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Legends Of Dawn is a 3D open-world RPG for PC, set in exciting new fantasy world.
Legends Of Dawn is a 3D open-world RPG for PC, set in exciting new fantasy world.
1,968 backers pledged $46,536 to help bring this project to life.

Legends of Dawn UPDATE#6

Thanks for all your help, guys (over 1000 of you!). We already achieved over 92% of our $25000 target goal, which will allow us to complete the game. There are still 10 days to go and we'll work on new stretch goals as well as on some of the new tiers which you suggested. So please stay tuned for more news in coming days and continue to spread the word about Legends of Dawn. We hope that most of you will become the core group of LoD players who will influence further development and patches. You'll have much more opportunities to influence the development of Legends of Dawn 2, which is planned for early 2014.     

In the last Update 5 we wrote about our crafting system and today we'll show you the part 1 of the non-combat gameplay video.


Maps panel shows the world of Narr and areas around Korden's Fall - village where players start the game. Maps panel takes care to display all locations that you have visited so far. It also shows different locations of interest such as inns, god shrines, entrances to dungeons and much more. 

Lake Farau

During the travel you will find wells. You can refill your water skins in them. Drinking fresh spring water is good way to refill your faith. Beware however, water skins themselves are rare and wells even more so. Remember where they are, you will need them. 

Zrinka vs. Ice Elementals and well

We'll post more videos and updates soon. 
Thank you all 


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    1. Disposable hero on

      congratz to the team !
      now, you can give us this pearl, and start the second ^^

    2. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix 2-time creator on

      Autoloot Games, thanks.

    3. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death on

      Congratz guys, you deserved it! we tried to help a bit with a little promo!…

    4. Christopher G. Morin on

      I'm so glad you made your goal ! I hope you pass it big time ! I WANT TO PLAY !

    5. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix 2-time creator on

      Depose, you have few ways to replenish faith, wells, self regen, scrolls, gods statue...

    6. Disposable hero on

      looks great ! i want this game in my hands NOW ! :p
      but something bothering me, is ths wells the only way to replenish faith ? (i think there is already a self regen, for both faith and life)

    7. Missing avatar

      Archangel on

      Faith is mana.

    8. Roq on

      The artwork looks good and I like the art style - not too cartoony, with good crisp detail resolution and not too dark and gloomy.

      What does faith do? Is it something like morale that effects health and mana regeneration rates? Do you have food / other consumables in addition to water?

    9. Alexandre MANGIN on

      I like everything that I've seen of this game untill now. Very impressed!

    10. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      With the crafting - to me, it looked like crafting materials were separated from standard inventory into like items? Just wondering if that's the case, because sorting through my inventory trying to find my ores and what have you would be annoying - it would help if there's a separate tab just for crafting materials, or preferably, multiple areas for each type of material.

    11. Missing avatar

      Archangel on

      Great video, tnx for posting it :)

      But I also need to comment on wrong sounds when "opening" bodies and rocks. Some mining sound should be used for rocks and for body maybe something like a thud that would represent your character kicking the body to get to goodies. Maybe for animals and monsters some sound like skinning the animal with a knife.

      It would be good if in future video you could tell how large this world is (it would be enough to fully zoom out the map).

    12. gandalf.nho

      Nice video, liked the preview window of the area selected in the map

    13. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix 2-time creator on

      Darklord, you are right :))

    14. Ace Knight on

      Getting more anxious for the release, guess it´s a good sign, keep it coming Aurofinity & Dreamatrix, nothing shows your project better than gameplay videos.

    15. Spencer Gerowe on

      Looks cool can't wait! ^ ^

    16. Darklord on

      Cool looks good!

      Corpses creaking like a treasure chest when "opened" amused me. :P

    17. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix 2-time creator on

      William, you are fast!

    18. William Taylor on

      More and More excited!