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Legends Of Dawn is a 3D open-world RPG for PC, set in exciting new fantasy world.
Legends Of Dawn is a 3D open-world RPG for PC, set in exciting new fantasy world.
1,968 backers pledged $46,536 to help bring this project to life.

Legends of Dawn - UPDATE #2

With 408th backer we have just surpassed one third of our minimum target, in less than 5 days.
THANK YOU ALL!! Thank you for your support, comments, questions, recommendations, for talking to us throughout this weekend. 
There were quite a few specific questions which we tried to answer and there are still some we did not have time to answer yet.
Here are some answers from the comments section that may be of interest to all players interested in Legends of Dawn.
Definitely NOT for you Kickstarter backers.
We can't know what demands some publishers may have in relation to copy protection issues.
However we do know that we don't like DRM, it's in our opinion the punishment for the fair buyers. 
The only DRM we like is a DRuM set or DRuM machine.
We certainly hope that our future partners (primarily distributors and publishers) will share some of our values and apply common sense. Products should not be more complicated or costly, just because those trying to control things are not innovative enough to make it simple.


Game has unlimited number of save slots with location snapshot. You can save the game whenever and wherever you like. :)

      Save panel


We implemented creature respawning for different reasons. One of the main concerns with the class-free gameplay was if some part of the game will be impossibly hard for players. For example, there is part of the world filled with fire elementals. They are almost completely immune to fire attacks (both fire spells and weapons). Let's say player has played entire game investing all his skill and spell points in fire spells and has killed all creatures he encountered so far. In this instance, player would be very hard pressed to continue playing since defeating elementals is extremely difficult for person who plays the game as fire mage and he has no way to wither level up or to collect resources for new weapons and armors.

Second problem is that monsters are also source of resources used for crafting. Killed monsters leave behind meat, furs, bones, skins, shells, horns etc. Finite number of creatures limits entire crafting part of the game. That's why we implemented creature respawn. Some unique creatures never respawn. You kill them and that's it. However wolves in the forest or spiders in caves and dungeons appear after certain amount of time has passed. This respawn interval is not so short as in MMOs or even one in most diablo-like games and is quite long actually. Now however you always have options to visit part of the game you visited before and kill some critters that drop that one resource you need to craft your next armor, or to collect item needed to finish quest.

     Kolpia not showing any signs of life

Regarding monster level scaling - no, there is no level scaling for monsters. Level 4 spider is always level 4 spider no matter if player is level 1 or level 10. :)

As for combat, each monster has different attacks and behavior patterns. Some monsters are pretty much dumb critters, other monsters have multiple attack types. Some creatures have auras, effects which influence creatures around them. For example, when attacking in groups, some creatures have auras that increase armor of creatures around them, or have drain auras which slowly remove your faith (equivalent to mana in the game). Creatures have stun attacks, melee attacks, ranged attacks and special attacks (attacks they can use finite number of times). Also, creatures have moral - some creatures are cowards, you hit them once and they run away and you have to chase them through the forest just to watch them run headlong into river just to try to escape from you. Other creatures are fearless and are very hard to scare. Creatures also have different combat strategies depending on various conditions. When their health is low, some will try to escape, others will try to heal themselves, others yet will try to run to nearest stronger creature in hope that you will not follow. You can also scream your lungs out in hope to try to lure the creatures toward you. Some will attack if they hear you. Others will hide in hopes that you will get near them where they can ambush you. Speaking of ambushes, there are hidden creatures - spiders in the trees, or zombies buried in the ground which show up only when you get very near them. Also, creatures and monsters behave slightly different depending if it's day or night. Wolves at night are much more dangerous than wolves at day. On average, each monster has 1-5 different types of attack. We hope that will be enough to create interesting fights. :)


There are many non-combat quests in the game. There are many NPCs that will ask you to complete various quests such as those where you have to find items or carry items to another NPC, those that require you to find or explore specific locations, those where you need to talk with another NPCs etc. Some of these quests are in towns so there will be no combat in those quests, however there are some quests that require you to travel through wilderness or to go to locations that are filled with monsters. Even though those quests are non-combat in nature, it may still be required to kill few monsters just to get where you have to.

Some of these quests can be finished in only one way (for example quest that requires you to find specific location). Other quests can be solved in multiple ways. For example, if a quest requires from you to bring herbs to NPC, you can solve that quest in more than one way. That includes finding the herbs in various chests (for example in dungeons), or you can use herbalism skill to collect plants in wilderness, or search warehouses in the city, you can buy herbs from NPC merchants or you can even try to solve some other quests that give you what you need as reward.

Each solved or failed quest modifies your reputation with factions. Reputation affects way NPCs act toward you. Reputation also modifies prices with merchants of that faction. It's worth mentioning that some quests require you to choose way to solve quest that will positively affect your reputation with one faction and negatively with another faction. Factions in the game are not always in peace with each other, so solving quest for one faction may reduce your reputation with other one. Generally speaking it is best to try to keep every faction as happy with you as possible.

     On the docks of Korden's Fall

There is yet another type of quest, a single game-wide long quest for artifact pieces. The Dawn artefact has been broken in many pieces and in order to finish the game you will have to find all of them. Pieces are scattered throughout the game and usually well guarded - both with monsters and with puzzles. Finding these pieces is also one of the 27 achievements player can solve. Achievements are divided in three categories - exploration, combat and crafting. Each of those three categories has nine different achievements. Solving specific achievement brings you additional experience.


Game has multiple difficulty levels. You can play in easy, normal, hard or legendary mode. In easy mode creatures are less dangerous, but your level and skill cap is quite low. You can finish the game but you will not see many items or spells game has to offer. Normal difficulty is what we expect most of the players will use. Hard is for hardcore players only. Legendary is for masochists. Monsters are twice as dangerous, they respawn quicker, they are more aggressive, attack in hordes, items are more expensive and merchants are trying to rip you off with their prices. :) However maximum player level, maximum skill level, maximum spell and crafting levels are almost 50% higher than usual, chests and other itemholders contain more items and you can find and craft hundreds of new items (mostly magical items) not available in easy and normal gameplay modes.

     How to change difficulty in LoD


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    1. Steven Langevin on January 8, 2013

      Happy to be a backer. I hope your success will help make all the potential of this game become a reality. Best of luck !

    2. Missing avatar

      Asyx on December 24, 2012

      Like somebody below said, I'm sure CDProjekt ( and The Witcher franchise) are the guys to ask for DRM free stuff. They're so against DRM, that I think it's worth a try to ask them to publish and support.

      But that's yours to decide.

      I really, really hope this game will live up to the promises. It would be great for the whole genre if there's something besides TES in regards of modern open world RPGs.

    3. Ace Knight on December 24, 2012

      Well... This has to be made and I mean right now! This update has been extremely well done.

    4. gandalf.nho
      on December 24, 2012

      Nice update, and regarding the DRM/publisher issue, try GOG, all the games available in their service are DRM-free

    5. Gurney on December 24, 2012

      Very good update, thanks!

    6. James Baker on December 24, 2012

      Love it guys! Very excited to back you and see what kind of stretch goals you might come up with! I'm excited to play this as well - very many aspects that I would love to see in a game, and you put them in LoD. Keep up the excellent work, and I can't wait to see more updates!