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An e-book, iBook and course that helps to learn, understand and master the SQL Language.

SQL Programming, the easy way (e-book,iBook and course)

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SQL language is a great programming language designed for managing data in relational database management systems.

So if you’re interested in becoming a Data Base Administrator, Business Intelligence Specialist or Reporting Specialist or just like data and want to understand how things work, be a part of this project and back me up. 

Sounds good so far? Keep on reading… it gets better :)

There are tons of resources out there for learning SQL, from 100 pounds books that practically break your back carrying them to expensive courses that take each function in part and after 3 hours a day your room mate wakes you up because you already drooled over your keyboard. Why not try to make it easy, portable and concise so that everyone can actually learn it. 

That is why I want to create this book and course that will finally make a difference. I’ve been there and it wasn’t easy… and many times boring.

Some of the topics that will be included:

  • Basic concepts 
  • SQL and Databases 
  • Selecting data 
  • Manipulating data 
  • Joining tables 
  • SQL Server Reporting Services 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Charts, Reports and Dashboards 
  • Stored procedures 
  • XML Data and SQL 
  • Tips and Tricks 
  • Fun Stuff 

My project is not just about delivering a plain PDF file but also creating a series of video tutorials that will demonstrate how SQL and the other things are working. You can opt in for the  pdf eBook for your eInk reader or you can get the iBook for your Mac,iPad or iPhone. You can also get the book along with the videos in a separate folder for everyday learning on your PC.

Why at least $2500? 

Editing the book by a professional doesn't come cheap. Also a bit of hardware will be needed to provide a good sound quality for the video tutorials as well well as for the creation of the iBook version. ISBN number costs included.  All the fees that will be charged if this  project is funded are also included. No cars, boats or golden watches are necessary to complete this project.  :) 

  So, thank you for being on my page, you have to know that you are cool just by reading these lines. Choose to be awesome and select your reward from the right side of the screen or get social and tell your friends about this project.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project’s main challenge will be the dedication of time and resources and also finding that perfect editor who will understand what we want to accomplish with this project. Being the first time I am putting together a course and book of this size, a secondary challenge will be balancing the theoretical part with the practical one.
I am confident that the small board of advisors that I’ve put together (developers, project managers and psychologists) will make this a great course and book that will serve its purpose.


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