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Legends Of Dawn is a 3D open-world RPG for PC, set in exciting new fantasy world.
Legends Of Dawn is a 3D open-world RPG for PC, set in exciting new fantasy world.
1,968 backers pledged $46,536 to help bring this project to life.

Legends of Dawn - New movie! Non-combat gameplay part two

We are less than 3 days from the end of Legends of Dawn Kickstarter campaign.1621 backers and $36,9k achieved.
Thank you all for supporting us. The next stretch goal for additional content (Dungeon and Water mills) is at $40.000 which isn't that far away.
To us, the most valuable stretch goal Mod Tools at 45k is still achievable so please spread the word to as many friends you can.

Today we present you the second non-combat ingame video with descriptions as follows:


Dwarvenstones - ancient dwarven transportation stones etched with runes and powered by moon and sun. These devices are used for quick travel across the land. Each dwarvenstone transports you to location of another dwarvenstone depending on the time of day. You can only teleport on the location of the dwarvenstone you have already activated.

Magical Chests

Magical chests are chests holding extraordinary number of magical items. These chests are rare and usually harder to find than regular ones. Be sure not to throw away items found in these chests. Many ordinary items found in them are actually unidentified magical items.

Singing stones & Drums of War

Rizars - secretive and almost extinct race is well known for locking their valuables into magical chests. These chests are usually opened by playing various melodies. No other race of Narr is known for this type of safeguarding. Rizars are well known for their secretive ways and you can expect to find many magical goodies in these magical chests.


Chests, boxes, crates and other places that hold items can be locked. In order to unlock the, you will have to use special runes. These runes are found in many places but cannot be bought in shops. Using runes you will be able to unlock chests and gather items in them. There are three sets of unlocking runes, one set for each god. Locked chests usually have more items than regular itemholders, so it's good idea not to throw runes away.


Some mechanisms in the game can be activated in a way similar to unlocking. You have to gather activation runes and use them to activate specific mechanism. This can include complex doors or magical bridges. Activation runes differ from regular runes in a way that there is only one set of them.

Oracle Stones

Oracle stones are ancient statues used to help druids of old to gather knowledge. You can use them to identify magical items. Magical items have icons with sparkles. You will only see the name of the item, but you will not know what that item does until you identify it. Identified items change their icon and then you will be able to fully use that items special abilities. Clicking on Oracle Stones identifies all items in your inventory. Be careful to remember the places where Oracle Stones are placed. They are very rare and hard to find.


Safe places to rest are few and far between. Safe areas are usually designated with campfires. You can click on the campfire to rest for awhile. During the rest your health and faith will be fully restored.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikewolf on January 16, 2013

      Can someone pledge 200 bucks now please? :)

    2. Roq on January 16, 2013

      @Antonidas: I think you'd need to use your time machine in forward mode. At least this game looks like it may come out sometime in my own life time.

    3. T.J. Brumfield on January 16, 2013

      I'm guessing we'll passing $40k within the hour.

    4. Robert Baratheon on January 16, 2013

      She loves me, back off.

    5. Aaron Goselin on January 16, 2013

      @T.J.: Yeah I definitely wasn't saying there is anything wrong with it. I imagine they are just having fun with it. I didn't exactly get the impression in the initial video that that had been their intention though. You are right of course. The game itself is more than cool enough to back, and is the only reason I personally backed.

    6. Antonidas|Archmage of the Obsidian Order on January 16, 2013

      Looking good! :)

      I really need to find myself a time machine to be able to play all these nice RPG's coming out of Kickstarter. :D

    7. T.J. Brumfield on January 16, 2013

      Aaron, it never hurts to have someone attractive pitch your product. I certainly think she was trying to play that up, but I don't see what the problem with that is. Given the choice, I'd prefer to see an attractive woman than not. That's just human nature. Though at the end of the day, people should pledge or not based upon whether or not they're excited for the game.

      This is a modern RPG with nice graphics that pays homage to classic RPGs. It is an original setting. And I can back it on Kickstarter. At that point I'm sold.

    8. Chrone on January 16, 2013

      Girl... You selling this game %)

    9. Michael Fuson on January 16, 2013

      I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you are very pretty :)

    10. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix 2-time creator on January 16, 2013

      T.J. Brumfield, yes great days and great game.

    11. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix 2-time creator on January 16, 2013

      Aaron, what can I say...

    12. T.J. Brumfield on January 16, 2013

      Teleporting based upon time of day reminds me of the Ultima Moongates.

    13. Aaron Goselin on January 15, 2013

      Awesome, thank's for the video. Not to be a jerk but she was striking a pose a couple of times wasn't she? :P

    14. Missing avatar

      Mikewolf on January 15, 2013

      59 hours, dear backers. I would love to wake up in a few hours and see the 45.000 mark achieved :D

      Very nice video guys ;)

    15. Allen Ashworth on January 15, 2013

      Looking great =) Strange shadow glitch near the end on the house/hut but really looking good regardless