jeramie Worley (Creator)

The art and lettering are done for issue 2 and we are headed to Tulsa Comic Con in November to continue the TDP adventure.If you are interested in the continuation of the story, find it here:

Digital Copy

Posted by Jeramie Worley (Creator)
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Sorry I forgot to post this earlier...

For those of you who supported in the amount to receive a digital copy...please use the following link to view the book.

Note this link will only be good for two weeks, after which we will take the link down.

So... if you want it, please download now while the link is active.

And don’t forget to let us know you got your rewards! They are on the way :)




Posted by Jeramie Worley (Creator)

All rewards went out today!Wow…take a look at this receipt from the post office J

If you didn’t get yours, it means we still need your address?

Be on the lookout and please let us know when you get them!

Thanks again for hanging in there with us this whole time.

Remember that it is because of our challenges that we are able to launch two new titles and continue producing “The Devil’s Pool”Issue 2 art work is scheduled to be completed by March 31!I believe that Life is not Happening To you…it is Happening For you. Reframe your problems and turn them into the life you were meant to live.

Take Care…and thank you again for everything.


Big Long Rewards
Big Long Rewards